9 Makeup Tips for (Even) Younger-Looking Skin

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Anti-Aging Makeup tips
Photo: Courtesy of @EsteeLauder

If one look in the mirror invokes your obsessive tendencies when it comes to aging, the good news is that you can actually turn back time and knock years off by simply picking the right beauty products. Yes, it really is that simple as makeup is one of the most transformational tools out there. Read on to discover nine of Savoir Flair’s top anti-aging makeup tips and be prepared to look better than ever. You’re welcome.


Prep with Perfection

Before you apply any makeup product, you must prep your skin properly. By this, we mean both cleanse and moisturize (with an anti-aging formula, of course). Not only does dry and dull skin age us visibly, but it also does so physically as skin becomes dehydrated and the barrier weakens, which in turn causes tired-looking skin.

Plus, wrinkles and fine lines are less visible when skin is happy and hydrated, as moisturizing products help plump up the skin, making it softer and smoother. Not to mention prepping the skin has the added bonus of helping makeup go on easier and preventing it from drying into lines, which – you guessed it – also make you look older!

9 Makeup Tips for (Even) Younger-Looking Skin

Elemis ‘Pro-Collagen Marine Cream’

AED576 / SAR588



Pick a Primer

Once you’ve prepped your skin, it’s time to pick a primer. Not only will this product keep makeup looking fresher for longer, but it’ll also smooth the skin’s surface to help blur out signs of aging and fine lines whilst preventing makeup from sitting in any creases.

9 Makeup Tips for (Even) Younger-Looking Skin

Smashbox ‘Photo Finish Foundation Primer’

AED184 / SAR188



Don't Forget the Eyes

Primers aren’t just for face makeup, but for eye makeup too. In fact, they’re one of the best products to help you turn back time. As we age, our eyelids tend to drop and skin starts to sag, resulting in folds around our eyes and on our eyelids that cause makeup to crease, exaggerating the appearance of wrinkles. A primer will prevent this and help keep your shadow in place. Win-win.

9 Makeup Tips for (Even) Younger-Looking Skin

Urban Decay ‘Anti-Aging Eyeshadow Primer Potion’

AED134 / SAR137



Get a Glow

Mattifying makeup is often more drying, which in turn can age us as it dulls the skin and is more likely to sit in wrinkles, making them more noticeable. Try swapping your foundation for a tinted moisturizer or pick a glow-getting formula that helps create a dewy, radiant complexion.

Not only will this brighten up your face, but the light-reflecting particles will also steer attention away from wrinkles by blurring imperfections. Young-looking skin is always associated with a gorgeous glow, so pick products that will help restore yours.

9 Makeup Tips for (Even) Younger-Looking Skin

Chanel ‘Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation’

AED250 / SAR260

All Chanel Beauty Counters


Go for Cream

Whether it’s your bronzer or your blush, swap powder-based products for their creamy counterparts. Powders sit on the surface of the skin and are more likely to settle into fine lines, making them more noticeable. Creams – in contrast – can be blended to look more natural, and they have the added bonus of giving a warm, youthful glow!

9 Makeup Tips for (Even) Younger-Looking Skin

Clarins ‘Multi-Blush Cream in Peach’

AED190 / SAR194



Curl Up

Eyelash curlers are one of the most underrated beauty tools, and now is the time to add them to your arsenal. As you age, lashes often drop and naturally lose their curl, so give them a helping hand by curling them before you apply mascara. This will make your eyes seem bigger and brighter by opening them up, whether you then opt for mascara or not.

9 Makeup Tips for (Even) Younger-Looking Skin

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty Eyelash Curler




Line Lightly

Instead of lining your waterline with black kohl, swap your dark liner for a beige or white shade. This may sound a little strange, but you’ll notice a huge difference – promise. Not only will it help make the whites of your eyes look even whiter, but it will also create the illusion of bigger and brighter eyes, restoring that youthful twinkle in a flash.

9 Makeup Tips for (Even) Younger-Looking Skin

Sephora ‘Long Lasting Kohl Pencil in Infinite Beige’

AED52 / SAR53



Flick It

As we age, we’re constantly battling with gravity to keep things from dropping – and the same goes for our eyes, too. Over time, they start to soften and take a downward turn at the edges, so go for a cat-eye flick to counteract this. This makeup look will help create a subtle lift as well as the illusion of bigger, more open eyes.

9 Makeup Tips for (Even) Younger-Looking Skin

Benefit ‘They’Re Real Push up Eyeliner’

AED125 / SAR140



Boost Your Brows

Thin, sparse eyebrows are aging on just about everyone – just look back pics of celebs in the 90s to see what we’re talking about. And because youth is associated with big, bushy eyebrows, you should ditch the tweezers and let yours free. Give them a helping hand by using castor oil or a brow oil to help them grow thicker and faster. In the meantime, you can always fake the fullness with a brow-boosting product.

9 Makeup Tips for (Even) Younger-Looking Skin

BBrowBar ‘Nourishing Brow Oil’

AED65 / SAR67


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