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Restaurants in Dubai Giving Back to Palestine
by Lydia Medeiros 2-minute read October 17, 2023

Want to eat good food and know that the money you spend is going towards a good cause? Then check out these restaurants and small businesses sending proceeds to Palestine.


It's a lot to process what is happening, not just in our world but to our friends and family. 

We feel angry, mournful, and perhaps helpless. Perhaps we even feel that nothing we do will make a tangible difference, but this is untrue. It may seem small, but we only need one tiny grain of rice to tip the scale. Believe it or not, some businesses operate with heart rather than just a bottom line.

Savoir Flair looked into the restaurants and venues that have committed to giving back to Palestinian relief funds and are following through with their promise. Maybe changing our choice of where we eat lunch today could mean more hope for a child in Palestine tomorrow.

We will continue to update this list as we confirm others. 

Bait Maryam, the home of delicious Palestinian food cooked by our dear Chef Salam Daqqaq, is donating 100% of its profits through the Emirates Red Crescent through October 24th. Furthermore, Bait Maryam has pledged to match the profits and donate the same to the Palestine Children's Relief Fund. Time for some of that famous Rummaniyeh.

Syrian/Lebanese mom-and-pop sandwich shop Dukkan Al Baba is doing their part in the face of this terrible humanitarian crisis. Diners who show proof of donation to any Palestinian relief fund of AED 150 or more will eat lunch for free. They recommend donating to the Emirates Red Crescent as well as PCRF (Palestinian Children's Relief Fund), as those are both trusted and reputable organizations. Donate directly to a charity and get a free lunch. Sounds like a win-win.

Another small business we can get behind, Just A Bite Cookies is giving 100% of its revenues through the end of October on all of its orders. So whatever way your cookie crumbles, you know your order is going to a good cause.

We spoke to Dina at Lives and Forks, a small business specializing in healthy and holistic food. She and her two children will be baking brownies until the end of October and sending all profits to TaRAHUM.

For the next two weeks, Lulu and the Beanstalk have promised to donate all of its profits to the UAE's Tarahum for Gaza Relief Campaign. In that case, lunch break at Mama Lulu's is sounding pretty good right now.

Already on our list of the best Mexican restaurants in Dubai, we have yet another reason to love Maiz Tacos. 100 percent of all proceeds for the next seven days will go to help the people in Gaza through the Emirates Red Crescent. We finally have permission to fulfill our deepest desire to eat as many tacos as we want.

One of our go-to spots for delicious Palestinian food, Mama'Esh has told any displaced and unemployed Palestinians in the United Arab Emirates to contact them if they need help. They even posted a direct number to reach them. We had heard through the grapevine they were also donating proceeds to Palestinian relief efforts, which they confirmed to us after we reached out to them. The company told us all its donations were going to Gaza through the Emirates Red Crescent and specifically requested that we publish this link to the donation page if we were going to publish anything about them. Good food and good hearts. 

Nadia Parekh, cake artist and founder of the tasty dessert shop Mélange, has just launched a new cake that looks like a watermelon. Yes, a watermelon, the beautiful and rich symbol of Palestinian pride and resistance. This Honey Lotus Cake is layered with goodness on the inside and packed with goodness on the outside because when you order it, 100% of the profits go toward Tarahum for Gaza with the Emirates Red Crescent

A business with a heart and soul behind it, Pistachoux has committed to donating 100 percent of its proceeds until the end of October to the Palestinian Children Relief Fund. If that isn't reason enough to enjoy some handmade from scratch, yummy gooey goodness by Chef Natasha Daoud, we don't know what is. Cookies all around, we say.

Sumac is a twist on the Dubai home cooking scene. Without committing to a subscription, Sumac sends you ready-to-cook Middle Eastern and fusion recipes and lets you be the chef of your kitchen. It is also donating all of its revenue until the end of October to the Emirates Red Crescent in support of Palestine. We love them already.

Soul Collective is a dining event happening this coming Monday evening, October 30th, in partnership with multiple restaurants and prominent chefs around Dubai. Think food market with over 10 homegrown F&B concepts, Palestinian chefs, Palestinian art, Palestinian talents, and everything for Palestine. Currently, it is sold out, but we have reached out to see if any future dates are being planned and we will keep you updated. 

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