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The Second Act: Kylie Jenner Makes Her Fashion Move With KHY, Her New Clothing Label
by Mimi Droeshout 3-minute read October 26, 2023

Kylie Jenner has long been a master of metamorphosis, and her latest venture, a fashion label called KHY, marks her constant evolution. 

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Kylie Jenner is no stranger to the power of reinvention, and this time around she's channeling that transformative energy into KHY, her newly minted fashion brand. 

Although she consciously steered away from the runway — eschewing the model path that sister Kendall so seamlessly took — Kylie has nonetheless become a significant pulse within the high-fashion world. Kylie built her billion-dollar empire on the back of Kylie Cosmetics, the beauty brand that became a household name with lip kits (and has since expanded into a full range of makeup and skincare products). With KHY, she enters a market already buzzing with anticipation for her unique stylistic insights. The synergy between beauty and fashion is undeniable, and if anyone can navigate these intersecting spheres with finesse, it's Jenner.

Of course, KHY is not Jenner's first foray into fashion; many will recall the Kendall & Kylie brand, aimed at a younger demographic and sold in mass-retail stores like PacSun and Walmart. KHY, however, is a departure, both in its target market and its ambitions. Partnering with her mother Kris Jenner, as well as Jens and Emma Grede of Popular Culture (the brains behind the success of Skims) the brand aims to offer an assortment of wardrobe essentials and “investment pieces” that echo Kylie's own evolving style. In a conversation with Wall Street Journal, she characterized KHY as "King Kylie — who I am at my core," harkening back to her iconic Tumblr days when her aesthetic became the stuff of social media legend.

The influencer-turned-entrepreneur unveiled the news quietly but significantly, soft-launching the brand via an Instagram post on October 24th. Seated on a plush, carpeted floor, wearing a striking faux-leather trench coat, Kylie looked every bit the fashion icon we’ve come to admire. The caption, a succinct “Meet Khy,” beckoned her followers to the brand’s official Instagram page. Within less than 24 hours, tens of thousands had already heeded the call, underscoring the undeniable magnetism of the Kardashian-Jenner brand. Kylie’s in particular.

KHY promises to be a blend of Kylie's multifaceted style persona, from wardrobe basics to collaborations with guest designers. The first collab kicks off with Berlin-based, gender-neutral brand Namilia, founded by Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl. Reportedly, the collection’s pricing is capped at $200 per clothing item.

Kylie Jenner's KHY will go live on November 1, available exclusively on the brand's website, Those keen on being among the first to shop can sign up for early access.

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