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Prada's New Campaign Is a Surrealist Dialogue between Humans and Blooms
by Savoir Flair 3-minute read July 7, 2023

Discover Prada's Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, a unique fusion of cinematic star power and botanical beauty. 


In the theatrically grand yet tender realm of Prada’s Fall/Winter 2023 campaign, we encounter a surreal dialogue between human emotion and botanic exuberance. A remarkable ensemble of five actors and global stars — Benedict Cumberbatch, Hunter Schafer, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Letitia Wright, and Li Xian — breathe life into this intimate narrative steeped in beauty, care, and love. The campaign mingles our everyday reality with an otherworldly vision, where the performers and the monumental blossoms coexist, transcending the conventional role of backdrop and foreground. Acclaimed photographer Willy Vanderperre captures these intimate, paradoxical exchanges — a complex interplay between the everyday and the extraordinary, the animate and the inanimate, and the visual and the verbal, underscored by a script specially crafted by Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Hours (1998), Michael Cunningham.


Embedded within this flower-and-human dialogue is a profound dichotomy, a paradox as layered as the petals of the blossoms themselves. Flowers, in all their fragile endurance and commonplace treasure, ephemeral yet eternal, become the perfect metaphor to encapsulate the breadth of human experiences and emotions. Prada’s campaign delicately peels back this paradox, revealing a poignant narrative of authenticity beneath the surface of surreal imagery. This exquisite blend of human sensitivity and floral metaphor is not just implied, it is tangible — a powerful visual symphony of universal emotions.

Immerse yourself in this journey where fashion and artistry intertwine. Watch the video above and launch the gallery to let Prada’s Fall/Winter 2023 campaign transcend your fashion experience.

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