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The Best Sustainable Fashion Brands Founded in the UAE
by Savoir Flair 5-minute read November 27, 2023

Explore the UAE's leading sustainable fashion brands, aligning with the nation's commitment to a greener future. 


We can all agree that the UAE – the beloved homeland of Emiratis and millions of expats – is a shining symbol of modernity and adaptability. One of the leading tourist destinations in the world, home to the tallest building and largest shopping mall built by humankind, artificial habitable islands, and with hundreds of world records to its name, the UAE has, in merely five decades, achieved the impossible. As the nation celebrated its 50th National Day in 2021, there was also a massive focus on the coming 50 years.

The UAE government declared 2020 as the year of preparation towards the next 50, inviting citizens and residents alike to participate in the 50-Year Challenge. As part of the challenge, the government urged the people of the UAE to submit their innovative solutions to contribute to achieving four ‘Zero’ objectives – zero accidents, zero-carbon emissions, zero child obesity, and zero plastic waste – making it evident that sustainability will play a tremendous role in the new era of the nation.

Wish to do your bit to ensure a brighter and, more importantly, a greener future for the UAE and beyond? What can be a better way to give back to the country and the environment than by investing in homegrown, sustainable fashion brands? We’ve rounded up the best UAE-based labels that promise you a guilt-free shopping spree.

Discover the sustainable fashion brands born in the UAE below.

Kaleidoscope by Mimi is an ethically conscious homegrown brand emphasizing comfort, inclusivity, and joie de vivre. This carefree bohemia translates as an explosion of color, patterns, and textiles inspired by the extensive travels of founder and designer Mimi Shakhashir. Kaleidoscope by Mimi is committed to preserving traditional arts and empowering artisans and craftsmen by generating means of income. The Dubai-based brand partners with artisans and NGOs, sourcing raw materials directly from the communities that handcraft them. Not only does Kaleidoscope by Mimi focus on sustainable manufacturing practices, but it also practices philanthropy, giving back to the artisans and their families, and providing a significant difference to their lives through education, entrepreneurship, and community spirit.

Driven by the belief that animals are not materials but our fellow earthlings, Eurthlin is dedicated to crafting premium handbags and accessories from cruelty-free vegan leathers. The UAE-based brand is registered with The Vegan Society and approved by PETA, and believes that using animal-free products in manufacturing eliminates the need to exploit them and the land used for raising them. Shopping at Eurthlin means you're not only investing in your wardrobe, but you're also contributing to the healing of the planet. In collaboration with One Tree Planted, the vegan brand is assisting in the reforestation of the Amazon by planting a tree in exchange for every item sold.

Sighting a gap in the market for affordable, sustainable, and ethical diamonds, third-generation diamantaire Aya Ahmad launched Fyne Jewellery, the Middle East's premiere lab-grown diamond jewelry brand. Consciously crafted in Dubai, Fyne Jewellery is committed to creating beautiful and accessible bijoux with a minimal carbon footprint. Crafted from 18k gold and high-caliber lab diamonds sourced from transparent suppliers, the brand — which employs skilled local artisans — has adopted a made-to-order approach to prevent overproduction. 

Founded and designed by Natasha Zaki, Glossy Lounge all-new inclusive and accessible luxury loungewear brand. Armed with a design philosophy centered around an unwavering commitment to people and the planet, Glossy Lounge is on a mission to encourage mindful and ethical consumerism. The brand uses GOTS certified organic cotton, bamboo, and upcycled materials for both clothing and packaging. That’s not all; the homegrown luxury loungewear brand has partnered with Emirates Nature, which is a part of the global Worldwide Wildlife Fund network. As part of the partnership, every purchase from the brand will contribute toward mangrove and nature conservation within the UAE.

One of the first Middle Eastern brands to pledge sustainability, Reemami strives to inspire people to lead a conscious life through its designs. The Sharjah-based label operates on a seasonless, slow-fashion model, consciously producing timeless staples in small batches to minimize waste and avoid overstocking. The brand is devoted to tracing its supply chain to ensure the use of environment-friendly fabrics in its collections. Reemami not only makes use of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)'s certified organic cotton and organic denim, but also carries out all printing and dyeing processes in GOTS-certified manufacturing units. The brand also follows a strict zero-waste policy, utilizing leftover fabrics from production to create beautiful headbands and other products. Reemami also breathes new life into deadstock by including abandoned textiles from warehouses into its designs. 

Founded in 2016 by UAE-based Scandinavian duo Henna and AnnaOhoy Swim has simplicity and environmental responsibility at its heart. Brought to life using 100% ECONYL yarn, Ohoy Swim products are crafted from discarded plastic and nylons, including fishing nets collected from the sea. The sustainable swimwear collection is manufactured ethically in small family-owned factories in Sri Lanka and Portugal. Ohoy Swim also donates one percent of all sales to Healthy Seas to facilitate waste recovery from the oceans. 

The brainchild of young entrepreneur Ashay BhaveThaely offers a game-changing range of sneakers produced from plastic bags and bottles. Seeking a solution to the issue of plastic waste led Bhave to develop a revolutionary waste-plastic fabric mimicking the qualities of traditional leather. The innovative fabric was perfected over the course of two years. A sneaker prototype was then manufactured to test the functionality and durability of the avant-garde textile. After successfully passing the test, Bhave launched Thaely (which means "bag" in Hindi), a label that transforms toxic plastic waste into wearable sneakers. Each shoe is made using ten plastic bags and twelve plastic bottles. The sneakers are packaged in rPET tote bags made from waste plastic bottles, which then go into a plantable shoebox.

Abu Dhabi-based contemporarywear brand Sara Tamimi has sustainability at its very core. With an aspiration to preserve animals and their habitats, the homegrown label strictly avoids the use of fur, Angora wool, exotic skins, and Perfluorinated Compounds, among other harmful materials and manufacturing processes. With an aim to create zero waste, Sara Tamimi donates and recycles its textile scraps. To minimize packaging waste, the brand uses recycled paper or cardboard to ship products. In an effort to eliminate single-use plastic, Sara Tamimi is in the process of switching its conventional garment polybags to a compostable alternative.

The newest kid on the sustainability block, Analina strives to create luxe, innovative, eco-conscious beachwear. The Dubai-based label supports the Healthy Seas initiative by using sustainable fabrics sourced from Europe, such as ECONYL, made from ocean and landfill waste across all products. Featuring a vibrant color palette and daring silhouettes, Analina is inspired by and made for women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and make a statement.

Born in Dubai, Emilia Ohrtmann's eponymous label celebrates slow fashion. Simple, elegant, and structured, the German designer's line is created to stand the test of time. Manufactured using high-quality natural, vegan, and certified organic fibers, Emilia Ohrtmann is on a mission to introduce the women of the UAE and beyond long-lasting wardrobe essentials.

Born in the UAE, Nature Hedonist is more than just a brand; it is, in fact, a lifestyle. The brainchild of Julia Sukhanova and Gulnar Tyndybaeva, the Dubai-based label is sustainably crafted for the mindful shopper. The brand is committed to designing its collections from Oeko-Tex-certified and European flax standard linen, ensuring each piece is soft, durable, and machine washable. Designed to optimize both comfort and style brand specializes in effortless silhouettes while maintaining a color palette inspired by nature.

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