Where to Get Your Açai Bowl Fix in Dubai

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acai bowl dubai
Photo: Courtesy of Whatshouldieatforbreakfasttoday

Brazilian women are known the world over for their endless allure – you simply need to look at golden Amazons like Izabel GoulartAdriana Lima, Gisele Bündchen, and Alessandra Ambrosio to know exactly what we’re talking about. And what do they all have in common? They hail from the land of the açai berry. Read on to find out more about this miracle berry and its endless benefits, as well as where to get your açai fix in Dubai.

The Body Berry

These dark-purple Amazonian berries were used by indigenous tribes to treat ailments and provide nutrition as they’re crammed with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, protein, and omega fatty acids. They’re now found in cosmetics around the world and virtually every smoothie being sipped by a health-conscious beauty – Brazilian or otherwise.

With anti-aging prowess to spare, açai berries fight free radicals and inflammation thanks to the powerful antioxidant anthocyanin, which they contain more of than any other food. Açai berries are also nearly 1,000 times higher in antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable. And if that wasn’t enough, they also boost immunity, speed up metabolism, and aid with weight-loss and digestion.

We recommend that you supe up your smoothies with a burst of these Brazilian beauty berries because they’re as delicious as they are nutritionally powerful. Açai berries are commonly pulped and freeze-dried into a vibrant purple powder, like the one below, which can be stirred into yogurt, sprinkled onto salads, or used to boost a post-workout shake.

Where to Get Your Açai Bowl Fix in Dubai

Naturya ‘Acai Powder’


The Organic Foods & Café


The Beauty Berry

As well as helping to slow down the aging process, açai berries are crammed full of vitamins and antioxidants that keep the health of your skin and hair in check. Working to repair and prevent damage, they’re also great for those with sensitive skin or acne due to their natural anti-inflammatory properties. Their high content of omega fatty acids means your cells are fed plenty of goodness to keep them strong and supple, and this superfood also helps with skin rejuvenation by increasing elasticity and giving you that gorgeous, radiant glow.

Even though açai berries are small, they come with some seriously big beauty benefits – all of which you can enjoy without having to roam the rainforest thanks to the beauty products that help incorporate them into your skincare routine. Shop Savoir Flair‘s favorites, below.

Where to Get Your Açai Fix in Dubai

When it comes to eating açai berries, the best way is to blend them into a delicious bowl of goodness. As Thomas Bator, Executive Chef at The Surf Café Dubai, tells us, “Açai bowls are popular with everyone, especially with health-conscious adults or anyone looking for a refreshing and healthy sweet snack. We serve around 500 bowls of these berries a month!”

See below for Savoir Flair’s top 12 places to get an açai bowl in Dubai.

The Surf Café

acai bowl dubai the surf cafe
Photo: Courtesy of @TheSurfCafeUAE

The Surf Café serves up healthy berry breakfasts by the beach in a cool and cozy atmosphere. Try the ‘Açai Chia Pudding’ to kickstart your day with a heap of goodness, or the ‘Açai Carrot Cake’ which features homemade carrot cinnamon granola. Perfect when teamed with a cup of aromatic Brazilian coffee. The café also boasts an “açai bar”, which allows you to mix and match ingredients to make your own creations.

Common Grounds

Acai Bowl Dubai Common Grounds
Photo: Courtesy of @LetsStartYoga

The açai bowls at Common Grounds are not only the prettiest (your Instagram followers will thank you), but they’re also undeniably delicious. Topped with chia-seed granola, cacao nibs, dried raspberries, and tropical fruits, and blended with cacao, this is the bowl that will have you returning for more.

The Acai Spot

Acai Bowl Dubai The Acai Spot
Photo: Courtesy of @TheAcaiSpot

This secret little spot in Deira dishes up some of the best açai bowls we’ve ever had. Choose from one of the mixes on The Acai Spot’s menu or make your own creation with toppings like dates, organic cocoa nibs, flax seeds, and Greek yogurt.

Wild & The Moon

Acai Bowl Dubai Wild & The Moon
Photo: Courtesy of @WildAndTheMoon

When it comes to all things raw and healthy, look no further than Wild & The Moon, especially if it’s pure plant-based goodness and amazing açai bowls that you’re after. Topped with homemade granola, coconut, and banana, they’re bursting with brilliant berry flavor.

Vibe Café

acai bowl dubai vibe cafe
Photo: Courtesy of @VibeUAE

Not only is Vibe one of our favorite new healthy spots in town, it’s also home to some of the best açai bowls ever. With fun and cheeky names including ‘Peanut butter is my BF’ and ‘Thank you berry much’, there’s every possible topping imaginable – our faves being the crumbed pistachio, raw cacao, and coconut powder. Yum.

Pineapple Express

acai bowl dubai pineapple express
Photo: Courtesy of @PineappleExpressDubai

‘Black Forest’ açai topped with raw-vegan brownie pieces and chia jam, anyone? That’s just one of the delectable combinations available at Pineapple Express. Other options include the ‘Aćai Nutter’, (almond milk, peanut butter, cacao nibs, and raw chocolate sauce) as well as your classic fruity fix and the ‘Green Goddess’ made with lime juice, spinach, and mint.

One Café

acai bowl dubai life'n one
Photo: Courtesy of @lifenone

Boasting a healthy menu that’s bursting with plant-based goodness, the One Café at Life ‘n One is your one-stop shop to delicious and nutritious food. It’s therefore hardly surprising that one of its specialties is a fruity açai bowl, which can come blended with everything from activated charcoal to Amazonian superfruit guarana.

Craft Café

Acai Bowl Dubai Craft Cafe
Photo: Courtesy of @CraftCafe_Dubai

Tucked away in the heart of d3, you’ll find the cool and quirky Craft Café – and some of the very best açai bowls in town. They’re blended with Greek yogurt to make for a dreamy and creamy concoction, given added freshness and zest with an array of healthy berries and tropical fruits.

Arrows & Sparrows

acai bowls dubai arrows and sparrowsacai bowls dubai arrows and sparrows
Photo: Courtesy of @ArrowSparrows

Whether you opt for the ‘Original’ aćai bowl topped with a huge dollop of creamy peanut butter, the ‘Tropical’ bowl brimming with exotic fruits, or the indulgent ‘Chocolate’ bowl that features Oreo crumble, dark chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips – the açai offering at Arrows & Sparrows is not to be missed.


Acai Bowl Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @Hapi.ae

The açai bowl at Hapi will make you, well, very happy indeed. Made with 100 percent raw-organic açai and zero nasties like stabilizers or preservatives, it’s complemented by dried banana chips, fresh coconut, and mango purée to keep things fun and fruity.

Projecto Açai

acai bowl dubai projeto acai
Photo: Courtesy of @Projeto.Acai

With one of the most extensive açai bowl menus in town, Projeto Açai is a berry-lovers dream. The only problem? Deciding what to load yours with. We’d recommend the homemade sugar-free vegan brownie and berry compote. Or caramelized walnuts with a dollop of Nutella. Or homemade peanut butter and pomegranate…see what we mean?

Açai and the Tribe

acai bowl dubai acai and the tribe
Photo: Courtesy of @AcaiAndTheTribe

Part of Friend’s Avenue, one of our go-to spots in JLT, Açai and the Tribe is also one of our top go-to spots for all things açai. Build your own or opt for one of their in-house creations, such as the ‘Nutty Professor’ or the fruity fresh ‘Hello from Hawaii’, and be prepared to get seriously addicted.

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