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Without Sacrificing Values, the Vegan Experience at Emirates Palace Is Pure Luxury
by Lydia Medeiros 5-minute read June 4, 2023

The new vegan experience at Mandarin Oriental Emirates Palace has launched, and it's pure luxury — without compromising on values.

In a world increasingly leaning towards conscious living and veganism, it’s encouraging to see the rise in the number of people choosing to care for our planet. The green wave doesn’t stop at individuals. It’s rolling into the corporate sphere too, with an impressive number of brands adopting eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

We’re witnessing a sea change as respected brands pivot towards sustainability, seamlessly blending environmental stewardship with their operations. From concept to execution, these trendsetters are striking a balance between growth and eco-responsibility. Their commitment reflects our changing times, showcasing a new brand ethos that reciprocates nature’s gifts.

Mandarin Oriental, a name synonymous with sustainability, showcases its unwavering dedication to a greener future with a remarkable initiative — the introduction of the ‘Vegan Experience’ at the iconic Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental, Abu Dhabi. A first (and only) of its kind anywhere in the region, this bold move exemplifies the hotel group’s commitment to eco-friendliness and highlights its forward-thinking approach to redefine luxury hospitality in harmony with the planet.

As more and more luxury travelers seek brands that cater to their conscious living choices, Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental has revolutionized the way these mindful guests can have the best of all worlds. From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, this remarkable offering ensures a lavish getaway without sacrificing values, exemplifying the hotel’s unwavering commitment to providing a truly exceptional and guilt-free experience away from home.


First Impressions

Upon arrival, prepare to be utterly captivated by the breathtaking grandeur of Emirates Palace. The sheer magnitude of this architectural masterpiece will leave you awestruck. As you explore the expansive grounds, be sure to opt for comfortable trainers over heels, as there is much to discover and ample walking awaits you. The meticulously maintained gardens exude an aura of luxury, offering picturesque vistas of the private marina, the pristine white sands of the beach, and the majestic Qasr Al Watan, the Presidential Palace, in the distance.

Mandarin Oriental, which recently took over the property, has flawlessly preserved the essence and storied history of the palace, while seamlessly incorporating essential updates and contemporary touches that have elevated its stature. It’s as if the palace, its dedicated staff, and the entire ambiance have experienced a magnificent rebirth, pulsating with a newfound sense of purpose and vibrancy. The fusion of tradition and modernity creates an enchanting atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your senses.

The Vegan Rooms

The vegan rooms at the Palace are an absolute marvel, surpassing even the grandeur of the establishment itself. We stayed in the King Sea View Vegan Room, accompanied by a connected Kids Room adorned with cozy double beds. The moment we stepped inside, a delightful freshness enveloped us, and the strategic placement of potted green plants created a serene ambiance that immediately instilled a profound sense of tranquility, relaxation, and belonging. The decor, embracing a natural color palette, was further accentuated by gentle hints of deep forest green, lending a truly “green” aura to the space. With hardwood floors spanning the rooms, except for the luxurious marble-clad bathrooms, and an assortment of fresh fruits, vegan delicacies, and treats thoughtfully arranged to greet us upon arrival, our every expectation was exceeded.

What truly set these vegan rooms apart was the unwavering commitment to cruelty-free creation evident in every detail. From the thoughtfully curated snacks and drinks in the minibar to the presence of Votary and Tata Harper amenities in the bathrooms, every single touch (even towels, tissues, robes, slippers, and bedding) is crafted with 100% vegan, sustainable, and eco-friendly materials. Even the cleaning agents utilized by the meticulous housekeeping staff were free from harsh chemicals and derived from plants, ensuring a worry-free environment for both adults and children throughout our stay.

Let’s talk about the sheets — yes, the seemingly mundane linens that stole the show. Try to recollect the softest sensation you’ve ever known, and then go one step beyond that. That’s how we’d encapsulate the feel of the exclusively vegan linens at Emirates Palace. The product of a painstaking 18-month journey to perfection, these sheets offer a sublime touch akin to a gentle wave of liquid silk enveloping your skin. These linens are more than just delightfully soft; they radiate a comforting warmth, so enticing that it prompted our enquiry into their availability for purchase. To our joy, they were indeed for sale.


Farm-to-Table Dining

Under the vigilant supervision of Chef François, accompanied by a friendly peacock stationed like a sentry at the entrance, Mandarin Oriental has established an exquisite organic farm on its premises, providing a bountiful source of fresh herbs and produce for all its distinguished restaurants. As part of the remarkable Vegan Room Experience, we were granted a guided tour through this verdant oasis, where plump eggplants and an array of multi-colored chilis – including a rare purple variety – dangled enticingly from their stalks, ripened to perfection. Sprouting from the fertile soil, we marveled at the vibrant lettuce and kale, teasing us with their promise of succulence just beneath the surface. The entire garden exuded an intoxicating aroma, a harmonious blend of invigorating mint, fragrant basil, and other herbs intermingled with an unmistakable scent of verdant freshness.

Our taste buds were treated to a delightful sampling of freshly squeezed juices, including the pure, refreshing essence of coconut water straight from the husk. However, the true epitome of culinary delight awaited us in the form of a colorful basket brimming with hand-picked ingredients, which magically reappeared on our plates transformed into a gastronomic masterpiece crafted by the Michelin-starred Chef Luigi at Talea. Each bite of the multi-colored salad unleashed a symphony of crispness, unparalleled freshness, and a burst of natural flavors that could only be achieved by ingredients plucked moments ago from the garden. The entire menu offered a testament to Chef Luigi’s creative genius, infusing the vegan dining experience with an unparalleled commitment to sustainability and the finesse of organic farm-to-table cuisine. The memory of this extraordinary culinary journey lingers, leaving an insatiable desire to relish such remarkable flavors regularly.

The Vegan Spa Experience

Immersing ourselves in a truly holistic experience, we indulged in a fully vegan spa retreat. Every aspect of our time at the spa was curated with utmost care, starting from the exclusive use of Tata Harper products. Renowned for a commitment to quality, vegan, organic, and sustainably-made skincare, we were delighted to see one of our favorite planet-conscious brands present.

From the moment we slipped into our vegan robes, nibbled on delectable plant-based snacks, and sipped on soothing herbal teas, we knew that every element of our experience was aligned with our values. The transformative power of Tata Harper’s vegan formulas gently caressed our skin, infusing it with deep hydration and vital minerals. As a result, our entire body felt supple, velvety, and entirely rejuvenated.

During the subsequent facial, our sensitive skin was treated with utmost care. The gentle yet effective exfoliation process left our cheeks smooth and refreshed, while masks enriched with calming herbs worked their magic, replenishing our skin’s natural radiance. The exquisite products used during the facial left us with a luminous glow that lasted throughout the weekend (although the effect of the stay itself shouldn’t be discounted).

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