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A Permanent Summer on Your Wrist, Courtesy of Richard Mille
by Savoir Flair 5-minute read October 9, 2023

Richard Mille's new collection ensures the sun never sets on your style.

With summer days officially over, luxury Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille unveils a timepiece that captures the season’s essence and ensures it never truly leaves. The brand has unveiled the RM 07-01 Coloured Ceramics collection — a vibrant tribute to sunny days and the groundbreaking ‘80s Memphis Design movement.

A Nod to the Memphis Movement

Taking a leap back to the rebellious era of the 1980s, this new collection embodies the ethos of Memphis Design, an Italian art and architecture movement renowned for its audacious use of color and groundbreaking use of materials. It’s no wonder Cécile Guenat, the Creative and Development Director at Richard Mille, finds the movement irresistibly captivating. She eloquently remarks, “At the heart of the design process for this collection was the idea of juxtaposing colors in materials, enriched by the ancient craft of guillochage. This creates a symbiosis of the ultra-modern and the traditional in watchmaking.”


The Art of Guillochage

This collection boasts of the meticulous art of guillochage, an ancient decorative technique, where individually applied lines intersect and combine to form mesmerizing geometric patterns. Such intricate details provide texture, playing with light and shadow in the most understated yet captivating manner. A consistent depth during the guillochage process ensures the breathtaking integrity of the finished design.


Stunning Hues and Superior Materiality

Available in three alluring summer-derived shades — blush pink, lavender, and powder blue — the collection's crowning jewel is its use of Tetragonal Zirconia Polycrystal (TZP) ceramics. Known for its lightweight properties, formidable strength, and remarkable color retention, TZP ensures these watches will stay as vivid and fresh as the first day they graced the wrist.

The sophisticated designs are elevated by a gray PVD-treated red gold dial, revealing the engraved Memphis motif and further enriched by colored ceramic, laser-cut rubber appliques, and diamond-set elements.


Meticulous Movement

Underneath this vibrant exterior lies the in-house skeletonised automatic winding CRMA2 movement, offering a power reserve of around 50 hours. Richard Mille’s penchant for excellence is evident in the use of grade 5 titanium for the bridges and baseplate, ensuring resistance without compromising aesthetics The watches gracefully strike a balance between performance and precision.


Defining Contemporary Luxury

Beyond the technicality and the innovative use of materials, the RM 07-01 Coloured Ceramics collection speaks volumes about embracing fun and light-heartedness. Each watch is not just a timepiece; it’s a statement, a rebellion against the conventional, and a nod to the culture of watchmaking. Richard Mille proves once again that it’s not just about telling time, but about encapsulating moments, memories, and movements.

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