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Press Play with The Flip Side’s Shadi Megallaa
by Jana Shakhashir 2-minute read June 22, 2023

This playlist is the perfect road trip soundtrack for your sun-soaked adventures. So, fasten your seatbelt, press play, and let the music drive your summer.


Shadi Megallaa is the driving force behind Dubai's beloved independent record shop, The Flip Side — a sanctuary for music lovers where one can lose themselves among stacks of records, each one a unique story waiting to be discovered. A treasure trove of music that spans genres and eras, The Flip Side is a testament to Shadi's commitment to keeping vinyl culture alive and spinning.  But his musical imprint doesn't stop there. His other brainchild, Ark to Ashes, is a record label that defies categorization and celebrates the diversity of sound—a reflection of Shadi's vibrant and ever-shifting sonic palette.

Today, Shadi distills his passion for musical exploration into a playlist for Savoir Flair. “Cruise Control is the quintessential summertime playlist," he shares. "As a collector, I have a wide range of music, so my playlists are a bit erratic as I'm always hopping from one genre to another, but these are the tracks that usually make their way into my car rides. Hope you dig the ride and have a great summer.”

As the needle drops on Cruise Control, Shadi takes us on a musical road trip with a perfect soundtrack to our sun-drenched summer adventures. So, buckle up, press play, and let the music take the wheel.

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