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Art Reflects Life: The Third Edition of the Richard Mille Art Prize
by Assele Kahwaji 3-minute read February 27, 2024

Discover the Intricate World of 'Transparencies' at the Louvre Abu Dhabi's Richard Mille Art Prize.

Richard Mille and Louvre Abu Dhabi have reconvened for the third edition of the prestigious Art Prize, a testament to their ongoing commitment to nurturing and advancing the flourishing arts and cultural fabric of the region. The Art Prize stands as an essential conduit for regional artists, offering an unparalleled platform to showcase their artistry and skill.

Curated by the notable art advisor, Maya Khalil, this year's theme, 'Transparencies,' delves into the mesmerizing interplay of shadows, liquid reflections, and fleeting bursts of sunlight. Notably, the exhibition has broken new ground by taking place under the Louvre’s iconic dome, offering participating artists a chance to present their work in an extraordinary outdoor setting.

Every year, the Art Prize garners substantial interest, drawing applications from a wide array of artists throughout the region. This year, an esteemed international jury handpicked seven finalists, each tasked with exploring the nuanced theme of transparency through their unique creative lenses. The talented artists — siblings Sawsan and Bahar Al Bahar, Zahrah Al Ghamdi, Hashel Al Lamki, Farah Behbehani, Sarah Brahim, Alaa Tarabzouni, and Nabla Yahya — have made an indelible impact with their distinctive and imaginative works.


In a captivating exploration of the theme of transparencies, the Richard Mille Art Prize campaign, titled "Art Reflects Life," intricately examines the profound connection between an artist's true essence and the artwork they create. The campaign serves as a poignant testament to the overarching theme, revealing a visual dialogue that unveils the artist's authentic self concealed behind their art. It beautifully encapsulates the concept of art imitating life, emphasizing that genuinely perceiving the artist in complete transparency is to witness the symbiotic relationship between the artist and their creation — where the artist's true essence is intricately interwoven with their artistic expression, and vice versa. To delve even deeper into this artistic journey, a series of intimate interviews were conducted with each finalist. Titled "Reflections of an Artist,” we asked each finalist thought-provoking questions about their sources of inspiration, their creative process, and their personal journey within the art world. These engaging conversations serve to forge a deeper connection between the viewer and the artist behind the work, providing a more profound understanding and appreciation of the exhibited pieces—whether experienced in the Virtual Exhibition or in person at the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Explore the captivating 'Transparencies' Art Prize exhibition at Louvre Abu Dhabi, open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8:30pm until March 31st, 2024.

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