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“A Denim Launch in Summer?” Reborn Is Back With a Surprising New Direction
by Grace Gordon 2-minute read June 22, 2023

Zeynab El-helw's fashion brand, The Reborn Society, has evolved from pregnancy-inspired beginnings to athleisure during the pandemic. Her latest collection, 'Introspective Escape,' featuring denim, is all about escaping your mind, whether mentally or on a summer getaway.


When popular Turkish-Egyptian content creator Zeynab El-helw launched her fashion brand The Reborn Society in 2019, the world looked very different. She had just found out she was pregnant – hence the brand name Reborn – and was eager to launch a fashion brand that reflected her personality and style preferences. When the pandemic struck in 2020, she keyed into the “new normal” and the needs of the stay-at-home worker by evolving her brand into athleisurewear. 

Now with things stabilizing, she can finally launch some of the projects she’s had to hold off on. Her fifth drop, ‘Introspective Escape’, revolves around denim in a multitude of styles. “A denim launch in summer?” she joked while surveying the busy scene of her launch party at Black Flamingo in Dubai. For Zeynab, there was no time like the present. “I really wanted to launch this before everyone headed off on their summer holidays,” she explained. “The name of the collection, ‘Introspective Escape’, is really about a getaway from your own mind.” Whether it’s a mental holiday, a physical holiday (or both) that you’re after, Reborn’s denim launch has you sorted.


Reborn’s denim collection contains dozens of looks, including cropped gilets, oversized cargo jeans, cropped jackets, cutoff shorts, and more. “It’s a funky, messy brand, not a slick brand,” she says, walking us around her displays. While some of the pieces are on-trend for the moment, especially for Gen Z, she still wanted to have a timeless quality to her pieces. At her launch party, she is wearing a softly striped gilet and shorts from her collection. She imagines she would have plucked something similar from her mother’s closet when she was younger.

Produced in Turkey, her premium brand averages around 300-400 AED per piece, making it accessible to a wider audience. Besides quality, what she focuses on the most is fit. “Everyone in the region is super dolled up all the time. I wanted to make casual clothes that people don’t just feel good in, but look good in as well.” She is proud that people who wear her clothes report back that the fit is always flattering. 

Shop The Reborn Society's latest denim drop at TheRebornSociety.com or in-store at Galeries Lafayette in Dubai.

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