10 Ways to Look after Your Hair When You Work Out

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Working out may work wonders for your body and mind, but it wreaks havoc on your hair. As much as you may try to leave the gym or get back from your evening run looking like you’ve barely lifted a finger — flaunting that healthy glow and a spring in your step — the likelihood is that you’re probably bright red and sweaty with wet, limp locks stuck to your head. Not a good look.

Savoir Flair turned to the hair and beauty experts from Hairtrade and asked for their top tips on how to work out without worrying about the state of your hair. “Worrying about greasy hair or causing damage to your locks shouldn’t be the reason people avoid exercise,” beauty guru Joanne Dodds tells us. “Making time to go to the gym can be really difficult and adding in the extra pressure of having to sort out your hair afterwards can make it worse. That’s why our tips give a variety of ideas to look after your hair before, during, and after your workout so you can exercise without the stress.”

From what styles to try to keep your hair in check to what products you need to be using, read on for these industry secrets to managing your mane during your workout.


Condition Hair Before Swimming

If you’re about to embark on a swimming session, make sure you use leave-in conditioner before you take a dip. This prevents hair from soaking up the chlorine. Preferably use a swimming cap as well to protect your locks.


The Double-Looped Topknot

Topknots keep your hair at bay whilst you work out, but they can damage your hair due to the amount of bobbles and grips required. Try splitting your hair in two, and then looping them together as a way of keeping it in place with only one bobble.


Don’t Use Lots of Products

If you’re styling your hair for the gym, try not to weigh it down by using too many products. Products will mix with any sweat on your scalp and will weigh hair down, making it look greasier.


Wear a Headband

If you really want to avoid sweaty hair, then wearing a headband is the best method of prevention, as it soaks up all moisture before it reaches your hairline. Be sure to wear a headband if you have a high-cardio workout ahead.


Cold Blow-Dry

If you want to remove sweat from your hair quickly but don’t have time to wash it, try blow-drying it on the cold setting to dry out the sweat quickly. Plus, the cold air is great for preventing static and frizz.


Headband Braid

If you have a fringe or bangs around your face, then braiding your hair to create a headband effect is a great way of keeping your hair in place without damaging it with numerous grips.


Dry Shampoo on Roots

Spray some dry shampoo onto your roots before your workout as a way of soaking up any sweat that may arise. It’s also a great way to give hair a volume boost and to prevent it from looking too flat.


Stop Touching Your Hair

It’s no surprise that during your workout you may want to touch your hair either to sweep sweat away or to re-position your hairstyle, but by doing so, you’re simply spreading the sweat through your hair and making the greasy effect worse – so stop touching your hair!


French Braids

A perfect style, French braids keep your hair in place during your workout, and they create a great wavy style for when you leave the gym.


Hair Hydration

If you’ve worked up a sweat whilst at they gym and don’t have time to wash it afterwards, then you must spritz locks with a hydrating formula. The salt in your sweat can seriously dry out hair, so some dry conditioner is a must-have.

10 top tips for what to do with your hair when you're working out.

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