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Everything We Know About Bella Hadid's New Cowboy Beau
by Lydia Medeiros 5-minute read October 22, 2023

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Bella Hadid's New Beau is a Cowboy, Y'all

Bella Hadid was spotted canoodling with a cowboy in Texas last week. Not much is known about Adan Banuelos, a horse-riding superstar (even if he is virtually unknown to the fashion industry), except that he is a national cutting champion – a western equestrian sport that tests a horse and rider's skills in herding cattle, the youngest inductee to the National Cutting Horse Association Riders Hall of Fame, as well as a highly sought-after horse and rider trainer. Banuelos comes from a long line of Mexican-American cowboys, and he's basically cowboy royalty himself. No one knows how the two met, but the Victoria's Secret model took a break from her modeling career earlier this year to focus on her health and has always had a fondness for horses and equestrian sports. Hadid has recently been posting several images with her horses, show jumping, and even one surreptitious one of her holding a popular Mexican beverage, Jarritos. But honestly, the most important thing here is that Bella saved a horse somewhere out there, and we're so happy for him.


Forget the Beach. Gigi Hadid Prefers Long Walks in the Rain

Speaking of the love lives of our favorite Palestinian sisters, Gigi Hadid seems to have wrangled herself a Bradley Cooper. The pair were spotted together again this weekend, enjoying a long walk in the rain in New York City. The 28-year-old model and 48-year-old Oscar nominee were first linked together earlier this month when they were seen dining at the West Village's hottest Italian restaurant, Via Carota. Yes, that Via Carota – the same Via Carota where Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner had a Moms-Night-Out a few weeks ago after Turner separated from her husband, Joe Jonas. The same Via Carota where Swift went after her breakup with Joe Alwyn. Well-played, Cooper. Always remember it this way.


First Jada, Now Meryl Streep?

What is the deal with all the secret separations? First, we find out that Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith have been separated for seven years without anyone knowing (except Chris Rock, apparently). Now we find out that Meryl Streep has also been separated from her husband, Don Gummer, for over six years with no one the wiser, and well, we don't know what to believe in anymore. I guess now that we think about it, we haven't seen Gummer as Streep's plus one since the 2018 Oscars, but those two are notoriously quiet about their relationship. Perhaps this is why we still feel slightly off-kilter with this news of yet another Cupid fail. Gummer and Streep got married in 1978, six months after being introduced to each other by Streep's brother (and shortly after the death of her fiancé, John Cazale). Hollywood couples tend to have short life spans, but we didn't think the Curse of the Silver Screen would come for those two stalwarts of love. If we find out tomorrow that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been keeping secrets from us too, though, we will not go silently into the night.


SAG Strike Vs. Halloween

SAG-AFTRA has been on strike for almost 100 days after several failed attempts at a deal with the AMPTP. However, its recent ban went too far for some actors to support. In a since-deleted post, SAG-AFTRA advised its members that no one should wear costumes featuring characters from struck work or franchises this Halloween – i.e., no Marvel superheroes, no Wednesday Addams, no Barbie. Several celebrities, such as Mandy Moore and Melissa Gilbert, responded with frustration to such a petty tactic, suggesting it was more essential to broker a deal so actors could return to work than to police a holiday. Personally, we appreciated the way father-of-four Ryan Reynolds responded: "I look forward to screaming “scab” at my 8-year-old all night. She’s not in the union, but she needs to learn."

SAG-AFTRA has since clarified that this new rule does not apply to anyone's kids. And that is how Deadpool won Halloween.


Emily Blunt Apologizes for Fat-Shaming Comments

An old interview from 2012 with Emily Blunt and Jonathan Ross has resurfaced causing the Devil Wears Prada actress to come under quite a bit of criticism for some, well, horrible comments she made about an American waitress serving her at Chili's. During the interview, when Ross learned she had eaten at a local Chili's while filming Looper, he said "If you go to Chili's, you can see why so many of our American friends are enormous" to which Blunt replied, "Well, the girl who was serving me was enormous. I think she got freebie meals at Chili's."

"I just need to address this head-on, as my jaw was on the floor watching this clip from 11 years ago," Blunt has stated in response to the video. "I'm appalled that I would say something so insensitive, hurtful, and unrelated to whatever story I was trying to tell on a talk show. I've always considered myself someone who wouldn't dream of upsetting anyone, so whatever possessed me to say anything like this in that moment is unrecognizable to me or anything I stand for. And yet it happened, and I said it, and I'm so sorry for any hurt caused. I was absolutely old enough to know better."


Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly Sing Happy Birthday to Snoop Dogg

On Saturday, during the Best Night of Your Life 2 benefit show, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly surprised Snoop Dogg with a little birthday celebration and serenade for the 52-year-old rapper. Wheeling a three-tiered birthday cake on stage, the Step Brothers led the audience in a heartfelt rendition of "Happy Birthday" while Snoop Dogg took advantage of his birthday candles for his own recreational purposes. Later, he posted a video, taken from backstage before the cake was wheeled out, in which he said his brothers surprised him. If they're open to adopting any sisters, we'd like to know how to apply. Asking for a friend.

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Fo' Shiz, Fo' Shiz.

If you haven't the clip of Michelle Williams imitating Britney Spears imitating former boyfriend Justin Timberlake talking in a Blaccent trying to impress Ginuwine in the audiobook version of Spears' memoir The Woman In Me, you haven't lived. "Fo' shiz, fo' shiz" is living rent-free in our minds right now, and could someone please give Williams a Grammy for her perfect rendition of this cringefest? Unsurprisingly, Timberlake cannot be reached for comment [insert nail painting emoji here].

In all seriousness, though, while juicy and entertaining, Spears' memoir is eye-opening regarding what a "slave for you" she truly was during her conservatorship and how important it is to let women tell their own stories – especially those who have been controlled and manipulated by the media, their own family, and everyone else leeching off their talent and fame. In the book, Spears says she isn't interested in pursuing music right now because she wants to find out who she is and heal from all of the trauma she has endured. “I keep getting asked when I’m going to put on shows again. I confess that I’m struggling with that question," she writes. "I’m enjoying dancing and singing the way I used to when I was younger and not trying to do it for my family’s benefit, not trying to get something, but doing it for me and for my genuine love for it." Preach, Britney. 

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OMG. She's Talking To Us!

Beyoncé has dropped a new video on her Instagram, and the Beyhive is going crazy. This is not just a shot of her incredible fashion or a video of her in concert. Oh no, Queen Bey is looking at the camera and talking to us like old friends as she unboxes her new perfume Ce Noir like the influential woman that she is. And okay, we may have already spent a fortune shelling out for tickets to her Renaissance tour, but honestly, at this point, just take all our money. 

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