Are You Ready to Hook Up to the Vita-Infusion Craze?

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Diala Makki Carla DiBello Vita Drip Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @DialaMakki

The latest vitamin-infusion drips have been designed to pump an instant hit of vitamins straight into your blood stream, so is it time to forget juicing, green smoothies, and supplements? Drips have rapidly become the A-list’s favorite way to detox, pretox, and rejuvenate and count the likes of Rihanna and Cindy Crawford amongst their celebrity fans. Kim Kardashian was also very public about the IV treatment she received earlier this year to make her skin “glow” on the Met Gala red carpet.

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up but your busy lifestyle, long working hours, and packed social diary mean you have very little time for holidays, a spa trip, or even a detox diet, have you considered trying the latest well-being craze to hit the region?

A big trend in LA and London for the past few years, vitamin infusions are now taking the UAE by storm, with the likes of Huda and Mona Kattan, Diala Makki, and Carla DiBello rolling up their sleeves to be injected with concoctions designed to boost their health. Once reserved for the recovery of sickly patients, a cocktail of vitamins injected into the vein is now one of the most popular new beauty trends in the Middle East.

Besides making you feel more energized and look fresher, they’re also quick and relatively painless. These treatments can be done over a lunch break or post-work – perfect for cities like Dubai where the work-hard-play-hard culture can leave individuals feeling burnt out. All you have to do is choose the infusion best suited to your needs.

What Exactly Are They?

And are vitamin infusions really worth the hype and your hard-earned cash? After all, at up to AED 400 a session, they’re not a cheap option. “Well-being infusions are designed to avoid getting sick, improve quality of life, and avoid future diseases,” explains Acaena Amoros, co-founder of The Elixir Clinic, one of the first clinics to offer tailor-made intravenous infusions in the UK, as well as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Amoros and her partner, Mahi Aramideh, met while working as nurses in London, administering high doses of vitamin C through intravenous drips to cancer patients.

“Most of us are stressed, and we don’t have a proper diet. Our bodies either cannot absorb all of the nutrients they need or the food that we eat doesn’t contain the proper vitamins and minerals, so the infusions give your body the boost it needs to function properly and protect you from many diseases,” Amoros explains.

The infusions at The Elixir Clinic give patients a mix of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids to help the body function properly. You can choose from 12 different types of infusions, including the ‘Life VitaDrip’ (a balance of vitamins and minerals to promote overall well-being and immunity) and ‘Adrenal Fatigue VitaDrip’ (to help with pre-menopause and menopause symptoms, balance hormones, and regulate sleeping patterns). Another option is the ‘Antioxidant VitaDrip’ that fights oxidative stress caused by free radicals, helps your body to detox, and prevents degenerative diseases and signs of aging.

Carla DiBello Vita Drip Dubai
Photo: Courtesy of @CarlaDiBello

Are They worth It?

So what are the benefits, compared to popping a vitamin pill? When vitamins are delivered intravenously, they reach the blood faster than when taken orally. In fact, many people who receive the infusions report feeling healthier immediately afterwards. However, for a healthy person looking for a boost, many experts believe we should be looking more at our diets than an expensive and short-lived quick fix. They believe the best way to get vitamins is through a healthy and balanced diet, and not through oral or IV supplements.

“If you eat a healthy and balanced diet packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids, you should not need to take any form of supplementation,” says GP and skincare specialist Dr. Anita Sturnham. “They are, however, beneficial if you have dietary restrictions. For example, those following a vegan diet may be deficient in iron, B12, and folate, in which case supplements may be beneficial.”

The Ones to Try

If you’re feeling frazzled, your diet is lacking in the good stuff, or you are sleep deprived, you might want to try an IV infusion and make up your own mind about its benefits. Here are Savoir Flair’s pick of the best ones to try:

  • For overall well-being: The ‘VIP Elixir VitaDrip’ at The Elixir Clinic. It combines minerals, vitamins, and amino acids including L-carnitine to boost metabolism and biotin and B5 for better hair and nails.
  • For more energy and better sleep: ‘Reviv Vitamin B12 Booster Shot’ at Reviv. It increases energy levels, promotes natural sleep, boosts the immune system, and regulates appetite. Click here to book in.
  • For an at-home treatment: ‘IV Therapy’ by Health Call. Don’t fancy schlepping to a clinic? Health Call offers a range of IV infusion services in the comfort of your home to help with everything from a cold or headache to jet lag.

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