Brides-to-Be, These Are the 5 Mistakes to Avoid Before Your Big Day

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Not only is your wedding day likely to be the most photographed day of your life, it is also the day when all eyes will be on you. It’s only reasonable, then, to feel a smidge (or more) of pressure to look your best – after all, who wants to get married feeling anything less? Alas, with great pressure comes great error, so Savoir Flair is here to steer you clear of the five biggest health and fitness faux pas that brides-to-be make in the lead up to their wedding day.


Going Down the Crash-Diet Route

Crash diets are not easy, effective, healthy, nor beneficial when it comes to losing weight. When the body is starved of the food it needs to survive and operate optimally, it thinks it’s going into hibernation mode. When this mode is switched on, it results in the body storing any small bit of food it is fed, so that it has the energy to last until the next meal. Translation: it stores it as fat straight away.

It sounds a touch animalistic, we know, but that is how our brains are programmed. Weight may be lost, but as the body clocks onto the fact that it’s not getting what it needs, it goes the other way. Brides will find themselves looking much “fuller” than they were hoping in the days leading up to the wedding. Crash diets = big no.


Thinking the Long Game Isn't the Good Game

We’ve established crash diets aren’t the best way to lose weight – so what is? People can start to see differences in their bodies through training and healthy eating in just a few weeks, but it take four to six weeks to make the big changes. The run-up to a wedding is inevitably going to take a bride-to-be out of her normal routine, what with the celebratory dinners, bridal showers, food tastings, and cake samplings. Therefore, the most effective way to burn fat before your wedding day is to follow the concept of a healthy balance.

It’s unreasonable to expect any woman to be 100 percent healthy in the lead-up to the wedding, given the tasks at hand, so a steady race is the best option. Six weeks before the big day, decide on the amount of training you will do every week and make sure that you stick to it without fail. If Monday morning is cake tasting, let Monday afternoon be nutritious green salads and lean-protein meals. If your bridal shower falls over a weekend, let the week running up to it be brimming water, sleep, and wholesome foods. If the body is given the opportunity to recover on the inside with healthy foods 80 percent of the time, then the effects of the not-as-healthy 20 percent will not show.

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Skimping on Water

Water has its very own superfood label that often gets overlooked, and it’s crucial when it comes to losing weight. The body needs water to function at its best, making sure every cell and every organ is doing the job that it is supposed to. The liver, for example, is responsible for breaking down fatty acids, and the kidneys are essential in removing toxins and waste from the body. If there is a lack of water in the body, these organs aren’t going to do their jobs optimally. Even something as simple as increasing water intake by one liter a day can make a big difference to how you feel in the run-up to and on your wedding day!


Underestimating the Effects of Stress

There’s no avoiding the fact that weddings can prove to be a stressful time for all the parties involved. The bride-to-be has countless things to organize, all whilst trying to concentrate on herself. However, allowing her days to be filled with stress is going to set her back on the pursuit to feeling fabulous. Stress can have a much greater effect than just a headache or two – it can also trigger emotional eating. When stress is high, people tend to reach for comfort food, which can lead to rapid fat gain from excess calories.


Counting Each and Every Single Calorie

Counting every single calorie you consume is far from enjoyable. Brides-to-be have enough on their plate, and shouldn’t have to worry about recording their calorie intake! At the point when fat loss becomes a chore, the mind is no longer in sync with the body. The mind becomes exhausted from meticulous food watching and starts to make you resent the whole concept of losing weight in the first place, which is incredibly counterproductive.

It’s beneficial to have an idea of the calories that food contains, so that lunch doesn’t become 1,500 calories while you thought it was 500. But sticking to the 80/20 rule often lends itself to the correct calorie intake without having to count anything. It’s ultimately going to see more effective and long-lasting results, and the process is gratifying rather than restrictive.

Carly Neave is the blogger behind LeanLivingGirl, a health and fitness website based in Dubai.

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