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A Fusion of Timeless Luxury and Sustainability: Prada Eternal Gold
by Mimi Droeshout 3-minute read September 4, 2023

A fusion of sustainability and luxury, the new collection has a selection of fine jewelry ranging from necklaces to rings and earrings.


Since its founding in 1913, Prada has consistently defined luxury through its meticulously crafted creations, blending precious materials and exquisite Italian craftsmanship to offer unique propositions to its clientele. This tradition of creating "objects of luxury" has always encapsulated the brand's values and modern concerns.

At the heart of this debut collection lies the iconic Prada triangle, an emblematic symbol that has come to represent the brand's essence. Originally used by Mario Prada, the founder, to signify luxury, the triangle has evolved into a conceptual, universally resonant logo. The collection reimagines this symbol, embedding it into each piece– as a clasp, earrings, pendants, chain links, and even the head of a snake bracelet. The triangle's angles find an affinity with the facets of diamonds, creating a visually striking and harmonious connection.

The latest embodiment of this ideology comes in the form of Eternal Gold, a revolutionary collection that marries Prada's rich heritage with the world of fine jewelry, while celebrating sustainability, traceability, and artistic innovation. As the industry's first collection with a 'chain of custody,' Prada sets a new standard for ethical and traceable production. Eternal Gold isn't just jewelry; it's a reflection of values, a testament to enduring beauty, and a bold reimagining of what high fashion can be.

Prada's captivating campaign celebrates exceptional individuals whose creativity transcends time. Personalities photographed by David Sims such as Amanda Gorman, the award-winning American poet and activist, Maya Hawke, the versatile American actor, model, and singer-songwriter, and Somi Jeon, the Dutch-Korean-Canadian musician, take center stage.

Eternal Gold signifies Prada's dedication to merging classic elegance with modern sustainability. It is a collection that not only adorns but also advocates challenging the norms of luxury and redefining the very essence of fine jewelry. Prada continues to shine as a beacon of innovation and conscience, showcasing that timeless luxury can harmoniously coexist with responsible practices.

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