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The Weekend Guide
An Exclusive Botero Exhibit, An Oktoberfest to Remember, and More
by Lydia Medeiros 3-minute read September 28, 2023

It's the weekend, and we're here to save you from the clutches of indecision by giving you all the best events happening around the city. You're welcome.


The Art Exhibit of the Week

Opera Gallery in Atlantis The Royal has opened its doors to a unique and one-of-a-kind exhibit. Two weeks ago, the world mourned the loss of the renowned, beloved, and extraordinary Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero. But this week, his playful, voluminous creations live on. Step into his world, where vibrant colors and grand forms invite you to see life in a new light, reminding us to embrace the joy of existence and its endless possibilities.

news_item SOTHEBY'S

The (Other) Art Event of the Week

Speaking of art, Sotheby's in DIFC is displaying Picasso's renowned masterpiece—an extremely rare 1932 portrait of his mistress, Marie-Thérèse Walter, entitled "Femme à la Montre." It will be on display for a very short time before it is whisked away first to Hong Kong, then London, and finally New York City, where it will be auctioned off in November. If his previous works of this particular mistress are any indication, it's expected to fetch more than $120 million.

news_item CHUAN

The Festival of the Week

Have you heard of the Mid-Autumn Festival? It's not just another calendar event – it's an OG Chinese celebration that's been lighting up nights for over 3,000 years. Rolling in on September 29th this year, consider it the ultimate moonlit family reunion. Naturally, we're bringing the gang to Chuan, one of our favorite Chinese restaurants in Dubai. Mooncakes are the stars of the show, and Chuan is offering a range of mooncake selections, from traditional Cantonese styles with flavors like red bean jam and lotus seed to modern pastel-hued remixes with notes of mango, matcha, and a hint of rose. They even have gluten-free and low-sugar options for the health-conscious among us.

news_item ERNST

The Oktoberfest of the Week

Prepare your Lederhosen and Dirndls, because Oktoberfest, Germany's biggest festival, is back at Ernst Biergarten at the 25hours Hotel in One Central. This unique Bavarian Oktoberfest experience in Dubai takes place every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the entire month. Trust us when we say it's the party of the season. Five different Oktoberfest bands from Germany are being flown in, and a resident DJ will keep the party going after 10 pm. There's even a new games corner this year, and of course, all of your favorite German foods and drinks. Prost!


The Feel Good Event of the Week

The Museum of the Future is hosting a full weekend of workshops and talks at the inaugural Climate Future Week. It's free and open to the public, and we can't wait to get in a room with like-minded, climate-conscious people and be inspired to take action and plan the next steps. The future is in our hands, and there is (quite literally) no time but the present to start facilitating and implementing life-changing strategies.


The Concert of the Week

If you are unfamiliar with the Brazilian sounds of Samba and Bossa Nova, allow us to introduce you to Gilberto Gil, a music legend and cultural icon. His socially conscious lyrics and unique musical style have made him a beloved figure in the music world, and his influence extends far beyond Brazil's borders. More to the point, this stop in Dubai is part of Gil's 'Aquele Abraço Tour,' his farewell tour, and it's taking place at the Dubai Opera. If you have never seen him live, it would be a shame to miss one of the last opportunities to witness the inspiration behind so many of your favorite modern musicians.

news_item QUA SPA

The Spa of the Week

Head to Qua Spa on Bluewaters Island for a spa day with your BFF. They're catering to besties this month, offering experiences that include treatments, afternoon tea, and some much-needed downtime with the person who knows you best. After indulging in all the frills, you can lounge at Neptune Pool and Beach. And if that doesn't sound perfect to you, you could always just work the weekend.

news_item @BOCADUBAI

The New Menu of the Week

If there's one thing we love, it's a business that puts its money where its mouth is, backing up sustainability statements with action (and receipts to prove it). But what we adore even more is when it's paired with a serving of our favorite, delectable food (because, honestly, food is the way to our hearts). Michelin Green-starred BOCA has just unveiled its new menu, a must-try for every food lover in Dubai. Picture the flavors of Spain, but sourced locally, regionally, and most importantly, responsibly. Pure gold. Food just tastes better when you feel good about what you're eating.

news_item @GIMI.DXB

The New Restaurant of the Week

Over at Al Wasl Vita Mall, GIMI is quietly setting the scene for Dubai's next go-to dining spot. Think tried-and-true Asian classics like bibimbap, but with a GIMI twist, and tteokbokki that might just become your new favorite. But don't skip dessert; the black yuzu cheesecake with its strawberry mochi sidekick is worth every bite. The setting? Understated cool with ambient lighting and a subtle red neon sign – perfect for a low-key Insta shot. GIMI feels like where traditional Asian meets modern Dubai.

news_item @MIMIKAKUSHI

The Brunch of the Week

It's time to transport back to 1920s Japan as Mimi Kakushi has revamped its Saturday and Sunday brunch. From savory morsels to decadent desserts, it promises an unforgettable dining affair. The vibes? Chic and sultry. The food? Tantalizing. As for the date... well, that's on you.

news_item KARAK

The Creative Evening of the Week

Got a knack for the artsy, the flashy, or just about anything creative? KARAK is serving up a night of art, fashion, and tunes at Hudson Tavern that's a little less board meeting and a lot more electric avenue. Picture this: passionate talks from big-name fashion photographers, live jams that will make you rethink your Spotify playlists, and local brands showing off the kind of stuff you'd want to 'gram immediately. And if you're hoping to network, think of this as your LinkedIn but with more dance breaks, courtesy of some catchy DJ sets. Whether you're a rookie content creator, a veteran stylist, or just someone who likes good vibes, this event is your jam.

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