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Sawsan and Bahar Al Bahar: Bridging Contemporary Artistry and Tradition
by Assele Kahwaji 3-minute read February 27, 2024

Explore the interplay of light in Waterdust, a hand-blown glass marvel by the Al Bahar siblings.


Beneath the majestic dome of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, amidst the interplay of light and shadow, lies Waterdust — a colorful collection of hand-blown glass sculptures crafted with meticulous precision by the talented Syrian-Palestinian brother-sister duo, Sawsan and Bahar Al Bahar

In response to the Richard Mille Art Prize 2023 theme of 'Transparencies,' the sculptures delicately trace the intricate patterns and movements of light as it traverses the dome, intensifying its play and paying homage to the skilled hands that adorned the surrounding tiles — a nod to the flowing waters of the fountain.



Sawsan, an artist and architect, explores the concept of home through various mediums, drawing inspiration from personal narratives and family history. Bahar, also an architect and computational designer, specializes in computational design and robotic fabrication. 

Born from a collaboration between artisans in Damascus and Berlin, these sculptures resonate with the depths of the siblings' hometown of Damascus. They respond not only to the fountain as a museum artifact but also to Damascus as their birthplace, celebrating their rich heritage while shedding light on the fading craft of glassblowing in the city.

Through an intensive process of tracing, mapping, research, and prototyping, the Al Bahar siblings collaborated with the glassmakers to bridge ancient tradition with contemporary artistry.

Visit the captivating 'Transparencies' Art Prize exhibition at Louvre Abu Dhabi, open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8:30pm until March 31st, 2024.

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