5 Reasons to Visit Dubai’s Decadent New Fragrance Store

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Ghawali Dubai Store Facade
Photo: Courtesy of Ghawali

Fragrance fanatics across Dubai have yet another reason to celebrate thanks to a stunning new perfume store that has just opened its doors in Festival City. Offering personalized experiences and allowing you to create unique scents special to you, Ghawali is a fragrance destination like no other. Exclusive yet inviting in ambiance, the luxurious new store is like your own private perfume heaven – one that you can get lost in for hours as you play around with scent layering and endless fragrance combinations.

From the unique in-store experience to the extensive selection of products, here are five reasons why you should make your way to the new Ghawali store, ASAP.


A Brand Rooted in Heritage and Culture

The word “ghalia” was used to describe the precious scents that traveling merchants brought during the early development of perfumes to the region, offering the royal families their own exclusive scents – or “ghawalis” as they came to be known. The Ghawali brand understands the need to possess your own precious scent and has a strong desire to remain linked to the region’s culture and heritage whilst still creating something contemporary. You’ll find the traditional elements of perfume, oil, and bokhour here alongside newer products to cater to all your grooming needs, from bathing to body care. The result is a brand that’s both modern and traditional, bringing luxury fragrance to all aspects of your life.


The Layering Experience

The fragrance ritual is a special moment – a private time for pampering and reflection. It’s a ceremony during which layers of beautiful fragrance are applied to give the wearer their own signature scent. But it also goes beyond scent; it links the wearer to their heritage, culture, and identity. While each person’s ritual is as unique as they are, the end result is the same – layer upon layer of captivating scents and a renewed sense of self and pride. Ghawali not only respects this ritual but also understands its importance, so each product has been especially created with this in mind. From the moment you enter your bath to the moment you apply the final spritz of perfume, Ghawali will journey with you in this time-honored tradition by offering you all of the products you need to fulfill your ritual.

The ‘Purifying Shower Gel’ envelopes you in its wonderful scent, blooming with fragrance as it forms into a rich lather. The ‘Precious Hair and Body Oil’ permeates into your skin and hair, infusing them with a fragrant softness. The ‘Luxurious Body Cream’, with its rich formula and skin-nurturing properties, layers beautifully to add even more suppleness. The ‘Parfum’ and ‘Concentrated Perfume’, either sprayed or applied to your pulse points, emanate an exquisite fragrance that remains with you throughout the day, becoming a part of you. To be burned in your home, the ‘Bokhour’, ‘Oud Mouattar’, and ‘Agarwood Chips’ envelope you in a lingering scent trail. Finally, a precious drop of pure ‘Dehn Al Oud’ can be applied at any stage to lend a deeper facet to the scents – there are no rules or limits when it comes to scent layering.

Ghawali Dubai Store General View
Photo: Courtesy of Ghawali

7 Exquisite and Distinctive Scents

Ghawali has developed harmonized scent collections to facilitate the layering ritual, allowing the scents to envelope your skin at every touch point. From bathing with the scented shower gel to applying the final spray of perfume, your skin and senses will be treated to layer upon layer of luxurious formulas. There are seven main scents to choose from, all created using exquisite ingredients, taking you on a journey of different emotions.

Spicy floral, oriental fruity, and sweet woody are some of the various fragrance families offered. The packaging also reflects the brand’s culture, with a sleek triangular bottle and beautiful, traditional cap. The copper color is the interpretation of the traditional ghalias adored and collected by the ancestors of Ghawali’s creators, while the dark bottle mimics the luxurious and timeless aspect of oud. This brand promises to reawaken your fragrance ritual by bridging the old and the new.


The Unique and Personalized Store Experience

Your fragrance journey reawakens from the moment you step into the Ghawali boutique. By surprising and delighting at every touch point, memorable experiences are specifically created to facilitate the ritual and layering aspects. Coupled with a unique approach to personalized service and set within a luxurious surrounding, the tailor-made offer combines Arabic fragrance expertise with a welcoming sense of hospitality.

Each counter in the store showcases a specific layering ritual, allowing you to experience the selection through the different stations. The very special ‘Bokhour’ room is dedicated to the burning ritual of ‘Dokhoun’, ‘Oud Mouattar’, and ‘Agarwood’, allowing you to really experience the fragrance notes one by one in privacy without being interrupted by the other scents within the store.

The spacious and central lounge allows you to feel comfortable and at home, making it a truly personal and unique scent experience. The proverbial cherry on top? You can also personalize your perfume with an engraved message and have it gift-wrapped in a beautiful selection of wrapping paper and ribbons to make for the prettiest perfume present imaginable.

Ghawali Dubai Store Bokhour Room
Photo: Courtesy of Ghawali

The Beautiful 'Oil Station'

The unique fragrance creations at Ghawali are developed using the finest ingredients from the region, such as Indian oud, amber, Damask rose, and sandalwood to name a few. They’re all formulated by expert perfumers who understand the nuances of Arabic fragrance and how important perfumes are to this region – not just as a product, but a way of life.

Ghawali’s ‘Oil Station’ allows you to discover exciting new scents and travel through the regions of the world. Each oil, whether a blend or single scent, has a distinctive and special aspect to it. They can also be worn together to create a beautiful and harmonized scent. Choose from 20 different oils with single scents such as vetiver, jasmine, and patchouli, or blends such as the ‘Rose Blend’, ‘Amber Blend’, and ‘Saffron Blend’. The perfume possibilities here are truly endless.

Ghawali Products
Photo: Courtesy of Ghawali

The Ghawali store is now open in Dubai Festival City, with more branches set to open across the GCC later this year.

Festival City
(+971) 4 224 5514

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