Beautiful Eyebrows? Benefit’s Brow Expert Reveals How

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Photo: Courtesy of Tamara Williams

When it comes to big, bold, beautiful brows, Benefit’s Global Brow Expert Jared Bailey is the definitive go-to guy. So, naturally, Savoir Flair had to pick his brain on all things eyebrows – over-plucking and perfect arches included. Listen in.

Who has the best brows and why?
It’s hard to pick who has the best brows out there because they’re all so different. However, I have been known to have a “brow crush” from time to time and, right now, I’m crushing on Gigi Hadid’s brows. They have a lot of structure, but still an effortless look for the perfect summertime brow. They also really frame her face and the height of her arch rounds out her eyes nicely.

What are the biggest blunders that women make with their eyebrows?
1) Over-tweezing – most women who DIY their own brows don’t know how to find the perfect arch, so what tends to happen is that they start too early, ending up with a hook or comma-shaped eyebrow.
2) Not doing anything at all – women who have never had their eyebrows done don’t realize what brow shaping can do. For anybody, no matter what your brow case is, a professional wax is the number one thing you can do to really open up the eyes and lift your entire look!
3) Trying to shape according to trends – it’s always best to work with your natural brow shape and features when it comes to defining the eyebrow. To follow a brow trend, layer on a brow product to your natural shape to best suit your features.

Help! I over-plucked. What should I do?
You either invest in giant sunglasses and commit to wearing them indoors and outside or you can go with a much more acceptable remedy – the ‘Goof Proof Brow Pencil’ and a bit of ‘Gimme Brow’!

‘Goof Proof’ is ideal for adding shape and structure back to over-tweezed or patchy brows. The custom teardrop tip works in two ways. Use the wide part of the pencil to start adding structure through the start and arch of the eyebrow with a few short strokes, and then turn the pencil and use its narrow point to add definition to the end. The formula really makes this pencil super easy to use as it glides right on and creates a nice wash of color.

After you get the shape and structure, you want to add volume and texture with ‘Gimme Brow’, our volumizing fiber gel. Just a few swipes of this formula will distribute microfibers across the brow and add an instant life-like look to the hair and skin.

I have seriously unruly brows. What’s the best way to tackle them?
At Benefit, we solve brow dilemmas every day, and overgrown eyebrows are a far simpler dilemma to deal with than the alternative. To mold them into the perfect pair, it’s always best to start with a visit to the experts at a Benefit Brow Bar. Each service begins with a Benefit ‘Brow Map’, our three-step custom technique to finding your perfect shape. It’s truly the only way to create arches that are completely customized to your face shape. And remember, when it comes to eyebrows, full is always more flattering!

In fact, full eyebrows are a tell-tale sign of youth. There are two ways that a woman can look younger in life. Option number one: she can fill in her eyebrows. Option number two: she can make much, much older friends. I think the first option is much easier, of course…

When it comes to eyebrows, full is always more flattering! In fact, full eyebrows are a tell-tell sign of youth.

Are there any natural ingredients that help eyebrows grow back faster?
One of the best ways to really encourage thicker looking hair is by finding a product with the right ingredients. The ‘BrowVo! Conditioning Primer’ is full of soy and keratin proteins that actually condition the hair and make it thicker, fuller, and healthier looking. Use it as a primer in the mornings before any brow-filling products but, as a real beauty bonus, also use it at night so it can work its magic while you sleep!

Beautiful Eyebrows? Benefit’s Brow Expert Reveals How

Benefit ‘BrowVo! Conditioning Primer’




How can I work out the best brow shape for my face?
If there’s one technique every woman should know, it’s how to fill in and find her perfect eyebrow shape. Benefit’s three-step ‘Brow Mapping’ technique is what we use before we fill or shape anyone’s brows. You’ll need two tools: your favorite brow filler (or my favorite ‘Brow Zings’ if you don’t have one yet) and a straight-edged object like a hard-angled brush, eyeliner pencil, or credit card. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

First, find the start. We measure straight from the dimple of the nose to the beginning of the brow. This will create a slimming effect on the nose and balance the eyes.

Step 2

Next, look for the arch. Beginning at the edge of the nose, we pass through the pupil to the highest portion of the brow. This will give maximum lift to the eye area.

Step 3

Finally, identify the end. We measure from the outer edge of the nose past the outer corner of the eye. This is where the brow should end to create an eye-opening effect. As you identify each point, make a small mark with your brow filler. Once all three marks have been made, begin connecting them until arch excellence is finally yours!


Beautiful Eyebrows? Benefit’s Brow Expert Reveals How

Benefit ‘Brow Zings’




Beautiful brows are like water and air – a necessity in life!

What do you think the next big brow trend will be?
Right now, it’s all about what I’m calling the ‘smoky brow’, which is just like the smoky eye where the color is more concentrated along the lash line, and then fades in color to the top of the lid. The smoky brow has definition along the base of the brow, after which you start to see the gradation of color fading to the top. This creates a nice base to really frame the eyes and gives structure to the brow, whilst keeping things simple and effortless at the top. It’s super chic and a great way to define the eyes without looking overly groomed.

What’s the biggest brow myth you’ve heard?
A lot of women fear that waxing their eyebrows is bad for the skin or prevents the hair from growing back altogether. This, my friends, is a big beauty myth. Waxing can actually be good for the skin when done on a monthly basis as it’s a mild form of exfoliation and helps remove the dead, dry layer of skin. This leaves the eye area looking brighter and smoother. Who doesn’t want that?

Complete the sentence: To me, beautiful brows are…
Like water and air – a necessity in life!

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