Saving Face: Savoir Flair’s Guide to the Best Facials in Dubai

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iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Photo: Courtesy of @rosiehw

Whether you’re after a brightening boost, a refreshing pick-me-up, or just a good old deep cleanse – there’s always a treatment to tackle your skin concern. Read on to discover Savoir Flair’s picks of the city’s top face-fixing facials that will leave you looking and feeling better than ever. You, and your skin, can thank us later.

Browns & Co. ‘Face Sculpt’ Facial

Browns & Co., a brand new Balearic beauty escape in Al Wasl, is the dreamy oasis where I had the best facial of my life. After years of reviewing facials for Savoir Flair, I braced myself for the worst when I signed up for Browns & Co.’s ‘Face Sculpt’ facial. Typically, face sculpting is a painful process, where your face and underlying muscles are intensely massaged, prodded, and scraped with various tools and implements. But Browns & Co. puts to rest the notion that you have to suffer for beauty.

Instead, in the capable hands of Danielle, my skin was gently stimulated, exfoliated, oxygenated, and hydrated. It was so soothing I almost fell asleep. My tension melted away as she started with a steam cleanse and exfoliating scrub, followed by a firm but gentle face sculpting massage that enacted lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness in my face. The best part by far was the hot Gua Sha massage, followed by the application of a micro current device, a mask, and ice rollers. The facial finished with the 001 Skincare London ‘Alpha Glow’ facial serum to seal in hydration.

As I blissfully floated out of the room, I checked my reflection and noticed my cheekbones looked higher and more pronounced, my jawline was chiseled, and my face looked slimmer and healthier. I would put my trust in the hands of Danielle or any of the capable staff at Browns & Co. any time.

AED 1000 for one hour
Browns & Co., 343 Al Wasl Rd, Al Bada’a, Dubai
(+971) 58 581 4243

Browns and Co
Photo: Courtesy of Browns and Co.

Aesthetics International  ‘HydraFacial MD®’

I am super lucky to try amazing facials as part of my job, and I don’t take that for granted. When people ask for recommendations for the best facial I’ve had in Dubai, I always point them to Aesthetics International. This quiet clinic, tucked away on a row of similar buildings on Al Wasl, is home to one of the best HydraFacial around. HydraFacials are an amazing value for your dirham, because the results last 4-6 weeks. That means over a month of glowing skin, for the cost of one facial. Aesthetics International uses the patented HydraFacial developed by Dr. Paul Nassif (yes, the one of RHOBH and Botched fame) that gently cleanses and exfoliates while simultaneously pumping your skin full of moisture.

With exfoliation, dead skin cells are removed, allowing new ones to come to the surface. Since HydraFacials exfoliate and then blast your skin with hydrating serums, it guarantees that the new cell turnover – prompted by exfoliation – will be plump with moisture. This is the secret to why the results last so long. At Aesthetics International, the overall steps are similar to most HydraFacials, but applied with a gentle touch, followed by blue light and red light LED therapy. The results are absolutely incredible. 

AED 788 for one hour
Aesthetics International, Utamah Villa # 1049c, Intersection of Al Wasl Rd & Al Thanya Rd
(+971) 04 384 5600

Aesthetics International
Photo: Courtesy of

Facette ‘The Supernova’ facial

Get ready for a ride. ‘The Supernova’ facial at Facette Facial bar is intense, but it’s so effective that it takes years off of your face. Facette is the very first facial bar concept in the UAE, located in a new, modern space in Business Bay. Focusing on facials and facials-only, they are the city’s foremost experts when it comes to non-invasive, super-effective treatments. ‘The Supernova’, as its name might suggest, is a powerful facial that gets deep into your dermis to promote collagen growth, cell regeneration, and triggers your body to oxygenate from within for long-lasting results. 

Oxygeneo technology is the key to this facial, and a hand wand is used that suctions and exfoliates your skin, which forces oxygen-rich blood to the surface. It starts off with an easy tingle, and escalates to a scorching feeling that is just this side of tolerable. Multiple hydrating serums are applied to the surface, followed by a “slugging” mask that is slathered all over your face (including your eyes) leaving your nostrils free to breathe. It is cooling and soothing and peels off easily after it dries. When I looked at my face after the treatment, I nearly dropped the mirror. A younger version of myself was staring back. The deep lines around my nasal-labial folds were completely gone, the lines between my brows were erased, the tiny wrinkles around my eyes had evaporated. It looked like I had just gotten a face lift! If you want a radically good facial, book your appointment at Facette now. Slots fill up fast. For good reason.

AED 899 for 75 minutes
Facette Facial Bar, Millennium Atria Business Bay, Shop 10 & 11
(+971) 50 404 9329

Facette Facial Bar
Photo: Courtesy of Facette Facial Bar

Ciel Spa ‘Platinum HydraFacial’

One glance at Ciel Spa on Instagram, and I couldn’t wait to try this spot in the recently opened SLS Dubai Hotel. It is utterly gorgeous, serene, and sun-soaked, sitting on the 69th floor of the hotel with an incredible view of the city below. In person, the spa does not disappoint. The staff were so friendly and professional, greeting me by name when I arrived, and offering a mango cookie and a refreshing tea while I filled out the first-time visitor forms. 

Then I was whisked away into a quiet treatment room, and greeted by an adorable rubber duck, (he’s the hotel’s mascot), who would be my “companion” during the treatment. While my new duck friend looked on, I was treated to a 90-minute hydrafacial that was so soothing that I nearly fell asleep (several times). The three-step hydrafacial includes cleansing, exfoliating, and then infusing skin with intensive Natura Bissé serums, with a mask applied as the second-to-last step. As the mask set on my face, my aesthetician lulled me back into a state of stupor with an incredible scalp and shoulder massage. Afterwards, the mask was removed, and was replaced by LED light therapy, which tingled and warmed my skin (in a good way). My Ciel Spa experience was what spa dreams are made of, and with such an inviting space and lovely staff, I was tempted to check into the hotel and never leave.

AED 1250 for 90 minutes
Ciel Spa, Level 69, SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences
(+971) 04 607 0757

Ciel Spa Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Ciel Spa

Obagi ‘Deep Cleansing Facial’

Dubbed as a “workout for your face”, Obagi’s ‘Deep Cleansing Facial’ is your ticket to seriously clean and healthy skin. A “medispa” – meaning it blends restorative treatments with the latest advances in technology and healing skincare formulas – this treatment will rid you of lumps, bumps, blemishes, and congestion.

Skin is thoroughly cleansed and toned (with lots of beauty-boosting alpha hydroxyl acids) before steaming, which opens pores for the enzyme exfoliator that’s massaged in to rid it of daily dirt and grime. Then the serious workout begins: a small, thin needle is used to extract clogged pores (it doesn’t hurt, honest). High-frequency energy is emitted through a handheld device to disinfect, oxygenate, and energize the skin as well as reduce redness.

Layers of serums bursting with beneficial ingredients (zinc, collagen, anti-inflammatories etc.) are then applied and deeply absorbed thanks to skin rollers that conduct a mild micro current. Yes, there is time to relax. It all ends with a calming face mask and, before you know it, the 90 minutes are up and your skin has been treated to a proper spring clean that will leave you feeling and looking fresh and flawless.

AED 750 for 90 minutes
Obagi MediSpa, The Dubai Mall
(+971) 4 339 7060

Browz HydraFacial

With one of the most stunning beauty clinics in all of Dubai, Browz is a one-stop shop for everything from the decolletage up. Founded in 2016 by internationally recognized Creative Artist Michele Barclay, Browz now has locations in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Focused on semi-permanent makeup, results-driven facials, and of course, perfect brows, the skilled aestheticians at Browz are passionate about helping you put your best face forward. 

With the ultimate HydraFacial experience appearing on the menu as its newest offerings, I headed to Browz to give my parched summer skin some extra love. The facial started with detoxification through firm lymphatic drainage, then deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a soothing infusion of hydrating Natura Bissé products. The treatment finished with LED light therapy to help reduce visible signs of aging, and its warming light had my skin humming by the end. The gorgeous setting, soothing treatment (save for the extractions; that’s always my least favorite part), and the fact that my skin was visible plumper and tighter after I left had me planning my next treatment before I had even exited the building.

AED 1000 for 60 minutes
Browz, Al Wasl Road Opposite ENOC Petrol Station
(+971) 50 841 4289

Browz Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @browz.uae
Obagi Clinic Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Obagi

Satori Spa ‘Luminous “C” & “Sea” Facial’

Meaning “gateway to the sun”, Bab Al Shams is surrounded by rolling dunes and a natural desert landscape to offer something unique and special. This is a luxury resort that’s far from over the top. Instead, it’s understated and authentic to give you an amazing experience that’s true to the culture and heritage of the UAE. This extends not only to the hotel itself, but also to its award-winning Satori Spa.

Focusing on exceptional treatments rather than fancy frills, this is the place to go for a brightening boost thanks to its ‘Luminous “C” & “Sea” Facial’. As its name suggests, the treatment uses high doses of vitamin C with freeze-dried seaweed to firm, brighten, and beautify skin. If your complexion has lost its glow and is lifeless and lackluster, then lie back and relax as you’re treated to a cleansing process using products packed with brightening ingredients (rosemary, sage, lemon, and burdock to name a few) and enzyme exfoliation.

Following this, a potent concentration of stabilized vitamin C and a high-tech formulation of pure, freeze-dried seaweed extract is applied to strengthen elasticity, reduce fine lines, restore youthfulness, and – of course – give you a gorgeous glow. After 80 minutes, you’ll look like you’ve had the best night’s sleep of your life as your skin will be visibly tighter and brighter. Brilliant.

AED 615 for 80 minutes
Satori Spa, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa
(+971) 04 809 6232

Bab Al Shams Dubai Pool Sunset
Photo: Courtesy of Bab Al Shams

The Nova Clinic ‘HydraFacial MD Facial’

Given the climate, pollution, and everyday stress that our skin is exposed to here in the Middle East, it’s about time you treated your face to a treatment that provides it with a huge dose of TLC from the inside out. Not sure how to start going about saving your skin? The award-winning ‘HydraFacial MD Facial’ at the snazzy, state-of-the-art The Nova Clinic is just the ticket.

A non-invasive, six-step treatment that combines the benefits of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, next-level hydradermabrasion, and a chemical peel with hydrating and antioxidant protection, this facial is great for all skin types and does pretty much everything. Seriously. Suffering from sun damage and hyperpigmentation? Both will be visibly reduced after just one treatment. Is your skin feeling dry and dehydrated? It will be healthy and hydrated thanks to the use of four different super serums.

How about enlarged pores? Not after this. Fine lines and wrinkles? They’ll be smoothed out in no time – you get the gist. Thanks to a whole host of powerhouse products enriched with skincare saviors like peptides and antioxidants, pores are deeply cleaned and dead cells are removed. Your skin tone and texture will also improve visibly after just 45 minutes.

From AED 850 for 45 minutes
The Nova Clinic, Al Manara
(+971) 04 384 5666

Nova Clinic Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Nova by Aesthetics

The Organic Pharmacy ‘Rose Crystal Lymphatic Facial’

If you’re looking for energized skin, all-organic products, a bout of relaxation, and results that will show for days to follow – this facial at Sisters Beauty Lounge is for you. The Organic Pharmacy is known and loved for its beautiful and highly efficient range of products, all made with certified organic ingredients. The brand is hugely influenced by homeopathy, so its products are safe and nothing but good for your skin.

The 90-minute facial begins with lavender-infused breathing exercises to make sure you are properly relaxed, followed by steps of deep cleansing, exfoliation, and steaming. Next, there’s extraction before the best part – a magical mask. Or should we say masks? A total of four super luxurious masks of rosehip, seaweed, honey and jasmine, and collagen are applied using an intensive massage technique.

Let’s be honest, the massage is the best part of any facial – and when you have four of them in one treatment, you’ve bagged yourself a proper winner. This luxurious facial is a real treat for the senses as you’re taken through enticing scents and feels throughout, revealing revitalized skin that exudes good health. But here’s the best part: the dramatically positive results don’t disappear once you step outside the salon. Your glow will stick around for days.

AED 650 for 90 minutes
All Sisters Beauty Lounge outlets across Dubai
(+971) 04 339 8500

Sisters Beauty Lounge Dubai Mall Treatment Room
Photo: Courtesy of Sisters Beauty Lounge

Elemis ‘Pro-Collagen Facial’

Located in the heart of the bustling downtown Dubai, the Sofitel Spa, Downtown Dubai offers a much-needed break from the buzzing concrete jungle. The clean minimal interiors and the tranquil atmosphere at the Sofitel Downtown spa is designed to help you unwind and enter a complete state of relaxation. And what better way to relax and reset than a skin energizing facial? While the spa offers a plethora of extraordinary treatments, our suggestion would be to pamper yourself with the skin-nourishing Elemis ‘Pro-Collagen’ Facial. 

Elemis’ signature pro-collagen facial is the bestselling facial treatment at the Sofitel Spa, Downtown Dubai, and we know why. The 60-minute long facial treatment is the anti-dote to the various signs of aging, promising your skin a prolonged youthful glow. To achieve this, the facial treatment makes use of a combination of Elemis’ remarkable formulas like the powerful deep cleansing balm, the lavender toner, and the exfoliating papaya enzyme peel that dissolves dead skin cells. As part of the facial, an anti-oxidant-rich rose oil from Elemis’ cellular recovery bliss capsules is also massaged onto your face to de-stress your facial muscles and unclog your pores. 

The hero product of the facial, however, is Elemis’ ground-breaking Padiva Pavonica complex – specially harvested from the most nourishing underwater algae – which has proven to encourage cellular regeneration and intense hydration. The tremendously potent complex is also applied to the sensitive under-eye area to help strengthen the dermis, leaving you with healthier and smoother-looking skin. The power-packed facial includes the game-changing Elemis Rhodochrosite, Quartz, and Argan oil serum designed to give a firming effect to the skin instantly. As you sit back and relax, your skin is further treated to the nutrition-rich Elemis pro-collagen hydrating oil and cream. The vitamin-rich formula is devised to quench your skin’s thirst and reduce the signs of aging by boosting collagen levels. 

Allow your skin to soak up on the nutrient-heavy formulas as you indulge in a relaxing neck, shoulder, arm massage using the exotic Frangipani oil – all a part of the facial treatment. 

As you leave the ultimate state of relaxation and enter the real world again, be prepared to notice a dramatic difference in your skin – yes, it’s instant. The Elemis ‘Pro-Collagen’ facial treatment will leave you with healthier, firmer, and deeply hydrated skin.

AED 675 for 60 minutes
Sofitel Spa, Downtown Dubai
(+971) 04 503 6333

Sofitel SPA Downtown Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Sofitel Spa Downtown Dubai

The SPA at Palazzo Versace ‘Seacreation Facial’

There is no limit to the healing powers of the ocean. The SPA at Palazzo Versace recognized that and created a facial using BABOR‘s ‘SeaCreation’ range, that incorporates the most active and rare ingredients obtained from the deep sea. After 90 minutes, your face will be sculpted and you’ll look like you have an Instagram filter on.

The steps of the treatment switch from hot to cold, facilitating the removal of toxins in your skin and mimicking the movement of the ocean. Starting off with a sea salt scrub, this facial exfoliates dead cells from the skin’s surface, and leaves the skin smooth and refreshed, without stripping it of its moisture. It imparts a glow without making the skin oily.

The feeling of the cool deep cleansing mask sitting on your face while the esthetician massages your arms with hot oil will give you goosebumps. The ‘Seatelligent Complex’ improves skin functions, protects the skin against premature aging, and demonstrably reduces existing signs of aging. The result is significantly reduced lines, remodeled facial contours, and complexion that is left looking energized and rejuvenated.

AED 1,100 for 90 minutes
Palazzo Versace Spa, Jaddaf Waterfront
(+971) 04 556 8888

best facials in dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Palazzo Versace

Laloge Beauty Lounge

Perched upon the 54th floor of the swanky Address Skyview hotel, a facial at Laloge Beauty Lounge is served with unparalleled views of downtown Dubai. Sophisticated French-inspired interiors, a hospitable staff, and tailored-to-your-skin facials promise a seriously relaxing skin rejuvenating session. The ‘Laloge Beauty Facial’ begins with the therapist analyzing your skin and identifying underlying issues. She will then choose the appropriate products enriched with skin-nourishing ingredients. During the facial, deep cleansing, brightening, and even resurfacing masks will be layered onto your face depending on your skin concerns, leaving you with a healthy, hydrated dermis in merely 60 minutes. The final stage of the facial includes a stimulating face massage that encourages lymphatic drainage and helps with the lifting and firming of the skin. 

Considering indulging in a customized facial? Step into any Laloge branches located at Address Skyview, Mandarin OrientalCaesars PalaceAddress BoulevardAddress Downtown, and Address Montgomerie.

AED 750-950 for 60 minutes
All Laloge Beauty Lounge outlets across Dubai
 (+971) 52 722 5999

Laloge Beauty Salon
Photo: Courtesy of Laloge

Margy’s Monte Carlo Botolift Facial

We had to ask twice to make sure we were understanding correctly what exactly this new ‘Botolift Facial’ was at Coya Spa in Mirdif: a facial that promised the effects of botox, but without any invasive techniques. Younger, firmer looking skin that glows like an 18 year old’s without a needle sounded too good to be true. Boy, are we glad it’s not.

With warm steam opening up every pore, your skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, toned, and hydrated.  You are given the option to have extractions or not, which we always opt for because we love the clean, fresh look of our pores afterwards. The ‘Botolift Facial’ is an intense treatment that pairs the skill of manual techniques with concentrated active ingredients resulting in a highly effective, anti-oxidant facial that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and radiant.

The trio of secret weapons used on your skin is a combination of hyaluronic acid, marine extracts, and an exclusive collagen mask that works to not only plump up those fine lines and wrinkles, but also to increase the hydration levels, and regenerate skin cells. It does tingle a little, but settles down after a while as you actually feel your skin firming up. While your skin is soaking up all that goodness, your therapist treats you to a deep, relaxing massage for your face, neck, and head. As your muscles release and relax into the glorious sensation, it helps your skin to absorb the active pure algae ingredients and collagen. The result will speak for itself.

AED 650 for 60 minutes
Coya Spa, Mirdif
(+971) 04 601 5555

Coya Spa Mirdif
Photo: Courtesy of Coya Spa

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