The Ultimate Summer Body Workout (No Equipment Required)

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Having specific workout days for different parts of your body can be a very effective way to train, as you’re concentrating on individual muscles and then allowing them time to recover before they’re re-trained. However, some days we just want to get into the gym and blast every single part of our bodies with a really effective workout. From the derrière and legs to the arms and tums, we want to finish our workouts with a sense of accomplishment… and that’s exactly what these moves do.

With two exercises for each part of the body and no equipment or fuss required, just a bit of hard work is all you need to achieve your ultimate summer beach body. Repeat each exercise ten times, and then repeat the set three times.

Here are the top moves for a total-body workout.



You can increase the difficulty of a push-up simply by adjusting the speed at which you do it. The slower you bring your chest to the ground, the more control and strength is needed. Always be sure to keep a strong plank-like posture, not letting your hips dip too low or too high, and relax your neck to make sure it’s your chest that is being drawn to the ground, rather than your forehead.

Summer Body Workout Push-Ups

Tricep Push-ups

This is a great variation on the traditional push-up, and it targets much more of the triceps. It’s also called a ‘narrow-grip’ push-up, and the key is to make sure your elbows stay tightly in, next to your body, as your chest comes down to the ground. Performing this exercise on your knees is a good starting point, and then as your strength increases you can try a full push-up position.

Summer Body Workout Tricep Push-Ups

Clock Lunges

This is essentially a set of three different lunge variations tied into one movement, maximizing the work of the leg and glute muscles. Each clock lunge (three movements) counts as one repetition. As with all lunges, ensure that your knee stays in line with your toes, as close to a 90-degree angle as possible. Keep your chest tall and your core engaged throughout the whole range of movement.

Summer Body Workout Clock Lunges

Squat Shifts

This moves turns into a real burner pretty quickly! Engage your core and start in a good squat position with a straight back and weight on your heels. Squat down and then carry out a small bounce before shifting your feet to face further out. Repeat this movement, all the while making sure your knees are in a good position with each change of your feet.

Summer Body Workout Squat Shifts

Knee & Toe Taps

Start in a strong plank position with your core activated. Drive your bottom up and tap your knees, then toes, using alternating hands. Don’t worry if you can’t reach all the way to your toes — the important thing to remember is that after each tap, your body must return to a strong plank position.

Summer Body Workout Knee Toe Taps

Side Mountain Climbers

This exercise works more of your obliques and is great for improving stability. Again, ensure your body is in a good plank position with your back in neutral and no dipping hips. As your knee draws up to your side, turn your head to meet that knee and crunch into the position. Do alternate legs and repeat until both legs have done 15 repetitions.

Summer Body Workout Side Mountain Climbers

Carly Rothman is the blogger behind LeanLivingGirl, a health and fitness website based in Dubai.


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