Wedding Woes Sorted: How to Get Beautiful Hair on Your Big Day

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The bells are officially ringing for wedding season. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, a maid of honor, or a guest, wedding-day hair prep takes time, so start getting your mane into its healthiest state as soon as you start planning.

Savoir Flair spoke to Pantene’s Celebrity Stylist Danilo (he’s the man behind the mighty manes of Taylor Hill, Natalie Portman, Priyanka Chopra, and Selena Gomez – to name a few) to find out his top tips for bridal hair success, from how to fight off frizz to how to find the perfect style for you. Read on to find out more.

Danilo Celebrity Hair Stylist Wedding Hair Secrets
Photo: Courtesy of @OfficialDaniloHair

How can brides-to-be get their hair in great condition before the big day?
Don’t let flyaways and split ends steal the show! When you start prepping your skin and body, shopping for your gown or booking your venue, it’s also time to get your hair in tip-top shape. Try Pantene’s three-step regimen (shampoo, conditioner, and oil replacement) to reduce and repel damage and get healthy, strong hair inside and out.

What’s the best way to wear hair to defy frizz and a style breakdown?
You’ll never see hairstyles frizz or unravel on the red carpet, and you definitely don’t want a hair breakdown on your big day. A great celeb-worthy trick to maximize style-staying power is to ensure hair is healthy from the core. Healthy, smooth, and shiny hair is the foundation for any great style and ensures that only minor touch-ups will be needed throughout the day to maintain lasting smoothness and volume. Once you achieve a healthy foundation, simply use a few basic products such as a heat-protection or styling spray, conditioner, or leave-in cream to create, set, and reinforce hair texture. Then, use tools like hair elastics and pins to hold your style in place.

What are fun, easy ways to mix up a bridal hairstyle?
When creating any style, incorporate elegant braids and ponytails for a super contemporary look. You can also change up your style halfway through the wedding night. For instance, create an updo for the ceremony to ensure success for pictures from any and every angle, and then let your tresses loose for the reception.

danilo hair taylor hill
Photo: Courtesy of @OfficialDaniloHair

What tips can you share with women who have always dreamed of having long hair on their wedding day?
Growing long hair may seem like a painfully slow process, but keep in mind that keeping hair healthy will help you achieve your goal. Start working towards that goal now, and make the most of this wait time by protecting the length you already have. Always use a daily conditioner, for example the Pantene ‘Milky Damage Conditioner’, which has a new formula that works at the core for stronger hair and to prevent split ends that can only be fixed by cutting them off. Also, tell your stylist you want to grow it out so you don’t give up more hair than you want during visits. If you’re planning to color your hair, schedule your appointment one to two weeks in advance to give the color time to set in and give you an idea of what it will look like on your big day.

Where should one start when looking for bridal hairstyle inspiration?
Do your research and look at tons of imagery for inspiration! The web is great for hair inspiration that can help you narrow down the options. If you’re working with a stylist, book a wedding hairstyle trial one month in advance and bring all the hair accessories you plan to wear for the opportunity to rehearse your day-of style. Also, remember that healthy hair is the base for any look; when hair is unhealthy at the core it loses its shine.

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