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A Historical Tapestry: Chanel's High Jewelry Tweed de Chanel Collection

by Savoir Flair 3-minute read January 19, 2024

Discover how humble, woolly tweed fabric became the inspiration for a mind-blowing high jewelry collection.


The allure of Chanel's tweed is eternal, and it has been interpreted masterfully by Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the Chanel Fine Jewelry Creation Studio. It was the ultimate challenge to take the rich, dense, and complex fabric of tweed and transform it into high jewelry pieces. Savoir Flair’s latest editorial captures not only the beauty but also the exquisite complexity of Tweed de Chanel High Jewelry, and marries it with the heritage of the house.

It was alongside the River Tweed, with its rushing currents and rugged charm, that Mademoiselle Gabrielle Coco” Chanel's affinity for tweed was first kindled. This woolen fabric, named after the river, held qualities she adored: natural, uncombed textures, the softness of carded wool, and poetically rustic irregularities. On long walks with the Duke of Westminster along the River Tweed, she found inspiration everywhere she looked. The hues of her first tweed creations mirrored the Scottish countryside, inspired by the elements - leaves, moss, earth - she gathered during her walks. It’s hard not to read romanticism into this moment of discovery, this act of falling in love with what would become a towering pillar of her maison in the years that followed. 

By 1924, Chanel was collaborating with a Scottish factory, injecting her unique palette into the traditional tweed. Those natural inspirations were masterfully translated into the textiles, with Chanel adding vibrant threads of red and violet, enlivening the traditional browns of tweed.

Chanel High Jewelry Tweed Byzance ring

Chanel High Jewelry Tweed Gabrielle ring

Chanel High Jewelry Tweed Icône Lion ring 


Chanel High Jewelry Tweed Chaine ring


Chanel High Jewelry, Tweed Cordage necklace, earrings and ring.


In our beautiful editorial, we capture the essence of the River Tweed, using the same elements that Chanel herself used to gather on her walks. Moss, stones, branches, and thistles not only mirror the wonderful textures of the high jewelry collection, but pay subtle homage to its origin story. 

Chanel High Jewelry Tweed Ruban necklace

Chanel High Jewelry Tweed de Chanel earrings

Chanel High Jewelry Tweed Solaire necklace and Tweed Cordage earrings


Chanel High Jewelry, Tweed Lion brooch


Chanel High Jewelry, Tweed Chaîne bracelet


This collection is a tribute to the harmony between nature and jewelry, a testament to Chanel's ability to capture the essence of the Scottish outdoors and translate it into timeless elegance. The narrative woven from the threads of Chanel’s history is a tribute to the spirit of Coco Chanel, one that continues to guide and inspire the house to this day, and a celebration of something that transcends generations, proving once again that Chanel is inherent to its legacy in all forms. 

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