Thinking of Getting Plastic Surgery? Read This First

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Dr. Jason B. Diamond, the celebrity plastic surgeon made popular by reality show Dr. 90210, has shaped the faces of hundreds of celebrities and well-known figures around the world. When he first landed in Dubai seven years ago at the behest of many Middle Eastern patients who were flying to his practice in Beverly Hills, he expected his clients to be “Americanized” Arabs and expats – what he found, however, surprised him.

“When I first arrived in Dubai, people lined up to see me until two in the morning, and they were from every background and Middle Eastern city and small town that you could imagine,” he shares in an exclusive interview with Savoir Flair. Clearly, opening a practice in Dubai meant answering a massive need. Over the past decade, Dubai has become the biggest hub of plastic surgery – not in the region, but in the world.

Dr. Diamond’s name certainly has sought-after celebrity cache, which is partially responsible for his preeminence as the most popular practice in our city, but it’s also his status as the only plastic surgeon in Dubai who is a Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon that has led to his success. Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgery and Board Certified Plastic Surgery are two very different specialties, and Dr. Diamond is an expert in the former – rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, and face and neck tightening are cited as the most requested surgeries that he performs in the Middle East.

Plasic surgery model recovery
Photo: Courtesy of David B Noleil

If you’re considering plastic surgery for the first time, Dr. Diamond’s perspective is vital. “The thing that I’ve noticed the most over the past decade, and even more so recently, is that social media and marketing can manipulate the perception of a doctor’s expertise,” he says. “You will find very misleading information on social media and the web. If you type in a term that you’re looking for, like ‘rhinoplasty’, the first search answer that comes up may be a person who has only been practicing for three months and done the procedure twice! Being savvy with marketing on the internet doesn’t mean that you are savvy as a doctor holding a knife,” he cautions.

Bottom line? Find someone with a tremendous amount of experience with the specific procedure that you want done. Dr. Diamond compares it to flying a plane. “When your life is at stake, you’re not going to ask a first-time pilot to take you from Los Angeles to New York.” Beyond this incredibly salient point, Dr. Diamond urges first-timers to speak to the patients of the doctors they are considering. “Word of mouth is the most powerful tool for determining who you go to,” he adds.

Dr. Luiz Toledo, who originally launched his practice in Brazil and now lives and brings 30 years of expertise to his patients in Dubai, also has indispensable wisdom to share with the Savoir Flair reader. With in-depth guidance, Dr. Toledo urges first-timers to “be very clear with your surgeon as to the result you are looking for”. Explaining further, he says, “The surgeon will then advise you on how possible this result is given the restraints of the procedures you are willing to undergo, the post-op recovery time, and, of course, any financial restraints.” The next step requires research. “You must look into the surgeon’s qualifications and affiliations. This is extremely important.”

He also provides the perfect checklist for qualifications. “The surgeon should be board certified in Plastic & Reconstructive surgery from his home country. Also, check what memberships he holds to other important plastic-surgery societies; the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) is a good indicator that the surgeon has met strict criteria to become a member. Make sure that the surgeon is in the country to supervise your post-op journey. Also make sure that the appropriate blood tests – as well as any other exams done to ensure you are fit to undergo any hospital procedure – are performed pre-surgery. Check the hospital with which the surgeon is affiliated and make sure you know all the details about post-operative care and recovery time.”

Even armed with all of the facts about the surgery, your surgeon’s qualifications, and what to expect as far as post-operative care and recovery time are concerned, it can still be daunting to go under the knife for the first time. Dr. Toledo warns that there will be pain after the anesthesia has worn off, but prescribed painkillers will help with that. Since every surgery is tailor-made to the patient, results and recovery time will vary. “There will be swelling after the surgery, 80 percent of which usually subsides after the first month,” he shares. “The final result is revealed after six months. Recovery takes time, so you need to exercise patience over this period.”

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