Are Collagen Supplements Actually Effective? Savoir Flair Investigates

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Collagen Beauty Supplements Benefits Myth
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The big buzzword on the beauty streets? Collagen. It’s here, there, and literally everywhere. From anti-aging creams to super serums, collagen-infused snacks, supplements, and bowls of bone broth, health and beauty brands are loading their products with collagen in a bid to win us over with their claims that absorbing it will boost our bodies’ natural supply and make us look younger and more beautiful than ever before.

But there’s a catch. It seems that collagen-infused products aren’t working miracles but are, in fact, a complete waste of money. Why? Because, according to health and beauty supplement brand MedColl Roz Martin, “Producing collagen is an inside job ­– only your own body can make it. No amount of swallowing collagen or applying collagen to the skin will help make more or new collagen. It simply doesn’t work that way!”

Seeking to re-educate women on why taking all these collagen-loaded products doesn’t actually achieve anything, she’s making it her mission to debunk the myth once and for all. Read on to find out more.

What Exactly Is Collagen?

“Collagen, or fibrous connective tissue, is a protein that we call ‘endogenous collagen’, which can only be formed by the body itself. It is one of the main components of the skin and helps the skin to contract. Unfortunately, its levels decline as we age. The ‘collagen’ being added to products is actually the connective tissue of animals or fish that have been boiled into a substance called gelatine.

Usually, manufacturers boil cow and pork hides and bones, or fish skin and/or scales, and it becomes a gelatinous substance that’s produced for use in the food industry to help make sauces, confectionary, and other food products. It is used as a binder or emulsifier. Unfortunately, the beauty industry got a hold of gelatine and renamed it ‘collagen’, now making hundreds of drinks, pills, and powders from it.”

Why Do These Collagen Products Not Work?

“Taking large quantities of animal- or fish-derived collagen products is not effective; it’s simply ‘dose dumping’ gelatine into the stomach. If you ingest this ‘collagen’ – be it tablets, powders, shots, or drinks – it will be broken down in the stomach by protein enzymes, its nutrients will be extracted and used for energy, and then the waste will be excreted from the body in the normal fashion within 24 hours.

This certainly does not circulate the body making new collagen! The body, or more specifically the stomach, breaks it down, as it does with all the protein you consume orally. This animal or fish collagen cannot make human endogenous collagen in your skin cells. It simply does not work this way.”

Collagen Supplement
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How Can We Produce Collagen?

“The only medical or biological way to make collagen in the body is for you to make your own. We call this endogenous collagen, which simply means your own natural collagen. A tiny cell called the fibroblast is in all your cells and responsible for making and secreting fibrous tissue, also known as your connective tissue or collagen. This is the only way the human body produces collagen. Ingesting it or applying it to the skin does not work – it has to be secreted inside the cell.

You want to make sure you take supplements that actually provide the body with the building blocks to encourage your body to secrete its own collagen naturally and safely, rather than taking denatured collagen pills, collagen supplements, or collagen drinks.”

How Can We Boost This Production of Collagen?

“You can encourage your body, or in particular the fibroblasts, to keep and maintain the secretions at an optimal level by providing them with the precursors necessary to boost collagen synthesis. These collagen precursors can be taken daily along with other compounds to support the health and structure of the cell, ensuring that it is plump with new collagen and hyaluronan, and has the ability to fight free radical damage that can cause premature aging of the cell.

Make sure you take vitamin C daily as it acts as a co-factor for collagen synthesis, and we must have it in order to maintain our connective tissue. You can take collagen pre-cursors orally, in the form of a health supplement, such as a scientifically proven product like MedColl, which switches on the mechanism in the body (fibroblast) to make our own collagen!”

Are Collagen Supplements Actually Effective? Savoir Flair Investigates

MedColl ‘Collagen Boosting Supplement’

AED295 / SAR301



To Sum Up...

“Taking collagen powders, tablets, or drinks is not going to help your body increase its natural endogenous collagen as the body breaks it down and excretes it. The body itself has to create its own collagen, and an effective method of helping it do this is by providing it with ‘collagen precursors’ and of course the co-factor, vitamin C.”

In a nutshell? That collagen drink may taste good, but that’s all it’s good for.

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