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Press Play with Ahmed Eid
by Jana Shakhashir 5-minute read May 23, 2024

Where music becomes a voice for the voiceless.

Now more than ever, there is an urgent need for voices that can articulate the pain, hope, and resilience of oppressed, marginalized, and occupied peoples. Musician Ahmed Eid is one such voice, using his platform and his art to speak out against the ongoing genocide and the settler-colonialism that Palestinians have endured for over 75 years.

His debut EP Aghani Akhira (Last Songs) blends traditional and contemporary Arabic music with a touch of electronic improvisation, delving into anti-colonial and anti-patriarchal themes. As co-founder of the Palestine Music Space in Ramallah, Ahmed is fostering a sanctuary for young Palestinian musicians and producers, offering them opportunities to collaborate, create, and perform, despite the constraints imposed by the occupation.

With his roots deeply embedded in the cultural and political landscapes of Palestine, Ahmed curates a playlist that serves as both a refuge and a declaration, inviting us to experience the poignant stories of artists who have turned their music into an instrument of survival and protest. Echoes of Resilience showcases the talents of Palestinian and Syrian artists from historic Palestine, the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, and the diaspora, with each track carrying the weight of history and the spirit of resistence against the backdrop of settler-colonialism, patriarchy, and imperialism.

"The songs in this playlist speak for themselves and have been created by artists that have been nurturing resilience through their songs for years," Ahmed shares with Savoir Flair. Press play and let Ahmed's curated sounds guide you through the heart of Palestine and beyond as you join him in his call for justice. “End all occupations. Stop all genocides. Ceasefire now.”

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