We Tried the 4-Month Blowdry – Here’s What Happened

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Straight hair blow dry
Photo: Courtesy of Jeremy Zaessinger for Savoir Flair

Frizzy hair, endless straightening, obsessing about Dubai’s humidity – you name the #hairprobs, we’ve been there. Tired of the constant battle, this Savoir Flair editor was more than excited when the opportunity to try out KeraStraight Ultimate came around. Dubbed the “four-month blowdry”, this treatment promises to keep hair smooth, shiny, straight, and super soft whilst treating damage and fighting frizz. It’s basically the answer to those hair issues that virtually every Dubai girl knows all too well.

If you too have forever been waiting for a hair miracle, read on to find out what happens during the treatment and what results you can expect.

The Salon Experience

I stepped into the Ted Morgan salon slightly concerned and full of questions. Was the treatment going to be painful? Would it work? Would my blowdry fall flat as soon as I encountered Dubai’s humid air or right after my first wash at home? Once I entered the salon, though, I immediately felt better – all the staff members were lovely, greeting me with smiles and a lovely cup of tea. Maria, my technician, sat me down to explain the entire process. After examining my hair, she assured me that I would be completely satisfied with the outcome.

The treatment took three hours. I’m not going to bore you with the details of the process, but several products were applied to the hair, left on, and washed off before my hair was dried and then straightened – none of which caused any discomfort at any point.

The verdict? My hair has never looked this good – ever – and I’ve already been through a painful straightening treatment a few years ago, with results that didn’t even come close to those of the KeraStraight Ultimate treatment. My hair was finally smooth, silky, shiny, and softer than usual. Needless to say, I left the salon with a huge smile on my face.

Ted Morgan_Interior_12
Photo: Courtesy of Ted Morgan

After the First Wash at Home

Prior to the first wash chez moi, I was apprehensive all over again. Would my hair still look this good or would it be ruined by my amateur washing technique? I used a non-sulfate maintenance shampoo, as advised by Maria – she had explained to me that this was a must as regular shampoos would break down the keratin and cancel out the treatment. I then left my hair to air-dry after using a conditioner.

After that first wash, it was no longer super straight but still soft, silky, and way less frizzy than before the treatment. I used my hair straightener for a quick little touch-up and was really pleased with the outcome. The following washes produced the same results.

A Month In

A month after the treatment, even though my hair wasn’t as smooth and shiny as it was right after, it still looked great and was a pleasure and a breeze to style after every single wash.

KeraStraight shampoo
Photo: Courtesy of KeraStraight

The Verdict

Three months in, I’m so happy with the results that the thought of returning to my pre-KeraStraight state is definitely a source of anxiety. I’m already planning my next appointment once the four months are up.

Price from AED 1,000/SAR 1,021
Available at multiple salons across Dubai
(+971) 55 105 7993

Now that you have pin-straight hair, see how to style it like a pro.

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