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Vacheron Constantin's Suite 1755 Returns to the Mandarin Oriental Dubai
by Savoir Flair 3-minute read November 27, 2023

Unveiling elegance in every tick, Vacheron Constantin crafts stories, not just timepieces.

In the world of haute horlogerie, few names resonate with the prestige and heritage of Vacheron Constantin. With the unveiling of the Les Cabinotiers — Récits de Voyages collection at Suite 1755 in the Mandarin Oriental, Dubai, the esteemed watchmaker transcends conventional boundaries of watchmaking. 

Savoir Flair takes you through the intricate details of the collection, exploring the fusion of art, culture, and horological excellence. We will journey through Suite 1755, a confluence of Middle Eastern design and the Maison’s heritage, and highlight the remarkable creations, including the Tribute to Art Deco style and Tribute to Arabesque, each a testament to Vacheron Constantin’s enduring spirit of innovation.

Suite 1755: A Confluence of Heritage and Design

Suite 1755, situated in the Mandarin Oriental, Dubai, is a significant representation of Vacheron Constantin’s rich heritage in watchmaking, combined with the artistic traditions of the Middle East. The space prominently features a bespoke Vacheron Constantin moucharabieh, integrating traditional Middle Eastern design elements. It functions not only as a showcase for the brand’s renowned timepieces but also as an educational hub for collectors and horology enthusiasts. The suite, commemorating the Maison’s inception in 1755, offers a luxurious setting that encapsulates the brand's historical journey.

The interior of Suite 1755, curated by Emirati designer Aljoud Lootah, reflects a blend of sophistication and cultural elegance. Set against the backdrop of the Arabian Gulf, the suite offers stunning seafront views, enhancing the visitor’s experience. This Dubai location serves as a modern interpretation of Vacheron Constantin’s universe and stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to nurturing long-standing relationships with its patrons.


Les Cabinotiers Minute Repeater Tourbillon – Tribute to Arabesque

The Tribute to Arabesque watch is a masterpiece that marries the intricate arabesque patterns of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque with the Maison’s watchmaking prowess. It features the in-house Calibre 2755 TMR, integrating a tourbillon and minute repeater. This unique 44mm gold timepiece is a testament to Vacheron Constantin's dedication to art and culture, showcasing master engraving that reflects the intricate decorations of the famed Abu Dhabi mosque.


Les Cabinotiers Minute Repeater Tourbillon – Tribute to Art Deco Style

The Les Cabinotiers Minute Repeater Tourbillon – Tribute to Art Deco style watch by Vacheron Constantin is a tribute to the brand's historical ties with America, especially the architectural evolution of New York in the early 20th century. This timepiece reflects the Art Deco style prevalent in skyscrapers like the Chrysler Building, utilizing wood marquetry and champlevé techniques for its dial, which required meticulous work with 110 small wood veneers. The watch features an 18-karat pink-gold case adorned with herringbone motifs, a ‘pearl’ minutes track, and 11 diamond hour-markers. This model, bearing the Hallmark of Geneva, showcases the fusion of craftsmanship and the iconic design of the Roaring Twenties, housed in a 44mm diameter case and paired with an engraved alligator leather strap.


Les Cabinotiers Grisaille High Jewellery – Dragon

Paying homage to the brand's longstanding trade relations with China, this exceptional timepiece features a dial with a green grisaille enamel imperial dragon, a first for the Maison. Set in a white-gold case adorned with 146 baguette-cut diamonds and powered by the self-winding Calibre 1120, this watch combines Vacheron Constantin's horological excellence with the symbolic Chinese dragon, offering a blend of luxury and mythology.


Les Cabinotiers Memorable Places Models

These four single-piece models celebrate Vacheron Constantin's expansion into Europe and Asia. Each timepiece, representing landmarks like Angkor Thom and the Confucius Temple, is crafted with micro-sculpting and engraving on gold plates. The intricate dials, showcasing the brand's artistic versatility, are powered by the ultra-thin Calibre 1120, marking the Maison's historic ties with these regions.


Les Cabinotiers Malte Tourbillon – Tribute to Haussmannian Style

Inspired by Parisian Haussmannian architecture, this tonneau-shaped watch in 18K pink gold features an engraved Calibre 2790 SQ. It pays homage to the late 19th-century urban transformation of Paris, with motifs reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower. This timepiece represents the brand's artistic vision and technical mastery, symbolizing a significant era in French history.


Les Cabinotiers Armillary Tourbillon – Tribute to Art Deco Style

Representing the Americas, this timepiece is powered by the in-house Calibre 1990 and showcases intricate Art Deco-inspired engravings. The open architecture of the movement allows for detailed finishing, and the dual-axis armillary tourbillon adds a touch of technical brilliance. This watch embodies the spirit of American Art Deco, echoing the aesthetic of New York skyscrapers.

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