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Press Play with Disco Arabesquo
by Jana Shakhashir 2-minute read May 19, 2023

Where East meets West in a soulful symphony. 

Meet Moataz (better known to music enthusiasts as Disco Arabesquo), the Amsterdam-based Egyptian maestro with an ear for golden tunes that bridge the East and the West. This musical archaeologist is not just spinning records, he's reviving a rich history of Middle Eastern disco and sharing it with a whole new generation. Moataz's repertoire is not just a curated collection but brings narratives from the archives of Arabic music history, told through a dazzling array of beats and melodies.

‘After a long night out DJing, I like to slow down with some comforting tunes. I made this selection that combines some of my favorite Arabic and Western soulful songs while drinking chai on a Sunday afternoon,’ he shares with Savoir Flair. This isn't just a playlist; it's a Sunday afternoon ritual, a soothing symphony of East meets West. So, press play and let the soulful sounds of Disco Arabesquo carry you away.




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