It’s Here – The Definitive Guide to Drawing a Perfect Bath

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If you have a friend who is rapidly turning into the next Martha Stewart as a result of social distancing, but your version of cooking is (still) heating up a frozen pizza, maybe your calling in life is to become a bath connoisseur? After all, having a hot bath won’t just relax you during these stressful times; it might even lower your risk of heart disease, according to a recent study. With that in mind, Savoir Flair has put together one of the internet’s most comprehensive guides to throwing your own bath party – lighting tips, temperature advice, and product recommendations included.


We don’t know what the lighting in your bathroom is like, and it would be weird if we did. What we do know is that the most comforting form of lighting for a relaxing bath comes from a combination of natural light, candles, and a Mipow ‘Playbulb’. However, low overhead lighting and candles are a good alternative for an evening bath.

Oh, and if possible, crack a window slightly to let in fresh air, which also prevents the bathroom from getting too steamy. If you’re using bath time to read or catch up on your favorite shows, a pitch-black bath lit with a few flickering flames isn’t ideal. However, if you’re in the mood to lull yourself into a totally rested state, the option is always there. Do what you want – it’s your bath!

Candles Flowers Bathtub
Photo: Courtesy of I Heart Shabby Chic


Getting the temperature of the water right is the trickiest aspect of taking a bath. First, a majority of baths are equipped with an overflow drain, which is the higher drain that automatically siphons off water when the bathtub gets too full. However, a full bath is exactly the goal you’re aiming for, so overflow drains become a nuisance for any bath lover as they not only contribute to the rapid cooling of your water, but also cause a constantly lowering water volume that requires frequent refills.

Fortunately, there are overflow-drain covers and regular-drain covers, and we suggest employing them both so that your bath stays full. In order to enjoy a long, hot bath, your starting temperature must be as high as your skin can stand since the water will cool over time. Don’t hurt yourself, but ensure that the starting temperature is between 35.5°C and 40°C. There are two schools of thought as to heat maintenance, the first of which prefers a controlled drain midway through your bath in order to refill it. Alternatively, some prefer to get into the bath before it is completely full and allow a slow drip of hot water to keep the temperature at equilibrium. Do whatever feels best.

Dash of Darling bathtub
Photo: Courtesy of Dash of Darling


Setting the scene is one of the best parts of taking a bath, second only to the comforting feeling of sinking in and disconnecting from the world. This takes some planning, and maybe even a little shopping, but taking these steps will ensure that your bath is nothing short of flawless. First, decide how you want it to look because, let’s face it, you’re probably going to post a picture on Instagram. Do you want a colorful bath filled with bath bombs and flowers? A sultry milk bath surrounded by tea lights? A foliage-filled bath that connects you with nature? Choose whatever makes you feel like a queen.

The specifics of your mise-en-scène will differ depending on personal preference, and there are many ways to make it your own. However, everyone can agree on the necessity of one thing: the bath pillow. After all, there’s nothing worse than trying to relax against cold, unforgiving porcelain surfaces. There are styles that run the full length of the bath and those that only cushion the head and neck. Additionally, if you’re planning to soak for a long time, a bath tray is a must. Suspended across the length of the tub, it will hold everything from a beverage and laptop to books and beauty products.

bath tub with greenery
Photo: Courtesy of Her Campus


Speaking of beauty products, there’s no time like bath time for doing any number of beauty treatments – we recommend a face mask and a nourishing hair treatment – while you catch up on every episode of Love Is Blind or start a new book. Stock up on a couple of these essentials, and you ready to take the most relaxing bath of your life.

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