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4 Sustainable Homegrown Brands That Make It Super Easy to Be Green
by Jana Shakhashir 2-minute read February 23, 2023

It's time to scrub up on the impact of home-care products on our health and the planet.

We use home care products every day – disinfectant sprays, toilet paper, laundry detergent, sanitizers – without giving them a second thought. But how much do we know about what they are doing to our bodies and our planet? These products are made to keep our spaces clean, but they are full of chemicals that could be harmful to our family’s health and the well-being of the Earth. Endless studies have shown that daily exposure to the chemicals in home care products can cause severe health problems, not to mention their impact on the environment.

From anti-fast fashion pledges to clean beauty platforms, we have reached such a high level of awareness about the products we buy, use, and consume over the last few years in the Middle East. We can now apply this knowledge to other industries and become more mindful in every way we shop. The clean beauty market is expected to dominate the beauty and skincare industry this year, and sustainable home care is set to follow suit.

The next time you stock up on home care products, consider these UAE-made sustainable, natural home care brands that are kind to our health and our planet.



The toilet paper industry cuts down 27,000 trees every single day, contributing to 15 percent of total global deforestation. We don't usually consider toilet paper when looking for eco-friendly alternatives to products we use every day. One reason being that the idea of reusable toilet paper is horrifying, and another reason is that we didn't know there could be a more sustainable option. Until we found Bambuyu. Sahar and Ali were shocked by the environmental impact of toilet paper and decided to switch to tree-free toilet paper to help offset their carbon footprint. When they couldn't find the eco-friendly toilet paper they were looking for, they made their own out of bamboo. They were determined to find a raw material that was sustainable and renewable while feeling soft and absorbent, and bamboo ticked all of those boxes. Bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree, so it grows back naturally after harvest. It also grows 30 times faster than trees, produces 35 percent more oxygen than a tree of a similar size, has natural antibacterial properties, and is naturally hypoallergenic. By using bamboo to make toilet paper, Bambuyu is actively slowing down deforestation and contributing to the conservation of the Earth's natural resources.


The Botanist

The Botanist founders Ruby and Simona believe that everyday products we use to clean our homes have an immense effect on our health and on the environment. After struggling to find natural home cleaning products in Dubai, they took matters into their own hands. They researched, looked all the way back to the origins of household cleaning products, consulted their grandmas, and found the answer in nature. And simplicity. The Botanist provides plant-based, chemical-free home cleaning products, made with fresh and therapeutic essential oils. “The kind where you don’t have to think twice about putting food on your kitchen top, can enjoy walking barefoot on the floor right after cleaning it, and let your kids crawl on the floor without worrying about what they’re being exposed to.” They keep your space clean and hygienic, without the baggage, and they're made in refillable glass bottles that are so elegant that you'll actually want to put your cleaning products on display, not tucked away under the kitchen sink.


Paws on Grass

Ayesha and Ali were searching for a hygienic potty spot for their fur baby, Pixel, who was used to having her own patch of grass back in Toronto. After struggling to find a solution when they moved to Dubai, the paw-parents decided to create their own grass patch that they would switch out weekly. And just like that, Paws on Grass was born. The service delivers fresh grass to your doorstep on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, not only providing your fur baby with a potty spot that's hygienic and instinctive for them but also doing what's best for the Earth. With Paws on Grass, we can get rid of wasteful pee pads and artificial plastic grass, and instead opt for an eco-friendly disposable solution for paw parents with busy schedules.


Rooted Regimen

Plant-based home care brand Rooted Regimen was created out of necessity when founders Bassem and Soraya Sawan tried to find cures to their seemingly never-ending health issues — from allergies and migraine to infertility — that can be directly attributed to harmful ingredients found in everyday home and personal care products, including those labeled with buzz words like “non toxic” and “natural”.

The Sawans made it their mission to create a home care solution that is both effective and safe. Developed in partnership with a world-class R&D laboratory in the UK, Rooted Regimen’s products are 100 percent plant- and mineral-based, hypoallergenic, and effective against the toughest laundry, dishwashing, and cleaning jobs. First-time customers are encouraged to purchase the starter kit that comes with five refillable bottles and the ‘All-In-One Concentrate’. Each bottle has easy-to-follow lines to guide you on how to mix the formula, depending on the purpose. With this simple process, you can reduce single-use plastic consumption by 90 percent, while also reducing clutter and spending significantly less.

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