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Vision Meets Legacy: Gregoris Pyrpylis Unveils Hermès's First Eyeshadow Line
by Haleh Nia 5-minute read November 26, 2023

Makeup artist Gregoris Pyrpylis, recently announced as the Creative Director of Hermès Beauty, has his eye on the prize.


In the realm of beauty, innovation is often inspired by heritage, and when Gregoris Pyrpylis joined Hermès as Creative Director of Beauty, he was poised to weave a fresh narrative into the storied tapestry of the brand. Renowned for his artistry, Pyrpylis brought with him a profound respect for tradition paired with a vision to push boundaries. It's no wonder his arrival at Hermès was met with anticipation; a beauty line from such a house promises to be nothing short of extraordinary.

Pyrpylis's ascension to the pantheon of beauty greats is a narrative marked by a confluence of raw talent and an unwavering commitment to artistry. With 16 years under his belt as a makeup artist, Pyrpylis has painted faces with the finesse of a master, each stroke a testament to his philosophy that beauty should inspire yet never intimidate. His journey, a blend of creativity and exploration, has been a vibrant testament to a career built on challenging the status quo of makeup.


Before stepping into the hallowed halls of Hermès, Pyrpylis honed his craft with precision and an eye for the transformative power of makeup. It is this storied background that he brought to Hermès, a brand where his ethos of blending comfort with beauty could take physical form.

"It’s a very emotional moment for me to introduce this eye collection," Pyrpylis shares with Savoir Flair, reflecting on his journey. His deep reverence for Hermès is palpable. "A house of objects, a house of color, a house of design but above all, a house of beauty," he describes. The launch of the beauty métier is a testament to the brand's ethos of comfort, beauty, and timelessness — principles embedded in Hermès’ DNA since Thierry Hermès first established the brand in 1837.

Delving into the brand's 16 different métiers, Pyrpylis's arrival at Hermès was akin to a homecoming — a place where his artistry could thrive amidst a legacy of crafting objects that marry function with aesthetic pleasure. "It's been, as you may imagine, an absolute honor to be working in a house with such a long history," Pyrpylis reflects. His role led him to the Hermès archives, a treasure trove of inspiration. "Me being able to dive into the archives of the silk métier or the leather métier, it really is a new world," he shares with the excitement of an explorer uncovering hidden gems. "Hermès is a world on its own," he says. "It's a whole universe." This universe served as the fertile ground from which the new eyeshadow line emerged.


Pyrpylis likens eyeshadows to the changing character of shadows in nature, highlighting the importance of texture and lightness that allows for customization. "For me, when I thought of creating the eye collection, I would never have chosen something that is fully pigmented and heavy on the skin," he emphasizes, underscoring the desire for the collection to be consumer-friendly and comfortable.

The eyeshadows boast a range from 72 to 98% ingredients of natural origin, reflecting Pyrpylis's commitment to formulas respectful to consumers. Each palette offers satin, matte, and iridescent finishes, inviting creativity and expression.

True to Hermès’s heritage, the eyeshadows evoke elements of nature and emotion. Pyrpylis shares a poignant memory of a sunset in Milos, Greece, that inspired one of the palettes. The collection is a kaleidoscope of experiences, from the tranquility after a storm to the vibrant hues of a seaside sunset. "You know, there are moments in life that just really stick into your mind," he muses, underscoring the deep well of inspiration from which he draws.

Not just focused on the shadows, the collection includes a meticulously designed mascara, a nod to the brand's expertise in color. "The mascara on the eyes is such an essential gesture, just like the line in a drawing," Pyrpylis asserts. "It has to be very pure and very precise to be appreciated."

Accompanying the color products are new brushes with a lacquered wooden handle, designed for versatility and ease. The tools, like the colors, embody the essence of Hermès — expertise, functionality, and understated elegance.


Pyrpylis's approach to makeup is refreshingly unorthodox. "I am the kind of person who chose to become a makeup artist and play with color because I don't like rules," he states. This philosophy infuses the entire line, encouraging users to experiment and personalize their looks.

It's clear that Pyrpylis has not only respected the legacy upon which he builds but has also imbued it with a spirit of playful sophistication and innovation. This collection is not just makeup; it's an invitation to experience the Hermès universe through a new lens, to see color and beauty with a reawakened gaze.





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