Hair Extensions 101: What to Know and Where to Get Them in Dubai

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Ever wondered how supermodels and celebrities have short, fine hair one day, and long and luscious locks the next? No, it’s not because they’re taking some super product or magic pill that we aren’t privy to – it’s all the work of hair extensions. Once a beauty taboo that no one admitted to having, hair extensions are now beautifying the manes of everyone from Victoria’s Secret Angels to almost every leading lady you can think of.

Savoir Flair tapped Hollywood hair guru Violet Teriti to find out her top ten tips on getting and caring for hair extensions. The lady behind the locks of countless celebrities and creator of reputed hair extensions brand Chaviv Hair, she spills the beans on this hot hair topic. From how to choose them to making them last longer, read on to find out how you can get your best head of hair yet.


Get the right texture of extensions for your hair.

If your hair is straight and you get wavy or curly hair extensions, or vice versa, your hair might get tangled over time and won’t look natural. You have to make the textures blend and match.


Make sure you get extensions that match your own hair color.

This means you won’t need to color and over-process your hair or the hair extensions and they can last for a year that way, looking shiny and healthy.


Touch your hair — wisely.

You never want to be one of those girls who is constantly playing with her hair, but carefully separating the strands around the bonds with your fingers will lengthen the life of your extensions – there’s your excuse!


Loosely tie back your hair each night before bed.

This avoids your hair and the extensions from getting tangled as you toss and turn in your sleep, ensuring they stay looking perfect whilst avoiding damage.


Even more importantly, always braid your hair before working out.

This, again, prevents knotting and damage.


Gently shampoo and towel-dry your hair with care.

Be sure to not rub your hair together too roughly, and squeeze excess water out instead of wringing it.


Always treat your extensions with a deep-conditioning treatment once a week!

Think of them as your own hair, treating them as you would your natural locks; this will keep them looking and feeling their best for longer.


Use a hair oil.

After every single wash, towel-dry and apply a hair oil on the extensions and your own hair. But be sure to avoid your roots, so that the oil doesn’t get inside the bonds and make the extensions fall out.


Book appointments with your stylist every four to six weeks.

It’s essential to have regular professional blowouts and trims as they will help your extensions blend in naturally with your own hair.


Lastly, make sure you regularly get your extensions removed and reinstalled.

Ideally every three to four months, depending on how fast your hair grows. Don’t allow any stylist to move or push them up. Have him/her remove all of the extensions, comb through all the tangles, and reapply them back in your hair.

Looking for the Best Places to Get Hair Extensions in Dubai? Here Are Savoir Flair’s Top 3:

Great Lengths

One of the world’s leading extension brands, Great Lengths uses top-quality human hair and a keratin bond that’s completely undetectable, giving you thicker and longer hair in under two hours. Its stunning, state-of-the-art salon in Jumeirah is the perfect place to spend an afternoon treating yourself to beautiful, bouncy locks.

Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqueim
(+971) 4 395 2013

Belle Femme

Using Great Lengths extensions and offering Jen Atkin’s amazing Beauty Works extensions, Belle Femme has mastered the art of fitting extensions and helping women find the perfect clip-in set. Be sure to ask when Atkin or one of the many celebrity hairdressers hosted by Belle Femme are next in town because they could be the ones to put them in for you.

Multiple locations across Dubai
800 23553

Violet Teriti travels internationally and is available for private consultations in Dubai or for appointments at the Mèche Salon in Beverly Hills. Click here for more information.

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