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A Bad Breakup, a Time Warp, and the Secret to Eternal Youth
by Grace Gordon 3-minute read December 18, 2023

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Bros Bomb Reviews of True Detective: Night Country

True Detective is back with a new season, and it’s already being review-bombed to oblivion by angry bros online who are attacking the show (without having actually seen it) for “being too woke.” With female writer and director Issa López fronting the project and a female-led cast starring veteran actor Jodie Foster and newcomer Kali Resi, the dudes online are mad because they believe that True Detective should stick with its formula of brooding machismo. The idea of women leading the show really has them clutching their bro-pearls. Having reviewed True Detective: Night Counry ahead of its release, we’re going to fan the flames of their rage by stating that this female-led season is better than season one. Go cry about it.

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Emily is Back to Menace Paris

I hate Emily in Paris. No wait, I love Emily in Paris. No. I love to hate Emily in Paris. This runaway Netflix hit is so bad that it's good, especially when it comes to the unbearably garish clothes its titular character wears. I, like most of the world, cannot stop watching this show even when it offends every sensibility that I have left (which isn't a lot). Can we introduce the word cringe-watch into the lexicon? Because that's the only way I can say that I watch it, but the thing is, I do watch it. Without further ado, I'll get to the point of this idiotic paragraph. Emily in Paris is back for season four and the cast has reunited in Paris to begin shooting it. I can't freaking wait. 


Barbie Will Never Leave Us

After 2023's Barbie domination (and my tragic loss at this year's Christmas Gingerbread competition in which I and two tweens built the Weird Barbie House) I am officially Barbied out. Just as Barbie fatigue has set in, Margot Robbie's stylist Andrew Mukamal dropped news of Barbie: The World Tour on his Instagram. Okay, I'm seated. This guy singlehandedly turned the Barbie press junket into a fashion tour de force. He created absolute sartorial magic by transforming Robbie into the real-life version of so many Barbie icons that I actually paid attention to a movie's press junket for the first time ever. While, sadly, Barbie: The World Tour isn't a musical homage to the greatest blonde who ever lived, it is a coffee table book by Rizzoli featuring her incredible wardrobe. Good for him. He deserves all his (Barbie pink) flowers.


And the Razzie Goes To...

The Golden Raspberry Awards, aka The Razzies, celebrate the worst performances of the year. It interrupts an absolute onslaught of boring, staged awards ceremonies, and fills the deep desires that haters have to destroy things that other people love. Unsurprisingly, the fourth installment of the Expendables franchise (with the terrible name Expend4bles), has a bunch of Razzie nominations. However, I was shocked to see good old Captain America nominated for Worst Actor in Ghosted – a movie so bad that its memes were the best part. I heard Chris Evans was unbearable in it, but I can't bring myself to confirm the veracity of this. It's okay, Chris, you're in good company. Dame Helen Mirren was nominated too.

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