Is Gemstone-Infused Skincare the Next Big Thing? Savoir Flair Investigates

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Photo: Courtesy of Kira auf der Heide

From snail slime to fish eggs and bee venom to charcoal, these days, our skincare products are infused with pretty much everything. But there’s a new trend on the horizon, and this one incorporates wellness, nature, and a whole lot of gemstones. Yes, that’s right. The crystals, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies that you normally look for in jewelry are now some of the hottest ingredients in the skincare world, which is hardly surprising seeing as they boast some seriously impressive wellness powers, too.

We’ve already reported on the benefits of crystal healing, but it’s clear this practice is now making its way into our beauty products, with more and more skincare brands that are centered around precious gems making their way into the mainstream – even Kim Kardashian has infused her latest fragrances with them.

Kuwaiti mood-enhancing body care brand Prismologie focuses on combining the power of color and the benefits of gemstones. “We feel that there is a shift in the way the beauty industry is working. As we are all living much more stressful lives than we used to, there has been a realization that everything we do has to have a well-being factor,” explain co-founders Sheikha Intisar Al-Sabah and Sheikha Fatima Al-Sabah.

“Enhancing the look and feel of your skin can become a deeper experience when it is uplifting your mood and contributing towards achieving a better state of mind. We started Prismologie because we wanted exactly that – to infuse our daily rituals of caring for our skin with added emotional and mental well-being elements.”

Crystal Gemstone Skincare Benefits
Photo: Courtesy of Cristale

Why Gemstones?

Gemstones have been used in holistic healing for centuries, with loyalists claiming they can do everything from boosting energy to calming frayed nerves and balancing the body and mind. “The effect of gemstones can be felt with the tiniest piece of crystal because they store great amounts of energy,” the Sheikhas tell us. Why? Because they’re all about vibrations. Our bodies are made up of 60 percent water, and liquids aren’t very stable and produce less steady vibrations, whereas gemstones are solid and create steady vibrations. This means the effect they can have on our bodies are profound.

“Gemstones and crystals conduct and store energy. They’re part of almost all the electronic devices we use in our daily lives!” explain the Sheikhas. “Our emotions and thoughts affect our energy levels and vibrations very much. So when we put a crystal near, on, or around a human body, its vibrations will inevitably change to match the vibrations of the stable gemstone – that stability of a solid vibration is very soothing and calming to our tidal waves of constantly changing moods.”

Big Beauty Benefits

The beauty benefits of gemstones and crystals are nothing new. And because of their intense vibrations, they’re able to deeply penetrate the skin to work at a cellular level. Everyone from Kate Hudson and Katy Perry to the Kardashian-Jenners and Victoria Beckham have revealed that they use crystals and gemstones for their health and beauty boosts. In fact, it’s believed that even Cleopatra bathed in water infused with rose quartz because of its strong healing and anti-aging benefits.

So if you’re stumped on which super stone to turn to for your beauty needs, Savoir Flair has created this gemstone guide to help you on your way. As the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” – but now emeralds, quartz, and sapphires will be your new beauty bffs too.


“Diamond is the stone of innocence, clarity, and focus. If you’ve ever tried gazing into a diamond, you’ll discover that it’s amazing for clearing and refreshing your mind,” reveal the Sheikhas. Diamonds are an amazing natural exfoliator, and they also help to remove toxins and purify the skin whilst evening out skin tone and promoting the regeneration of cells to help with anti-aging.


Jade has been used in Chinese beauty routines for centuries and is praised for its healing properties, which is why jade rollers have become a big thing in the beauty world. The likes of Behati Prinsloo and Miranda Kerr swear by them. It’s as simple as rolling the cooling, soothing jade stone over your skin to help eliminate toxins and excess fluid as it’s great for de-puffing. Believed to help tone skin, boost circulation, and improve elasticity, this is one glow-inducing gem.

Is Gemstone-Infused Skincare the Next Big Thing? Savoir Flair Investigates

Shiffa ‘Jade Facial Massage Roller’

AED230 / SAR235

Sephora, The Dubai Mall

Rose Quartz

According to the Sheikhas, “Rose quartz is for love and nurturing, and pink is the color of softness and comfort.” Known to soothe skin and help calm redness, it also helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, slowing down the aging process of the skin.


When it comes to boosting your mood, citrine is where it’s at. “Citrine is a yellow gemstone known for increasing happiness. You know that happy feeling when you see the sun shining and you know your day is going to be absolutely magnificent? Those are the feelings that citrine help give you,” say the Prismologie co-founders. It helps to promote radiance and evens out skin tone whilst purifying.


Emeralds are seen as a symbol of peace, helping to calm emotions and promote positivity whilst removing negative energies. They’re also amazing for detoxification, helping the body clear itself of toxins to promote inner health and wellness.

Is Gemstone-Infused Skincare the Next Big Thing? Savoir Flair Investigates

Shiffa ‘Emerald Gemstone Face Oil’

AED320 / SAR327

Sephora, Mall of the Emirates


Sapphires are incredibly soothing stones, helping calm you from the inside out. “Blue sapphires are indigo in color, which is why they contribute to calming the mind and aiding sleep,” explain the Sheikhas. Try a sapphire-infused product if you, or your skin, are feeling stressed.


These red gems are amazing for boosting energy levels within the body, in turn giving your skin a beautifying boost and restoring radiance. It’s also believed that they detoxify and purify, helping to improve blood circulation, treat skin infections, and gently nourish.

These are the natural skincare ingredients that actually work.

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