7 Beauty Secrets the Savoir Flair Editors Have Picked Up From Their Moms

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Beauty Tips Secrets from moms
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In celebration of today being Mother’s Day, the Savoir Flair editors took a trip down memory lane to recall the best beauty secrets that they’ve learnt from their moms. From face-fixing masks to the ultimate anti-aging tips, read on to find out what moms really do know best.

Haleh Nia, Founding Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

The best thing my mother ever taught me was that prevention is better than cure, and I can tell you this was incredibly valuable advice. I still haven’t had any fillers or Botox done — just like mom — and I take rigorous care of my skin in the morning and evening. I’m a strong advocate for natural beauty, both personally and as an editorial policy on our publications. Effortlessness is best. Thanks, mom!

Noor Tehini, Head of Content

As a child, I used to love watching my mother getting ready. I would sit on the side of her bathtub as she washed her face, moisturized, and then applied her makeup. For each step, I would bombard her with a new list of questions each day, trying to understand how, why, and what she was doing! I remember her always drying her face with tissue paper – never a towel.

She explained (probably more times than necessary) that the latter would be too harsh for the skin on your face, encouraging the appearance of wrinkles. She would also point out that a sheet of tissue straight out of the box was cleaner than using a towel, especially one that you might have already used to dry your hands.

Frankie Rozwadowska, Beauty Editor

If I look like my mom when I’m her age, I’m winning – and it’s hugely down to her never sunbathing her face. That was drummed into me during every single family holiday. Even today, I can hear her voice when I’m lying out on the beach, telling me, “Frankie, put a hat on!” Her skin looks sensational (and she’s never touched Botox nor fillers), so I follow in her footsteps and always put an SPF50 on my face, cover it with a hat, and then cheat with a self-tan if I need a bronzing boost.

7 Beauty Secrets the Savoir Flair Editors Have Picked Up From Their Moms

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Samia Qaiyum, Sub-Editor

My mother’s talked about the effectiveness of honey-and-turmeric face masks for tackling excess pigmentation – a very common problem amongst South Asians – and making the skin glow for as long as I can remember, but I was always sort of lazy about applying them. That, however, changed when I developed a dairy intolerance out of nowhere and my skin went haywire! The combination of discovering the main culprits (Greek yogurt is a big one) and being regular with those masks has worked wonders at soothing my stressed skin.

Shannon-Paris Cross, Fashion Editor

The best beauty tip my mom ever gave me was the importance of looking after my hair. Being a hairdresser, she encouraged me to take extra care of my super fine hair by being cautious with harsh permanent colors, trimming it regularly, and teaching me to accept the limitations of my hair type.

As a teenager, I’d show her photos of hairstyles that I wanted to try. She would always be honest and reply, “It won’t look the same on the texture of your hair.” When I wanted to experiment with a certain color, she’d say, “This color could cause damage and take a long time to reverse if you don’t like it!” She was the one who encouraged me to chop my locks into a pixie cut, and it’s the best hairstyle I’ve ever had – both for my face shape and hair type.

Maya Itani, Head of Production

My mom’s soft skin is something I’ll never forget – and, until this day, she has maintained having the softest, smoothest skin I’ve ever touched! She always wore minimal makeup, never used any harsh products on her face, and only ever washed it with water. When I asked her how her skin was so soft, her answer was, “Like anything on Earth, you need to breathe to survive. To have healthy skin, it needs to be clean, but it needs to breathe!”

As a young teen, I remember my mom would add natural oils to the water in a steamer, place a towel over my head, and have me sit there for 20 minutes. It was like having my own spa, I loved it! She would then lightly clean out all my pores, topping it off with some pharmacy-bought vitamin C. This is a routine that I will never give up, and one that I will pass on to my daughter so she can pass it on to hers.

Diana Azzam, Arabic Editor

Since I was ten years old, my mother always insisted on me using sunscreen before going out. I used to think it was a waste of time, so I’d always try to sneak out without applying it! She always said that sunscreen would protect my skin from dark spots in the future and that, one day, I will realize this and thank her for making me use it. Today is that day, and I totally understand the importance of her advice – thank you, mom!

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