These Are the Only Beauty Trends to Know This Season

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Photo: Courtesy of MAC

As we make our way into spring/summer, now is the time to invest in the season’s hottest makeup hues and perfecting products. Savoir Flair sat down with Mariam KhairallahMAC’s Senior Makeup Artist for the Middle East, to find out just what we should be buying to nail the four biggest trends of the upcoming season.

“The message for Spring/Summer 2017 is all about real women who want to wear makeup in a real way,” explains Khairallah. “It’s about moving away from that ‘Instagram’ makeup look, which is too filtered and not tailored to everyday life. These trends are real and wearable, and you can tailor them to you. It’s about femininity and individuality.”

From real and romantic to bright colors and sunset hues, these are the only beauty trends you need to know this season.

The Trend: Real

Unfiltered, worn, imperfect, and down to earth, the “real” trend is about real and wearable makeup, just as its name suggests. “There’s a new take on ‘no-makeup makeup’ every season and, for SS17, it’s all about seeing the woman – not the makeup,” says Khairallah. “This trend is inspired by a very powerful woman. It’s anti-filter, anti-Instagram.”

It’s all about going back to how we used to wear makeup, when one product was enough and there wasn’t the need for seven different layers to create a look. Nothing needs to be perfect – in fact, makeup should look lived in, like you’ve worn it all day. From your smoky eye to your lips and your liner, just be free and don’t focus on making everything look flawless. That’s the opposite of what being “real” is all about. As MAC’s Director of Makeup Artistry Terry Barber explains, “True beauty is all about style, not physical perfection.”

The Trend: Free

From the bright-red blush at Kenzo to the graphic fluro lines at Haider Ackermann and the wash of pastel purples at Marques’ Almeida, this trend is about one thing and one thing only: color. “Color is coming back in a simplified way, be it a pop on the eye or a touch on the lip,” explains Khairallah. “The trend is inspired by a woman who is very exotic, who has lots of energy. It’s about making a strong statement with color – but it’s up to you how you wear it.”

Dynamic and vibrant, this season has a free-form feel that ignores the rules of placement and convention. Instead, it’s all about being “free” with your color – there really are no rules. “It’s playful, not serious,” says Val Garland. “It’s the opposite of taking yourself seriously and filtering your selfies.” So whether you swap your black mascara for a blue one or you go for a bright-hot hue on your lips, now is the time to be free with your makeup.

The Trend: Wet

There’s no denying that glowing, radiant skin is still in, but this season, it’s been turned up a notch. Highlighting is now three dimensional and has extra depth, almost a holographic effect. Words like “sweaty”, “grease”, “shine”, and “humidity” were used by MAC’s team to describe it. It’s also about a more natural texture, making skin look like there’s nothing on it, so powders are out and creams and oils are in. “There is a modern simplicity to shine that is also incredibly flattering,” says Garland. “Glosses, oils, and shines look authentic as they come from the skin. Shimmers and powders always tend to look more like makeup.”

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently, you will have noticed that face oils are one of the biggest beauty trends of the moment, and they’re key to creating this wet, glossy look. “Face oils have been used backstage by MAC for over 20 years, and now everyone is doing it,” Khairallah reveals. “Don’t be afraid of using oils – they’re your skin’s best friend.” Try mixing yours into your foundation or concealer to get that dewy look or apply to skin alone. Khairallah’s top tip? “Always warm the oil in your hands before applying it. This really activates it and helps plump and smooth your skin.”

The Trend: Warm

“There’s always a bronzing trend for spring/summer and, this season, it’s all about peaches, terracotta, and caramel undertones – think: sunset colors, flowery hues, and summer warmth inspired by nature,” Khairallah explains. This trend is beauty at its most feminine. It’s sun kissed, summery, romantic, and organic, enhancing your features with warmth and colors that heighten your natural beauty rather than covering it. “It’s not about transforming the face. It’s simply about making it look more beautiful,” explains Tom Pecheux.

Fill your palette with peaches, pinks, bronzes, and tans, and use them not only on your skin but also your eyes and lips. Experiment with textures – this trend works beautifully with the “wet” look, giving skin that flushed, gorgeous glow. “These are very classic beautifying tones,” says Lyne Desnoyers, MAC’s Executive Director of Makeup Artistry. “But what makes them interesting and feel new is all in the finish we give them – most notably, what the application of an oil or gloss does to the way they bring the face to life.”

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