The 7 Deadly Sins of Beauty According to the 7 Biggest Makeup Artists

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In celebration of Savoir Flair’s seventh birthday today, we reached out to seven of the biggest names in the beauty industry to uncover their ultimate ‘7 Deadly Sins of Makeup’ – and when we say the biggest, we really mean the biggest. Bobbi Brown, Lisa Eldridge, Mario Dedivanovic (a.k.a. Makeup by Mario), Huda Kattan, Sir John, Wendy Rowe, and Mary Greenwell are the industry leaders responsible for making the likes of Beyoncé, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, the Kardashians, and Rosie-Huntington Whiteley look so good.

So before you reach for your makeup bag today, make sure you’ve read through their tips to guarantee you remain a beauty saint and not a sinner.


Foundation Faux Pas

Lisa Eldridge

“The biggest sin is using the wrong shade of foundation so the face and neck and/or face and body are completely different colors. It always makes me cringe, particularly when someone puts their hand up to their face and it looks like two different people! I think that finding the right shade is something that a lot of people struggle with, and it bugged me so much that I decided to create a whole week’s worth of tutorials on my site just on this subject, with a back-to-school type feel. I called it my #FoundationCourse, and it’s been hugely popular with over three million views!”

Lisa Eldridge Top Makeup Mistake
Photo: Courtesy of @LisaEldridgeMakeup

Lash Glue Goop

Sir John

“One of the biggest sins for me is when someone is wearing fake lashes and there’s visible lash glue on their eyelids. Especially when it mixes in with liner and looks really chunky!”

Sir John Top Makeup Mistake
Photo: Courtesy of @SirJohnOfficial

Skin Sinning

Mary Greenwell

“The biggest sin of all is not looking after your skin. Nothing will look good unless your skin is cleansed and moisturized every single day. Find a simple regime that works for you, financially and time wise. There are fabulous skincare products out there that are very reasonably priced. Spend that little bit of time looking after you and your skin. Everyone will notice and tell you that you look great if you take care of it and, let’s face it, that is the biggest compliment you can get!”

Mary Greenwell Top Makeup Mistake
Photo: Courtesy of @RosieHW

Brow Blunders

Mario Dedivanovic

“Over-plucking your eyebrows into a very thin, unflattering shape and then drawing a line over that same shape to fill them in is a big makeup sin. It’s very unnatural and looks extremely harsh on the face!”

Mario Dedivanovic Top Makeup Mistake Savoir Flair
Photo: Courtesy of @MakeupByMario

Contour Crisis

Wendy Rowe
“Something I really hate to see is weird, obvious contouring. When you apply contour to the face, it should be undetectable and nautral looking to enhance features and create a subtle shadow effect. I often see people who use very orange- or red-toned contour products down the side of the face. Natural shadow never has an orange tone to it, and the placement is totally wrong; it just looks like a burn down the side of the face!”
Wendy Rowe Top Makeup Mistake
Photo: Courtesy of @WendyRowe

Life Lines

Bobbi Brown

“I think the biggest mistake a woman can make is trying to look like someone other than herself. At any age, it’s important for women to be who they are. This means everything from learning to love your lines to appreciating your unique features. There’s something incredibly beautiful about a woman with lines in her face. I think we should start using the phrase ‘living’ instead of ‘aging’. Lines are proof that we’ve lived life. We get them when we show emotion, when we laugh, and when we express ourselves. When it comes down to it, beauty is confidence.”

Bobbi Brown Top Makeup Mistake
Photo: Courtesy of @BobbiBrown

Laws of Lighting

Huda Kattan

“Doing your makeup in the wrong lighting is a big mistake. No matter how great your makeup skills are, if you do it in the wrong lighting you could end up looking like a clown!”

Huda Kattan Top Makeup Mistake
Photo: Courtesy of @HudaBeauty

Promo Photo: Courtesy of @LisaEldridgeMakeup

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