Karlie Kloss’ Best Body Secrets, Courtesy of Her Instagram Account

Karlie Kloss body workout barre
Photo: Courtesy of @KarlieKloss

In honor of Karlie Kloss’ 25th birthday today, Savoir Flair decided to find out just how the supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel stays in such amazing shape. After a (harmless) little bout of Instagram stalking, we’ve uncovered a few of her niftiest tricks. Read on for the ones that we’re most eager to try ourselves.

Practice Pilates

Kloss is always posting pics of her workouts, and we know she’s always mixing things up. The one thing, however, that she does practice regularly is Pilates – and more specifically reformer Pilates, which is far more hardcore than the mat version. Amazing at sculpting and lengthening your muscles, reformer Pilates strengthens and tones with the help of a machine that looks frighteningly similar to a medieval torture device. This “reformer” machine, which isn’t actually as scary as it looks, uses core strength and balance to get you into supermodel shape. Click here to see our picks for the top reformer Pilates studios in Dubai.

Karlie Kloss Body Fitness Diet Pilates
Photo: Courtesy of @KarlieKloss

Brew a Tea

According to her social-media accounts, Kloss’ number one beverage of choice is tea. The model is constantly sharing photos of herself sipping her favorite brews, reminding us that this is definitely one healthy habit to incorporate into our daily routines. Whether you opt for black, green, chamomile, or peppermint, teas are loaded with antioxidants and boast a huge array of health and beauty benefits. They help you relax, aid with digestion, fire up your metabolism, and provide a natural energy boost, keeping your body in check from the inside out.

Karlie Kloss Body Fitness Diet Tea
Photo: Courtesy of @KarlieKloss

Boxing Fit

If you’re looking for a workout that does it all, it’s time you tried boxing. An all-over body-boosting blitz, it’s perfect for getting fit as it works your endurance and cardiovascular system whilst increasing strength and stamina. It will tone you up from top to toe as it works your entire body, and it’s a great way to burn fat, strengthen your core, improve balance and coordination, and blast calories. Not to mention it’s one of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety.

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Stretch It Out

To get long and lean limbs like this supermodel, you need to stretch – especially if you, like Kloss, work out a lot. Stretching also increases flexibility and the range of motion in your tendons and muscles, helping to prevent injuries and increase your performance at the gym. Click here for our complete guide to proper stretching. Your limbs will thank us.

Karlie Kloss Body Fitness Diet Stretch
Photo: Courtesy of @KarlieKloss

Grab a Juice

A supermodel sipping on a fresh juice isn’t anything new, and there are countless reasons why they choose to guzzle the green stuff. Cold-pressed juices boast an array of health, detoxifying, and beauty benefits, from helping with weight loss and increasing mental stamina to improving digestion and boosting your immune system. They’re also a great way to up your daily dose of vitamins and minerals – especially as you can get creative and add whatever fresh fruit, veggies, or superfood powders you fancy. Alternatively, you can always try out one of Dubai’s best juice detoxes to give you a helping hand.
Karlie Kloss Body Fitness Diet Juice
Photo: Courtesy of @KarlieKloss

Cheat Clean

Even supermodels indulge in cheat meals and sweet treats, but Kloss manages to keep things healthy as far as her sugar cravings are concerned. In fact, she’s so passionate about finding wholesome alternatives to the not-so-good-for-you snacks that she cooked up her own “kookie” recipe, which shuns nasty ingredients whilst satisfying your sweet tooth. She’s even shared her secret recipe, which means you can now cheat clean à la Kloss. Click here to learn how to whip up a batch yourself.

Karlie Kloss Body Fitness Diet Cookies
Photo: Courtesy of @KarlieKloss
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