Here’s How to Fake Fuller Lips and a Nose Job (Really)

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Photo: Courtesy of Max Factor

What used to be a complicated beauty technique used only on models and celebrities has made its way into the daily makeup routines of women around the world, and for good reason too. Contouring is a simple way to achieve a professional-quality makeup look, and can emphasize your best features and enhance your natural beauty. From flawless skin and defined features to wider eyes and fuller lips, almost any effect can be achieved if you know how to master the art.

Savoir Flair tapped beauty guru and Max Factor Regional Makeup Artist Samira Olfat for her top tips and tricks on how to enhance facial features, simply by using the new ‘Transformation Kit’. Read on to find out how you can look like the best version of yourself without a scalpel in sight.

Before You Begin

There are a wide variety of products available that you can use for contouring and highlighting, but for top-quality results, you should opt for top-quality products. “You can use a product that’s made specifically for contouring, like a contour palette, but I recommend the Max Factor ‘Pan Stik’ in bronze or cool copper,” says Olfat. “For highlighting, use the ‘Color Corrector Stick’ in yellow. But whatever you do, don’t use a bronzer to contour! The color is too warm, so it won’t look natural.”

But before you even touch your contouring products, be sure to prepare your face. Start with a primer to keep your makeup in place and make it last all day. Next, use your concealer to cover any spots or blemishes, and then finish with a foundation like Max Factor’s ‘3-in-1 Facefinity Foundation’ to smooth everything out for a solid, even skin tone. Now you’re ready to start sculpting!

Full Lips, Fast

The perfect pout is something that every woman wants, and lipstick will only get you so far. To make your lips appear fuller and plumper, Olfat says, “Apply the ‘Color Corrector Stick’ above your lip line and blend it out, then apply a darker shade of lip liner just outside of your lip line. This will create the illusion of larger, fuller lips.”

From here, draw small, sweeping lines from the center of your lips outward, emphasizing the naturally occurring creases. “Finish with a small line below the center of your lower lip and blend, then apply your lipstick all over your lips on top of the lines you’ve drawn. And there you have it! Full, juicy lips.”

Photo: Courtesy of Max Factor

Instant Nose Job

To make your nose appear naturally dainty and slim, the trick is to apply your contour sparingly. “Rather than applying the ‘Pan Stik’ directly to your nose, use your angled brush to apply it. Make sure to keep it light – the last thing you want is for your nose to look like it’s contoured,” explains Olfat.

To subtly shape your nose, follow her steps: “Using your angled brush, carry your line from the outer tip of your nose up to the bridge, and blend the makeup into the crease of your eye or eyebrow for a seamless transition. Then use the ‘Color Corrector Stick’ to draw a slender, soft stripe down the center of your nose, and two more below the contour lines on either side of your nose, blending it toward the eye. From here, use a small, fluffy brush or makeup sponge to blend your lines further. Blending is the key here. Blend until you can only see shadows, not lines.”

Photo: Courtesy of Max Factor

Model Facial Structure

Defining your jaw line and cheekbones can be tricky, but achieving the perfect oval shape is simple with the help of some professional advice. “Start with the jaw line. Apply the ‘Pan Stik’ in bronze or cool copper to either side of a round or square jaw to make it appear more oval-shaped,” explains Olfat. “Pull this dark shade where shadows naturally occur on your face to further eliminate the full look of the face. For a round face, also apply a small amount of this shade at the tip of the chin – and then blend! Make sure to blend it in thoroughly so that you can’t see a line separating the foundation, the contour, and the neck.”

To define your cheekbones, which will further slim your face and even widen your eyes, start by identifying where they peak. “Make a ‘fish face’ in the mirror to emphasize the hollows in your cheeks, then use an angled brush to sweep the ‘Pan Stik’ under your cheekbones. Blend this in, and then apply some blush on the apples of your cheeks and along the cheekbones just above the contour,” says Olfat. “Finally, use the ‘Color Corrector Stick’ to highlight above your cheekbones and below the contour line. Finish it off by thoroughly blending.”

Photo: Courtesy of Max Factor

Et voilà! Follow these steps to make your contour look like it was done by a professional. This makeup trend isn’t going anywhere, so embrace it to highlight your features and emphasize your natural beauty.

Here’s How to Fake Fuller Lips and a Nose Job (Really)

Max Factor ‘Transformation Kit’

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