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Regretting Your Bob? We've Got You Covered
by Mimi Droeshout 3-minute read November 22, 2023

Discover 13 ways to style your bob for those days when it doesn't feel as chic as it did when you first cut it.

The bob haircut, often a symbol of chic sophistication, can sometimes lose its initial luster, sparking doubts about your choice. While short hair is easy to manage and epitomizes elegance, whether your bob was a deliberate choice or an impulsive change, it occasionally needs a rejuvenating twist.

If you're battling a style rut or just looking to invigorate your look, we've got you covered with 15 inventive ways to revamp your bob. These strategies are designed not only to rekindle your love for your hairstyle but also to ensure you step out feeling absolutely stunning, bob and all. Get ready to rekindle your romance with your bob by exploring these fresh, personalized styles — no regrets guaranteed.


Curtain Bangs

 If you're up for a change, a snip of curtain bangs by your trusted stylist can instantly revamp your bob with volume and vibrancy, channeling the effortless cool of Matilda Djerf.


The Wet Look

For an edgy twist, reach for the gel. Style it sleek to highlight your makeup, or opt for a relaxed, tousled look. Different holds let you control the statement you make — sharp and defined or casually slicked back.


Classic Middle Part

Mastering the middle part with a bob may seem daunting, but tuck it behind your ears and add a slight sleek for an incredibly chic, face-framing effect that plays with contrasts.


Accessorize With Clips

Elevate your bob with the strategic use of clips. Go bold with statement pieces that capture the eye, or use subtle bobby pins for a refined look. With endless options, you can even match them to your outfit's palette.


Tie a Scarf

For those days when you're at a loss, a trusty hair scarf offers a swift solution, adding a burst of color and texture. Not only does it shield your hair from UV rays, but a hair scarf also effortlessly transforms your look to match any vibe you desire. Whether styled as a bandana or twisted into your locks, the possibilities are endless. Get creative with your straightener by flicking the ends of your hair in for a 'cupped' bob effect or out for a playful, girlish charm that sits perfectly along your shoulders.


The French Twist

Give your bob a touch of old-school glam with a French twist up-do, perfect for showcasing your favorite earrings — though it's best suited for those with slightly longer bobs, a.k.a. a LOB. 

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Baby Braids

Bring a hint of nonchalance into your look with baby braids along your natural parting — a playful touch for what is typically a more sophisticated hairstyle and a nostalgic nod if you miss the versatility of longer braids.


Half Up/Half Down

Tame any front hair that's not quite cooperating with a chic half up/half down style, secured by an elegant hair clip. This simple yet stylish solution lets you accessorize while keeping your hair neatly in place, perfect for a polished look with minimal effort.


The Bold Hairband

Make a statement with a bold headband that complements your outfit. It draws attention to your hair, with the headband likely becoming the star of the show — think embellishments, unique materials, or a headband with volume.


Baseball Cap

For those 'hair won't cooperate' days, a baseball cap is your savior. It's the ultimate cool-girl staple for days when your hair isn't freshly washed, and you've got errands to run (and no time to fuss over your locks).


Top Knot

A topknot is ideal for adding depth to naturally curly hair, framing your face beautifully and bringing dimension to your look.


Slick It Back

Don't shy away from the sleek elegance of a slick bun. Smooth any bumps with a dense brush and use just a dab of gel or wax for a refined, pulled-back style.


Straight & Sleek

Embody the ultimate French-girl chic look with a perfectly straightened bob, and for an extra touch of je ne sais quoi, finish with a hair oil for a glossy sheen that catches the light with every turn.

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