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The Weekend Guide
Our Palestinian Community, Arab Cinema Week, and More
by Savoir Flair 5-minute read October 12, 2023

It's the weekend, and we're here to save you from the clutches of indecision by giving you all the best events happening around the city. You're welcome.


The One for Our Community

Korba is a community passionate about preserving and celebrating Palestinian culture and is a place to connect with others hoping to learn more about Palestinian traditions, people, and food. This weekend, we are all heavy-hearted about what is happening in our world.

"Korba won’t be about dancing and celebrating. Korba is a cultural event that brings people around topics, poetry, discussions, break-out circles, calm cultural songs, podcasts, and most importantly to mourn and try to heal. It is a time for the community to come together in support and compassion," Rania, the owner of Kave (where Korba takes place), tells us. "There is power in unity and that power is healing when you see that you are not going through this alone. Throughout the two days, we will be extremely respectful of the ongoing situation and the lives that are being lost... Our doors will be open to hold that space because we are doing this for you and for Palestine."

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The Cultural Event of the Week

It's the final weekend to make your way to Cinema Akil, the UAE's only independent cinema, to catch Arab Cinema Week Volume 2. Curated by Rabih El-Khoury, this annual event showcases a diverse array of Arab narrative and documentary features and shorts, focusing on the theme of "Human Bonds" this year. With Q&A sessions featuring prominent filmmakers and a rich lineup of films from across the Arab world, including Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, and Palestine, Arab Cinema Week Volume 2 is an engaging cinematic journey and the go-to destination for film enthusiasts this weekend.

news_item ARMANI/CAFFE

The New Opening of the Week

The must-visit new opening this weekend is Armani/Caffè, the latest addition to Giorgio Armani's collection of international dining venues at Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall. This chic establishment, situated on the ground floor, reinterprets Italian pavement café culture with a contemporary twist. With an inviting open-plan layout, a sophisticated Italian ambiance, and a thoughtfully curated menu offering everything from morning pastries and healthy breakfasts to indulgent main courses and signature desserts, Armani/Caffè promises to be a favored spot for local residents and international visitors to gather, socialize, and enjoy the stylish surroundings.

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The Girls' Night Out of the Week

Calling all sushi lovers and stargazers — it's time to make your Friday plans a bit more international. OANJO, where Portuguese passion meets Japanese precision, is reeling you in with an All-You-Can-Eat sushi night. Picture unlimited sushi with a Portuguese-Japanese spin, plus Dubai's iconic skyline wrapping around you like the fanciest wallpaper. And let's be real: with those cityscape views, every bite is basically a photo op. 

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