Want Longer, Healthier Hair? This Celebrity Hairstylist Will Tell You How

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Savoir Flair sat down with celebrity hairstylist Rossano Ferretti to find out his top hair tips, tricks, and what really ticks him off. The maestro behind “The Method”, a revolutionary cutting technique that forever changed the world of hairdressing, he loves nothing more than educating women and helping them be the most beautiful versions of themselves – although a good bowl of homemade Italian pasta comes a pretty close second. From his top styling secrets to his favorite product picks, read on to find out how to get your best head of hair yet, according to Ferretti himself.

Women in the Middle East have to put up with a lot of hair struggles. What’s your top tip for dealing with heat and humidity?
We work in a lot of regions with high heat and humidity, from the Middle East and India to Miami, so I have a lot of clients with big, thick, difficult hair! That’s why I specifically created the ‘Velluto’ serum. It’s full of phenomenal natural ingredients and was created with amazing bio-technology that uses the smallest molecules, which penetrate deeply into the hair.

We work with molecules that are normally used in skincare, not in hair care, because they give you that lightness and softness. It’s the perfect anti-humidity, anti-static product. Then, we have the ‘Intenso’, which is another serum that is very smoothing and gentle on the hair. It contains UV filters, so it really protects hair from heat and humidity.


What’s the best piece of hair-care advice you can share with us?
Treat your hair as you would your skin. There’s no such thing as a “miracle product”, but if you go into any woman’s bathroom, you’ll find 20 skincare creams, 20 makeup products, and maybe one very sad shampoo sitting somewhere. People don’t invest enough in hair care! Think of hair as you would of skin. You should have a hair-care regime like you have a skincare regime.

What ingredients are really bad for our hair?
We cannot be aggressive with hair; there’s no future in that. If you use a shampoo with a lot of sulfates, it foams up a lot and most people’s reaction is, “Wow! It feels so clean.” But, the next day, it will start to feel oily again because the product was too aggressive. Think of hair as you would of skin; the best thing to do is be gentle with it. The better ingredients you use, the better results you’ll see, and you’ll have better hair!

Using a shampoo is like using a cleanser on your skin – if it’s too aggressive, you’ll destroy your hair. My shampoos are so gentle and low-foaming, proudly low-foaming. That’s very important! I have to teach and educate that foam is not good for your hair; it’s destroying it. Full stop. It’s a sign of the bad stuff. “Rossano Ferretti: Proudly Low-Foam” – that’s what my slogan should be!

Want Longer, Healthier Hair? This Celebrity Hairstylist Will Tell You How

Rossano Ferretti ‘Intenso Softening and Smoothing Shampoo’

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If you don’t cut your hair every three months or so, it will never grow or be in good shape.

What’s the biggest misconception you’ve heard when it comes to hair?
People still think that they can grow their hair without properly taking care of it. Girls are obsessed with not cutting their hair, and what they don’t understand is that, if you don’t cut your hair every three months or so, it will never grow or be in good shape! I get it; eight out of ten women go home unhappy from a hair salon, so I understand that they’re reluctant to do it, but you have to.

So just cutting off the ends isn’t going to help me get long, luscious locks?
No! You need to work into the hair body, not on the hair length. You have to take out the dead, horrible hair. That’s what makes it look healthier and shinier. Going to the hairdresser and asking him or her to just trim the ends isn’t doing anything; they need to be working into the hair to cut out the bad stuff.

What’s a big mistake often made by hairdressers that we should be wary of?
One big mistake that hairdressers make is that they don’t look at you before they start to cut your hair. Even if I were to go into a salon, let them shampoo my hair, and sit in the chair with the cape on, I would walk out if I didn’t get that very important consultation with my hairdresser – if I don’t feel like the guy really understands me or my needs. Hairdressers must understand you and where you want to be. It needs to be bespoke for you as it’s your hair, not theirs! It doesn’t matter what cut they like doing or what’s on trend; it needs to be about what you want. That’s a big part of it all.

Rossano Ferretti
Photo: Courtesy of @RossanoFerrettiOfficial

What’s your top tip for creating lift and volume?
To get beautiful, natural volume, you need to texturize the hair with a soft haircut by working on the hair body. This gets rid of all the dead weight that is literally weighing your hair down. I also think our ‘Grandioso Volume Spray’, which is our top seller, will change your life. Spray it on wet hair and you’ll have amazing volume. I’m also about to launch my mousse, which is revolutionary. It doesn’t contain alcohol or gas, and using it is as easy as applying it on the roots of wet hair, brushing it through, and rough-drying. Done.

What would be your ultimate go-to product?
One hair product? My ‘Prodigio Regenerating Potion’. I think it’s the most beautiful hair oil in the world; there’s nothing like it. It’s based on single lipids and acts like nourishing food for your hair. You can use it every morning, every night – as often as you want – and it won’t make your hair oily because it’s light but absorbs so deeply. Never put oil on your roots, just through the mid-lengths and ends. Hair oil doesn’t make your hair oily if you use it right!

What’s your advice for a woman looking to change up her hair?
There really are no rules. It’s not about the face; it’s about the person from the top of their head to their feet. It’s about the whole you being in harmony. I can’t just look at someone’s eyes or their nose or their mouth. I must look at the whole person – their style, how they walk, how they think. Harmony is beauty, and beauty is harmony. Women shouldn’t think, “I can’t have bangs because my nose is like this.” That’s not true! I think there’s a short haircut for everyone, a long hairstyle for everyone, so long as it works for you as a whole person. That’s the beauty of what we do.

I want to see happy women. I want to be their friend forever – not just that day.

Complete the sentence: To me, beauty is…

What’s your earliest hair memory?
I remember my mom asking me to do a shampoo for her when I was seven years old. She was a hairdresser, and I remember saying, “Mom, I’m not sure I like your business!” But then I did another shampoo for her when I was 12, and it’s around that time when I started looking at beauty and fashion magazines and all the big changes happening in London. The miniskirts, bob haircuts, and all that – it was like another world for me, a dream world, as I come from a humble little village in Italy with 400 inhabitants.

I also remember my grandmother’s wigs. There was a moment in the 70s when they were very popular, and she had really fine hair, so she had two or three wigs that were always perfectly done. You know what, no one has ever asked me that, but it’s made me remember so much about my roots that I rarely talk about.

What inspired you to open your first salon?
I traveled for about 15 years before I opened my first salon in Palma, Italy. I worked in both the fashion and movie industries, but what was important was that I got to meet women from around the world. I learnt about their roots, their cultures, their different kinds of hair. I wanted to create a haircut that was for the next generation, for everybody, but in a very tailor-made way.

If you don’t go to different places and spend time with people and really experience their culture, that makes it very difficult. The whole world has helped me a lot with my Rossano Ferretti philosophy. Those experiences teach you what to do and what not to do, and they provide you with priceless lessons and memories. You understand people better, and therefore how to advise them and share your knowledge with them.


Rossano Ferretti Haircut
Photo: Courtesy of @RossanoFerrettiOfficial

What makes your salons so unique?
When I was very young, about 17 or 18, girls would approach me with pictures of famous people and say, “I want to be like this.” But, little by little, I started to put my own touch on hairstyles, and they started coming to me because I could interpret their inner beauty and listened to them – I saw what they really wanted. I speak to my clients and understand their needs and lifestyles, and take the time to listen to their frustrations and what they don’t like.

What’s your ultimate goal with your products and salons?
I want to educate people and ensure they have a proper hair-care regime. I’ve been called a guru and a maestro in the industry, but my mission is to educate the women of today and the next generation about real beauty. If you’re called a genius in your industry, you can’t just be a part of it and not help, not be conscious of your environment. You need to educate, share, and contribute to it.

What happens if someone asks you to do something to their hair that you don’t agree with?
If someone comes to me and they want to color their hair in a way I don’t agree with, or they want a cut that I think will do nothing for them, I will say no. I cannot destroy people’s natural beauty; it’s against my philosophy! A lot of hairdressers would still go ahead as they would just want the money, but I want to see happy women. I want to be their friend forever – not just that day. I want people to have a phenomenal memory of me, even if I personally don’t cut their hair again.

Find out why Rossano Ferretti’s new salon might just be the best in the world.

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