Coffee, Potatoes, and 5 Other Natural Ways to Hide Gray Hair

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DIY Gray Hair Remedies
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Finding that first gray hair is a moment dreaded by all women, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’ve just spotted a silver strand or your locks have taken a turn for the white, there are lots of natural ways to tackle the matter.

Many women suffer from premature hair graying, and it is often associated with hereditary causes. Other factors play an integral part too, such as stress, some diseases, and an unbalanced diet. Gray hair starts to appear when the body is no longer capable of producing natural pigment known as melanin, and hair begins to lose its color and turns gray, white, or silver. Try working on your diet by adding more iron, copper, vitamin B, and iodine while maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise as it helps to relieve stress.

Of course, you can always resort to chemical-laden dyes, but before you go down that route, try one of Savoir Flair’s top DIY natural methods and mixtures that you can make at home. Not only are they super gentle and have none of the nasty side effects of hair dye, but you’ll also probably find you have most of the ingredients lurking in your kitchen cupboards. Bonus.



Henna is considered one of the best ways to hide gray hair as it not only helps with coloring your locks, but it is also very beneficial thanks to its moisturizing properties. You can buy readymade henna or prepare it at home by mixing some henna leaves with coconut oil, boiling the mixture until the leaves change color, and leaving it to cool before you apply it evenly on your hair.

You can also make a henna mask. Simply mix henna powder with a cup of black coffee and stir well until the mixture is blended and has the consistency of yogurt. Apply it to your hair, cover with a shower cap, and let it sit for around three hours before rinsing.


Coconut Oil and Lemon

This combination is magical for your mane thanks to a whole load of beautifying benefits. It is a nourishing moisturizer, stimulates hair growth, helps treat dandruff, and adds a stunning luster to locks. Using coconut oil regularly prevents hair graying over time because it contains an abundance of antioxidants.

Try this recipe: Mix three teaspoons of lemon juice with enough coconut oil to cover all your hair. Apply the mixture and massage it into the scalp very well to ensure it’s fully absorbed. Leave it on for at least an hour, and then rinse. Repeat this recipe on a weekly basis for the best results.



This is the ideal remedy if you are a brunette or have black hair. Simply boil a cup of strong, dark coffee and leave it to cool. Next, mix it with any hair treatment that you use before adding two more teaspoons of coffee to supercharge it. Leave this mixture on your hair for an hour before washing out with cold water. Aim to do this once a week.


Rosemary and Sage

Both rosemary and sage are known for their powerful hair-tinting properties, which makes them perfect for hiding gray hair the natural way. To benefit from these herbs, boil half a cup of rosemary and half a cup of sage along with two cups of water. Allow the mixture to cool completely before straining the water. After shampooing, apply the mixture to your hair and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing. Repeat the process every week for visible results.



Molasses is used by many women to mask gray hair because it’s rich in copper, which is used in producing natural pigment. It also provides up to 14 percent of the amount of copper that your body requires, in addition to containing iron, selenium, and magnesium. Add a spoonful of molasses to your daily diet to help protect your hair from premature graying over time.



It’s recommended that brunettes use black tea and blondes use chamomile tea. Every week, soak three teabags in two cups of hot water and let it boil for a while. Leave it to cool down before evenly applying it to clean, wet hair. You can also mix it with a hair mask or treatment for a better application. Leave the tea on your hair for at least an hour – the longer you leave it, the better results you get! This also means your hair follicles will absorb it more. Lastly, rinse using water.

Top tip: Wash your hair with cold water as hot, steamy water causes it to lose its pigment much faster than cold water.


Potato Peels

Next time you’re about to throw potato peels away after cooking, don’t; they’re a great natural remedy for gray hair. Boil a cup of potato peels with two cups of water for 25 minutes, then let the mixture cool after getting rid of peels and straining the water. After you cleanse and condition your hair, part it into several sections and pour the liquid directly onto your locks. You can also use a hair-dye brush filled with the mixture and apply it to the sections until it is completely absorbed. Finish off by rinsing your hair with cold water.

Top tip: Add your favorite essential oil to make the mixture a bit more fragrant!

For your healthiest head of hair yet, try one of these easy-to-make DIY hair masks.

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