Why This New Meal Plan Is the Perfect Post-Holiday Reset

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If your summer vacation was a little too overindulgent or if you’re struggling to get back on the health wagon, Right Bite’s new ‘Cleanse’ plan is for you. Having basically eaten the whole of Italy during a two-week holiday, which left me struggling to squeeze into my skinny jeans and feeling super sluggish, my interest was piqued by the words “lose weight, recharge, sleep better, clearer skin, and better sleep”, which were listed as just some of the benefits of this new customized meal plan. The best part? It delivered on all counts. Read on to find out why it may be the answer to all your post-summer body woes.

Getting Started

First things first: start by determining your needs. We aren’t all the same and we don’t all have the same goals, so the beauty of this plan is there’s no “one size fits all” approach. Instead, each meal is carefully chosen by in-house nutritionists to create the best combination for you.

Step one is meeting with one of the dietitians at the Right Bite HQ to undergo a full and thorough consultation. Everything is taken into account, from your weight and height to how active you are, how many cups of coffee you drink daily, and what you’re trying to achieve. They gather all this information and work with Right Bite’s chefs to carefully calculate the macros and calories for each of your meals, ensuring it’s the perfect amount for you, your lifestyle, and your goals.

What’s great is that, if your timetable is manic and you’re struggling to find the time for this, you can set up a Skype call with your dietician, so you can do it from wherever you are in the world. Once all this is complete, an online profile is set up that allows you to log in and select your snack and side-dish options for the week ahead. It’s a super handy tool as you can manage your account, freeze it if you’re traveling, or just remind yourself of what you’re getting the next day. Plus, getting to pick your food is super fun, even if it’s rather hard to choose between all the delicious options.

Right Bite Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @RightBite

The Food

Whether they’re delivered to you the night before or the morning of, each day’s meals arrive at your doorstep in a cooler bag stuffed to the brim with delicious, wholesome meals and snacks. There are two cleanse days per week, during which you’ll receive two juices or smoothies (one for breakfast and one for dinner). These range from light and refreshing juices like the ‘Burn Baby Burn’ (pineapple, apple, parsley, and black pepper) to the creamy ‘Kickstarter’, which delivers a boost thanks to almond milk, dates, cocoa, cinnamon, and decaf coffee.

On those two days, you also get to indulge in a healthy lunch, two snacks, and an organic herbal tea to help replace any caffeine that you usually have. Because the juices and meals are so nutritious, you won’t feel hungry on cleanse days, but it is recommended that you avoid intense exercise as your calorie intake will be significantly lower than normal.

Right Bite Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @Marjanne.co

On your regular meal days, there’s breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner, and two sides. Here’s an example of a day’s worth of meals: a banana breakfast burrito with homemade blueberry chia-seed jam and organic peanut butter, fresh fruit as a snack, a lunch of spicy chickpea-and-buckwheat stew with a spinach salad, an afternoon treat of honey-pecan balls, and grilled Cajun fish with avocado and mango salsa on the side for dinner.

The next day, you could be tucking into a zucchini omelet on a potato-and-leek rosti, snacking on crudités with homemade hummus, and enjoying a hearty bowl of spicy vegetarian chili with corn tortillas. There’s no meat (fresh fish and seafood only), wheat, dairy, or refined sugar. Instead, dishes are bursting with superfoods and wholegrains to keep your blood sugar levels balanced, boost energy, aid digestion, and curb your cravings without compromising on taste. Each meal contains just the right amount of protein and wholegrain carbohydrates, so you won’t find yourself longing for a bowl of ‘Special K’ or your afternoon biscuit – promise.

Right Bite Meal Plan Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Right Bite

The Results

After just a week, the difference I felt was incredible. My urges to shove a chocolate bar into my mouth every five minutes had vanished (an actual miracle) and my stomach was visibly flatter. I felt lighter, my energy levels were through the roof, and I had a noticeable spring in my step.

This is the ideal plan for anyone who wants the benefits of a juice cleanse without forgoing actual food and who needs to hit that reset button asap. It’s also great if you need to lose some of those extra holiday-induced pounds without feeling deprived in the process.

For more details and to sign up for the Right Bite ‘Cleanse’ program, click here.

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