Saving Face: Savoir Flair’s Guide to the Best Facials in Dubai

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Bella Hadid Celebrity Face Mask
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Whether you’re after a brightening boost, a refreshing pick-me-up, or just a good old deep cleanse – there’s always a treatment to tackle your skin concern. Read on to discover Savoir Flair’s picks of the city’s top face-fixing facials that will leave you looking and feeling better than ever. You, and your skin, can thank us later.

The Deep-Cleansing Facial

Obagi ‘Deep Cleansing Facial’


Dubbed as a “workout for your face”, Obagi’s ‘Deep Cleansing Facial’ is your ticket to seriously clean and healthy skin. A “medispa” – meaning it blends restorative treatments with the latest advances in technology and healing skincare formulas – this treatment will rid you of lumps, bumps, blemishes, and congestion.

Skin is thoroughly cleansed and toned (with lots of beauty-boosting alpha hydroxyl acids) before steaming, which opens pores for the enzyme exfoliator that’s massaged in to rid it of daily dirt and grime. Then the serious workout begins: a small, thin needle is used to extract clogged pores (it doesn’t hurt, honest). High-frequency energy is emitted through a handheld device to disinfect, oxygenate, and energize the skin as well as reduce redness.

Layers of serums bursting with beneficial ingredients (zinc, collagen, anti-inflammatories etc.) are then applied and deeply absorbed thanks to skin rollers that conduct a mild micro current. Yes, there is time to relax. It all ends with a calming face mask and, before you know it, the 90 minutes are up and your skin has been treated to a proper spring clean that will leave you feeling and looking fresh and flawless.

AED 750/SAR 765 for 90 minutes
Obagi MediSpa, The Dubai Mall
(+971) 4 339 7060

Obagi Clinic Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Obagi

The Brightening Facial

Satori Spa ‘Luminous “C” & “Sea” Facial’


Meaning “gateway to the sun”, Bab Al Shams is surrounded by rolling dunes and a natural desert landscape to offer something unique and special. This is a luxury resort that’s far from over the top. Instead, it’s understated and authentic to give you an amazing experience that’s true to the culture and heritage of the UAE. This extends not only to the hotel itself, but also to its award-winning Satori Spa.

Focusing on exceptional treatments rather than fancy frills, this is the place to go for a brightening boost thanks to its ‘Luminous “C” & “Sea” Facial’. As its name suggests, the treatment uses high doses of vitamin C with freeze-dried seaweed to firm, brighten, and beautify skin. If your complexion has lost its glow and is lifeless and lackluster, then lie back and relax as you’re treated to a cleansing process using products packed with brightening ingredients (rosemary, sage, lemon, and burdock to name a few) and enzyme exfoliation.

Following this, a potent concentration of stabilized vitamin C and a high-tech formulation of pure, freeze-dried seaweed extract is applied to strengthen elasticity, reduce fine lines, restore youthfulness, and – of course – give you a gorgeous glow. After 80 minutes, you’ll look like you’ve had the best night’s sleep of your life as your skin will be visibly tighter and brighter. Brilliant.

AED 615/SAR 628 for 80 minutes
Satori Spa, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa
(+971) 4 809 6232

Bab Al Shams Dubai Pool Sunset
Photo: Courtesy of Bab Al Shams

The Anti-Aging Facial

Knesko Skin ‘24-Karat Gold Facial’


A treatment that can help turn back time? This luxurious facial at the Viceroy Dubai’s brand new boutique spa proves it’s possible. Once you’ve been whisked off to your enormous treatment room – which is separate from the rest of the spa to provide a spot of total privacy – you’ll be pampered to perfection for 60 minutes, during which your skin is treated to the ultimate anti-aging treatment. Starting with a thorough cleanse and exfoliation, your face will then be transformed with the use of 24-karat gold.

Yes, that’s right. Your skin is literally covered in a wonderfully refreshing and cooling face mask made from colloidal gold and other anti-aging essentials – elastin, hyaluronic acid, and marine collagen included – that firm, lift, and smooth skin. It’s also loaded with skin-soothing ingredients like aloe extract, vitamin B3, and rose essential oil to help hydrate and nourish whilst reducing puffiness and redness.

What’s even better is that as your mask works its magic, you’re treated to an indulgent blissful arm, shoulder, and head massage. The result? Skin is visibly lifted and feels firm, smooth, and supple, making it the perfect pre-party treatment. So if you’re looking to knock years off your face in just one hour without any scary procedures in the picture, it’s time to go for gold.

AED 750/SAR 766 for 60 minutes
Viceroy Palm Jumeirah
(+971) 4 455 9988

Viceroy Spa Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Viceroy

The Detoxifying Facial

Nova by Aesthetics ‘HydraFacial MD Facial’


Given the climate, pollution, and everyday stress that our skin is exposed to here in the Middle East, it’s about time you treated your face to a treatment that provides it with a huge dose of TLC from the inside out. Not sure how to start going about saving your skin? The award-winning ‘HydraFacial MD Facial’ at the snazzy, state-of-the-art Nova by Aesthetics clinic is just the ticket.

A non-invasive, six-step treatment that combines the benefits of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, next-level hydradermabrasion, and a chemical peel with hydrating and antioxidant protection, this facial is great for all skin types and does pretty much everything. Seriously. Suffering from sun damage and hyperpigmentation? Both will be visibly reduced after just one treatment. Is your skin feeling dry and dehydrated? It will be healthy and hydrated thanks to the use of four different super serums.

How about enlarged pores? Not after this. Fine lines and wrinkles? They’ll be smoothed out in no time – you get the gist. Thanks to a whole host of powerhouse products enriched with skincare saviors like peptides and antioxidants, pores are deeply cleaned and dead cells are removed. Your skin tone and texture will also improve visibly after just 45 minutes.

From AED 850/SAR 868 for 45 minutes
Nova by Aesthetics, Al Manara
(+971) 4 384 5666

Nova Clinic Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Nova by Aesthetics

The Organic Facial

The Organic Pharmacy ‘Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial’


If you’re looking for energized skin, all-organic products, a bout of relaxation, and results that will show for days to follow – this facial at Sisters Beauty Lounge is for you. The Organic Pharmacy is known and loved for its beautiful and highly efficient range of products, all made with certified organic ingredients. The brand is hugely influenced by homeopathy, so its products are safe and nothing but good for your skin.

The 90-minute facial begins with lavender-infused breathing exercises to make sure you are properly relaxed, followed by steps of deep cleansing, exfoliation, and steaming. Next, there’s extraction before the best part – a magical mask. Or should we say masks? A total of four super luxurious masks of rosehip, seaweed, honey and jasmine, and collagen are applied using an intensive massage technique.

Let’s be honest, the massage is the best part of any facial – and when you have four of them in one treatment, you’ve bagged yourself a proper winner. This luxurious facial is a real treat for the senses as you’re taken through enticing scents and feels throughout, revealing revitalized skin that exudes good health. But here’s the best part: the dramatically positive results don’t disappear once you step outside the salon. Your glow will stick around for days.

AED 650/SAR 664 for 90 minutes
All Sisters Beauty Lounge outlets across Dubai
(+971) 4 339 8500

Sisters Beauty Lounge Dubai Mall Treatment Room
Photo: Courtesy of Sisters Beauty Lounge

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