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Dear Men, Pete Davidson Hosted SNL, and We Hope This Answers Your Questions
by Lydia Medeiros 5-minute read October 16, 2023

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He's Just Pete (Davidson)

Pete Davidson returned to his alma mater, Saturday Night Live, this past weekend, and well, we hope this clears up the whole "why do beautiful women keep falling for him" question. First, he made us laugh, and then he got real, talking about world news while sharing a vulnerable story about his childhood. He reminded us of the power of comedy during dark times, and then gave us "I'm Just Pete," a Barbie-inspired parody of himself featuring every disparaging and scintillating headline and character flaw he's ever had dissected under the judgmental eyes of 8 billion people. He turned his failures into strengths, and by the end, we all thought he was relatable, funny, a nice guy, and very hot in that raccoon-eyed, broken-bad-boy-that-needs-love kind of way, and oh dear God, we've fallen for it again.


Britney is Telling Her Story and Y'all Better Be Ready

Britney Spears did an exclusive interview ahead of her bombshell memoir, The Woman in Me, which is dropping next week, sharing some shocking and never-before-heard truths. And if this interview indicates what we can expect from the book, let's just say, when we say bombshell, we mean there is a contingency of people (not mentioning any names, but they know who they are) bracing themselves for the revenge of a woman who, at the age of 16, was forced to ask a guy who left her lonely to show her how he wanted it to be and promise him "there's nothing that [she] wouldn't do," while begging him to "Hit Me, Baby, One More Time." Let that sink in.


5 of Madonna's 6 Kids Joined Her Onstage for the Opening Night of Her Celebration Tour

Madonna's delayed Celebration Tour finally launched in London, with five of her six children joining their mother on stage (Rocco missed the family dinner). Madonna and her 27-year-old daughter Lourdes held up cards, giving 11-year-old daughter Estere a 10 before launching into "Vogue." Her 17-year-olds, David Banda and Mercy James, both appeared on stage playing guitar during "Mother and Father" and "Bad Girl" respectively, and Estere's twin sister, Stella, danced to "Don't Tell Me." But she's not the first celebrity to share the spotlight with their talented nepobabies – we mean offspring. Pink has brought her daughter Willow on stage a few times, as has Kelly Clarkson, and, most recently, Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy was a happy addition to the Renaissance Tour, which has left us all reminiscing about our hardened Tootsie Roll Pops and eight-hour games of Solitaire in Mom's office every "Take your daughter to work day." Suddenly, those Tootsie Roll Pops don't seem so cool.


You'll Never Guess What Taylor Swift Did This Week

I don't know what she did this week because khalas. #taylorfatigue

But just so we can change the algorithm back to where it was, let's not forget that before her relationship with Travis Kelce, every time you googled "Taylor Swift Jets," you were not directed to the random football game she attended with her high-profile friends to cheer on her boyfriend playing against the New York City team, but rather, you were directed to a plethora of articles documenting the ubiquitous carbon footprint her private jet is leaving. Forbes reported that her total flight emissions for the year came to 8,293.54 tonnes in August. To put that into perspective, the global average for carbon emissions is 4.3 tons, meaning Swift's private jet is responsible for almost 2,000 times the global average. Suddenly, her little outing to the Jets game seems a lot more calculated than just another day hanging out with her besties.

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