10 Ways to Get a Bikini-Ready Bottom This Summer

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When it comes to looking and feeling bikini-beautiful on the beach, a toned derrière is often on the top of the list for most women. But how exactly does one get that? Savoir Flair tapped luxury swimwear designer Alexandra Miro for her top bottom-busting tips.

Not only does she know a thing or two about how to look good on the beach (her one-pieces have been designed to enhance and flatter women of all shapes and sizes), but she’s also a self-confessed fitness fanatic who boasts a rather beautiful bottom herself. Read on for her top ten tips to getting your best behind ever this summer.


• Great glutes are based on three main factors: exercise, nutrition, and even-toned skin. For the ultimate beautiful bottom, you need to focus on all three – and not just one!

• When it comes to training, ensure that you leave plenty of time to achieve your goals. Don’t think that training for two weeks before a holiday will give you a pert, shapely posterior. The harsh truth is that building a great behind takes time and patience. Plan out a six-to-12-month time frame for the most effective results. Yes, really!

• Contrary to popular belief, the squat is not necessarily the best exercise to shape the bottom. A lot of research has been done to show that the barbell hip thrust is far superior. Other great exercises that isolate the glutes include the split squat, using the hip-abductor machine, reverse lunges, and one-legged leg presses.

• Saying that, squats shouldn’t be completely ignored as they are a great compound movement that work the entire body. To engage your glutes when squatting, make sure you go down super deep and aim to keep your legs wider than hip-width apart.

• Most newbies don’t understand how to fully engage their glutes when they train. You need to feel them fully engaged through each movement – otherwise your more dominant muscles (for most of us, it’s our quads) take over and we end up building our legs instead. At the start of any glute session, make sure you do a complete glute activation drill with light weights so that they’re really fired up before your heavier lifts.

toned bottom exercise tips
Photo: Courtesy of @AlexandraMiro


• When it comes to post-gym nutrition, you really should focus on consuming around 20 grams of protein within half an hour of finishing your workout. I personally love Form Nutrition, a totally clean and vegan form of protein that you make into a delicious shake.

• Your diet should focus around eating lean forms of protein, an abundance of vegetables, slow-releasing carbs, and plenty of water. Lay off the dairy, refined sugars, and saturated fat if you want a dreamy derrière.

10 Ways to Get a Bikini-Ready Bottom This Summer

Form Nutrition ‘Superblend Protein’

AED114 / SAR116

Form Nutrition


Finishing Touches

• Once you have achieved the shape you want, that’s the time to make sure your skin is smooth with an even tone. One way to achieve this is by dry body-brushing every morning. Always brush in upward strokes towards your heart. This is one of the best ways to improve the appearance of cellulite.

• Tanned skin always looks so much better, so prior to your vacation, it’s worth investing in a professional spray tan. The truly skilled tanners can sculpt the bottom to make it look rounder and more pert! (Read more about that here).

• Once you are ready to hit the beach, it’s time to make sure your skin is looking super hydrated. Make sure you always wear a high-protection moisturising sunscreen. My personal favourite is the Heliocare body spray in SPF50. I also love to wear Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Supermodel Body’, which gives a light and iridescent sheen to the body and helps hide any imperfections.

Thumbnail photo: Courtesy of @JosephineSkirver

Feeling inspired to getting your best bottom ever? Discover the best booty-busting exercise moves here.

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