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Say Yes to the Rented Dress: The Best Wardrobe Rentals in Dubai
by Savoir Flair 4-minute read April 18, 2024

Here's everything you need to know about the sustainable service that is kinder to both your wallet and the environment.


When you live in a fast-paced and glamorous city like Dubai, there is always something to do, someplace to be, and yet another outfit to be worn. Even the most seasoned stylists, at times, might run out of ideas to style their wardrobes, leading us through a retail rabbit hole that ends with hitting 'Add to Cart' more often than most of us will admit. What happens when that outfit, which was perfect for a specific occasion, doesn't really fit into your daily wardrobe? It just gets moved to the depths of your closet, never to see the light of day again. If only there was a way to look fabulous at social engagements without draining the bank every time you find yourself in a sartorial crisis. Well, there is. And it is kinder, not only to your wallet but also to the planet.

Enter: Wardrobe Rentals.

Remember those days back in high school and university when you and your bestie frequently raided each others' closets to put together the perfect outfit? Wardrobe rentals are somewhat similar, except in this situation, your bestie is literally every other woman who pledged to do her bit for the planet and its people by sharing her wardrobe. Sure, wardrobe rentals do stock their own inventories, but a whole lot of it also comes from people offering their wardrobes – or the least used pieces therein – for rent. This means you can, quite literally, take a walk in someone else's shoes. Or better yet, remember that dress that ended up at the back of your closet after you rocked it that one time? Well, it's time to find it and put it up for rent.

Wardrobe rentals allow you to live the celebrity life where you can flaunt stunning outfits – whether it is at a wedding, a night out, or on vacation – sans commitment. This is incredible news, especially when it comes to occasionwear that is notoriously difficult to store, steam, and dry clean.

Ready to rent your way through town? Here are the best wardrobe rentals in Dubai.



The Hour Dress

After a successful six-year-long tenure in Lebanon, The Hour Dress has earned a reputation as the leading wardrobe rental in the country, trusted even by celebrities. Taking an international leap, The Hour Dress has now landed in Dubai with its fabulous inventory in tow. Dubai residents can now engineer their very own red carpet moment by browsing through The Hour Dress' massive collection of evening gowns and bridal dresses without breaking the bank.

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One of the biggest and key players in the wardrobe rental market in the region, D24 empowers women to rent their dream outfits, from their first prom dress to their bridal ensemble. Providing women across the UAE, Jordan, and Lebanon access to an endless dream closet, D24 offers its clients a styling service, a try-at-home option, free express delivery, and free dry cleaning. Stocking up a wide variety of brands ranging over several price brackets and aesthetics, D24 truly has something for everyone.

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Launched by the visionary duo, Mish and Shane, RNTD emerges from the heart of Dubai as a pioneering fashion rental platform, redefining our approach to wardrobe selection. Catering to every conceivable event, from enchanting weddings and laid-back holidays to everyday elegance and romantic evenings, RNTD is your ultimate destination for crafting Instagram-worthy ensembles that promise to captivate. Explore RNTD's curated collection for your next statement piece.


SW One

Want to feel like an actual celebrity? SW One is just the place for you, then. Not only can you rent luxury clothes and bridal gowns, but SW One also offers a beauty makeover to go with your ensemble, making it the one-stop destination for pre-event glam.



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