Tried and Tested: The Luxurious Triad Facial That Hollywood Swears By

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Angelina Jolie photo: courtesy of @angeejolie
Photo: Courtesy of @AngeeJolie

What do the most beautiful and talented women in the world do before they attend a big event? They visit dermatologist Dr. David Colbert for his signature The Triad Medical Facial. With Sienna Miller, Angelina Jolie, Alessandra Ambrosio, Naomi Watts, and the Victoria’s Secret models as loyal fans of the skincare treatment, it is exactly what you might expect. Luxurious? Absolutely. Expensive? No doubt. Effective? You’ll have to read on.

According to my pre-treatment research, the three-step process – which includes microdermabrasion, a laser, and a light peel – promises to give skin that desirable and dewy I-woke-up-like-this glow. So when I found myself inside Dr. Colbert’s New York office, located in Manhattan’s prestigious Flatiron District, I understandably filled out my patient form with excitement at the prospect of looking like a cross between Angelina Jolie and a Victoria’s Secret model.

In fact, it would be safe to say that I could practically feel my wings sprouting as I watched light pour through the sleek loft-meets-office-space, which I couldn’t help but notice had just the clean, glossy feeling I had hoped for my face post-facial. Side note: I was informed that an even bigger, brighter, and more beautiful office is scheduled to open in the same building.

“I’ve always been involved with the beauty industry. I worked with Chanel’s lab in Paris after I finished my training at Columbia, so I got really involved in the beauty industry from a scientific standpoint,” explained Dr. Colbert, referring to the birth of his signature treatment. “I came back to New York after Paris, and I ended up opening up my own practice. It was a very natural follow-through to be creative and use the skills that I had from the lab to make my own product line. Once I finalized the product line, I then wanted to incorporate it into a highly effective procedure.

“The Triad really took off and, soon, we were asked to set up a clinic for the Oscars… and as you know, we now work with the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. We’ve also started working with the Emmys. We’ve actually set up a satellite clinic in Beverly Hills because of the high demand,” said Dr. Colbert of the evolution of his now cult beauty procedure.

So what really makes this treatment so special? For starters, if you’re anything like me, the thought of having a chemical peel (no matter how light) anywhere close to a major event with photographers in attendance is basically a beauty death wish – but not with the Triad. It uses a unique synergy of microdermabrasion, light-rejuvenating laser toning, and a light chemical peel of mild fruit acid (for no more than 60 seconds), which work to immediately leave skin looking brighter without any of the redness of treatments typically used to exfoliate the skin.

“The home version of the treatment is now really popular,” adds Dr. Colbert. It includes the Colbert MD ‘Tone Control Face Discs’, ‘Stimulate The Serum’, and ‘Illumino Face Oil’. “You know how clients in New York or Hollywood are – they want results, fast. My product line delivers results really fast.” And with the Triad facial boasting a VIP price tag of AED 3,672/SAR 3,749, it’s no wonder that clients across the world are looking for their beauty genie in a bottle.

119 5th Avenue, New York City
(+1) 212 352 3333

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